Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! We love you more!


Today Michael Jackson would have been 57 years old. At times, I still can’t believe he’s no longer here with us. Mortality and Michael Jackson never resonated with me; I somehow thought he’d physically live on forever. He reminded us of how fragile life is: “here one day, gone one night”. It still seems as if it was yesterday when I, like many around the world, heard about his untimely death. It was as if the world stood still. I’ve always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, however, in the years since his passing, I , like many others have found a deeper appreciation for him as the person, his music, and his messages of love, peace, unity, and more importantly the hope of a better tomorrow for all our children and our children’s children.

He changed the world forever with his music and his messages of love, peace, and unity. He was a visionary and a pioneer who was trailblazer that revolutionized music, dance and short film. Michael Jackson’s biggest aspirations became a source of inspiration for many who dared to go after their own dreams. His performance of ‘Billie Jean’ on Motown’s 25th Anniversary special was his way of preparing the world for what was to come. We witnessed and experienced the sheer magnificence and magnitude of Michael Jackson. He embodied music and dance; he couldn’t fake it even if he tried. He wasn’t afraid to think, dream and do big things. From his iconic short films and legendary dance moves to his unique fashion style; he wasn’t afraid to be different.

The world was touched by his music and humanitarian endeavors, but more importantly his heart and concern for mother Earth and her children. Michael Jackson taught the world that in order for change to come, we must first start with ourselves; the person in the mirror who stares right back at us. Michael Jackson practiced what he preached and dared us to do the same; he didn’t just talk the talk but walked it as well.

Michael Jackson did what most artists weren’t willing to do with their music: bring important issues to the forefront. He sang about the world we live in because he knew the most powerful platform in the world is music. Music can touch and influence people and get a message across better and faster than any other medium. Michael knew this and also knew to whom much is given much is expected and required. The great responsibility Michael had in his unique position made it even more important to become the messenger of hope, peace, and change.

As the years go by, I see more and more people getting to know the real Michael; not the mainstream media caricature version. They are learning about Michael and his innocence. I notice fewer and fewer negative comments on social media posts regarding him. Perhaps cold hearts are slowly warming up as they gradually learn the truth behind the lies. Future generations will know more about Michael Jackson the artist and the humanitarian, and less of the distorted version that was fed to us during the last two decades of his young life.

I can’t help but to wonder from time to time, if he were alive, what would he have to say about the issues of today? What songs would he have written? What kind of short films would he have created? How would he have tried to bring people together? His absence is not only missed by those who personally knew him and his FANmily, but also the world.

There will never be another Michael Jackson, and while I never got the chance to meet him, I am fortunate enough in my life time to have witnessed this angel who truly walked among us.

Love always,

– MJsFan