10 Years Ago Today – June 25, 2009

10 Years Ago Today, the best to ever do it was taken away from us. He broke and created so many records and smashed through that glass ceiling.

Michael Jackson set a new standard for black artists by boldly declaring his refusal to be pigeonholed as black artists often were during his time.

He proved that black artists could become international pop stars and have adoring fans from all over the world.


Michael Jackson set the blueprint for popular black artists of today.

However, not only did he show what was possible for black artists, but he also showed what was possible for all artists;

and not just artists, but perhaps for even the first African-American U.S. president.


“Michael Jackson helped save the network from being shut down. MTV executives had expected to lose $10 million before they showed a profit. The network quickly lost $50 million, and its parent company was prepared to shut down MTV and call it quits. Jackson’s three Thriller videos came out in 1983. In the first three months of 1984, MTV had their first quarterly profit. Ironically, MTV was rescued from failure by a musician who didn’t fit the channel’s original ‘rock ‘n’ roll-only’ format.” –  stated Tannenbaum

Mr. Jackson helped to put MTV on the map in the early 1980s. “Michael undoubtedly moved the art form of the video from what were maybe mini-commercials to mini-movies,” Mr. Toffler said.

Michael Jackson demonstrated that an artist can be more than just an artist, but a brand.


Michael Jackson is known by many as the greatest entertainer of all time, but he was also a revolutionary when it came to business. In addition to famously buying the Beatles’ publishing catalogue, Jackson was one of the first pop stars to launch his own clothing line, record label, sneakers, and video games—creating a fundamental shift in the monetization of fame and paving the way for entertainer-entrepreneurs like Jay Z and Diddy. – Greenburg

This is the story of how Michael Jackson pioneered a new template for “pop star as brand and business owner.” Greenburg details Jackson’s vision of himself as a new kind of entertainer: not selling rights to his songs, acquiring other copyrights, leveraging his popularity to start shoe & clothing lines. It’s a concept that didn’t exist before Jackson; he broke new ground in this area just as he revolutionized the music video, dance, and so many other things.


He boldly redefined what pop music could be and how it can encompass an eclectic mix of all genres.


Michael Jackson demonstrated what hard work, determination, imagination, boldly stepping into the unknown, and challenging the status quo can produce.



Michael Jackson dedicated his life to helping others.

Michael Jackson courageously sang about social topics from the 80s and 90s that are still plaguing our world today.


Throughout his trials and tribulations, the media manipulations, and the character assassination, Michael always stood and walked with his head held high.


Despite some people’s best (failed) efforts (past and present) to bring him down and ruin his hard-earned legacy, Michael Jackson left his indelible mark on the world that will never be erased.

If there is one thing that can be said: the liars and betrayers will come and go; however, Michael Jackson’s legacy will continue to stand the test of time.

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