Stop Questioning The Morality of Michael Jackson Fans


After the airing of ‘Leaving Neverland’, people took to social media to question how Michael Jackson fans can still be loyal to him after what was “revealed” in Leaving Neverland.

They asked, how can we still be fans of this “pedophile” after they watched this 4-hour “detailed” and “compelling documentary”.

I just want to point out that “detailed” and “compelling” doesn’t mean truthful …

To the people who continue to question our morality, please keep these statements in mind:

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of just enjoying Michael’s music and his wonderful contributions to the world.

We’re not just some rabid fans who are brainwashed as some have said about us.

We’re not in a cult where Michael Jackson is our cult leader.

We have to go through a Michael Jackson 101 course if you will.

Unfortunately, it’s as if we have no choice but to familiarize ourselves with the lies that are/were told on Michael so we can shut them down with the truth if they’re brought up in our presence.

We have to be prepared to read, dissect, and disseminate false information.

We have to know more than the average person.

The average Michael Jackson fan knows more about the 1993, 2003, and 2013 cases than the average journalist and the average person.

Michael Jackson fans are some of the best researchers, analyzers, investigators, financial reporters, biographers, and fact-finders you will ever come across.

Some of us are walking encyclopedias regarding the false allegations against Michael Jackson.

We have fans within our community who were sexually abused as children and defend Michael. They did their research and came to the same conclusion regarding Michael: he was INNOCENT.

We know that pedophilia, child sexual abuse, child molestation are wrong, heinous, disgusting, immoral, perverted, sick, and nasty.

We also know that Michael Jackson is INNOCENT of those heinous acts he was accused of and that’s why we defend him as much as we do.

We’re not oblivious to the fact that Michael’s naivete and kindness put him in situations that left him vulnerable to false molestation accusations.

The MJ Community is more informed than the average person on the media manipulation and tactics that were used (and currently) against Michael Jackson for decades:


It’s Slander
You say it’s not a sword
But with your pen you torture men
You’d crucify the Lord
And you don’t have to read it
And you don’t have to eat it
To buy it is to feed it
So why do we keep foolin’ ourselves

– Michael Jackson, Tabloid Junkie

Unlike the average person, the MJ community has been well aware of Wade “Robberson and James “Safecheck shenanigans since 2013/2014. Where have ya been?

Viewers watched this one-sided hit-piece with no third party interviews or corroborating evidence and all of a sudden their experts on this whole charade.

People often say “oh but I bet MJ fans didn’t even watch “Leaving Neverland” and guess what, some of us DID watch it because we had to do the laborious work of separating fact from fiction (something … you know, an investigative journalist should do).

MJ Fans and Non-MJ Fans debunked Leaving Neverland lies.

Michael Jackson would have been vindicated in the court of public opinion decades ago if we had the current internet/computer technology and social media platforms back then.

The overwhelming information speaks for itself;

Michael Jackson WAS INNOCENT from DAY ONE.


Picture Source: Here

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