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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for this website. I cannot express how informative this has been for me. For years I was unsure about what was true and what was not with false news all over the place and people protesting he was weird etc. I loved Michael Jackson from the moment I saw him on screen, I think I was 9. But after the allegations I felt like I couldn’t even talk about him without looking like some kind of freak… Even after he was declared innocent! What happened to adage the innocent until proven guilty? Why does society punish people for a crime they have not committed? And more importantly, why does the law not regulate what tabloids can write? But then why do people spend money on such newspapers in the first place? I sincerely believe Michael died of a broken heart… It kills my heart when I think of the emotional pain he must have endured. I pray he is finally at peace. I also pray for the day those two boys will come forward one day and tell the truth. I know my hopes are bleak but I will continue to pray. And for all those who believe in the false, hyped up, currupted information out there, I want to ask you… What if you were that man who was falsely accused of child abuse? Would you not ask for a fair assessment? Would you not cry and beg to be treated like a human being, especially when you were found innocent? Have a think about that please.


    • I deeply apologize for my late reply. I’m very appreciative of the fact that you found this site very useful. It always makes me feel good knowing that I’ve done my small part in helping to vindicate MJ in the court of public opinion. Many other MJ vindicators and myself included do the very best we can with what’s available to help separate fact from fiction.

      It’s fair to say the media plays A MAJOR role in the public “crucification” of innocent people like Michael Jackson. They have an obligation to be objective and present the facts, but instead, in a rush to get to the top, they lie and misconstrue. Michael has been made as a caricature for picking and prodding and tearing apart. He became the modern day poster child of Bullying. Instead of trying to understand him, they did everything to assassinate his character.

      I also agree with you that Michael died of a broken heart. Between AEG, the music catalog, dealing with foes disguised as friends, etc it was just all too much for him to take. It was only a matter of time before he’d cross paths with someone like Conrad “Murdereray.”

      You know, I ask the same thing, what if they were falsely accused of child molesting for monetary gain? They would beg and plea people to hear the facts first before jumping to conclusions. They would want the world to know they were innocent.

      I thank you once again for responding and please feel free to share these posts. Michael’s vindication depends on us!


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