Tabloid “Truth” in Today’s Social Media Landscape


As someone who works in social media marketing, what many people don’t realize is that these printed tabloid magazines are now online. They can continue to write many lies about dead celebrities like Michael Jackson because dead people don’t talk. Michael Jackson is still considered the biggest celebrity in the world (even in death) and seeing as how so much fallacy surrounded his personal life (thanks in large part to the media), it’s easier for the majority to believe the lies than the truth. As he once said, “the bigger the star, the bigger the target.”

When Michael Jackson was alive, he indirectly helped tabloids earn a fortune; they printed unsubstantiated and outright false material about him on a regular basis. They could have paid someone $20,000.00 to lie on him knowing the return would be 3x that amount.

Since he’s no longer alive for them to regularly print salacious and false stories, tabloids release these “new” and “leaked” stories right around his birthday or anniversary death. These “new” and “leaked” stories are usually rehashed from years ago that was already debunked as nothing more than fairy tales and wishful thinking.

As I stated above, now that he’s dead, online tabloids/magazines know people are going to search for news about Michael Jackson right around his birthday or death anniversary. It’s a race to the top for these websites. It’s about who can have their page show up on the first “search results page.” They use click bait titles and emotional impacting catchy copy and paste content to draw the readers in. They try to re-incite all your negative doubts about Michael Jackson because they know you’ll share the post.

Studies show negative news spread faster than positive/truthful news (esp when it comes to celebrities). They all copy and paste from each other because they know the average reader won’t bother to do real research; most people take things at face value. They know a negative, false story about MJ will get more clicks and shares than a majority of the other content on their site. When they need a site rankings boost, a Michael Jackson story ALWAYS works; the more negative and outlandish, the better.

What most people don’t understand is when they visit these sites, it drives up the site’s “worth” (in the search engines eyes), meaning they’ll be easier to find on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. When you share these negative articles, it dramatically increases the backlink rankings, therefore making their website rank higher in search engines and thus, increasing visibility (ex. being shown on page 1 search results instead of page 10). One false story can get shared faster than the speed of light. Today’s Social Media technology has allowed tabloids to their share yellow journalism faster than they could have only dreamed of back in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

Backlinking simply means referring from another site. Sharing these false articles on top sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. allow the tabloids websites rankings to go up. This makes them more attractive to companies who need to advertise products/services.

Higher search engine rankings also allow them to charge higher advertising fees or receive more money on Pay Per Click advertisements or even sell their site for millions. It’s all about money and how many hits they can get.

In a nutshell, the more you click and share these false articles, the more money they receive in the long run. This is why they’ll rarely report the truth, because as Michael Jackson said the truth doesn’t sell.

If tabloid magazines haven’t told the truth about Michael Jackson in the past, what makes you think they’ll do it now? Today, the money-making possibilities are truly endless! This is why it is even more important for us to share sources that reveal the truth about Michael Jackson and articles and sources that debunk the lies. 

You are getting played for fools and don’t even know it and they’re laughing all the way to the bank, all at the expense of further tarnishing Michael Jackson’s legacy.

Unfortunately, MJ fans do as much of a disservice to Michael Jackson as the anti-MJ trolls when they share these articles from tabloid sites. Before you share those articles, please look for MJ vindication sites and videos FIRST to see if they have already debunked the stories and SHARE THOSE INSTEAD (AND NOT THE TABLOID ARTICLES).

A recent false story resurfaced about alleged child pornographic pictures being found in a surprise Neverland raid back in 2003. It has spread across the internet faster than the speed of light, thanks in large part to readers sharing the articles (MJ Fans and anti-MJ haters).

A similar story was created back in 2003/2004 by tabloid magazines and was debunked by Michael’s Defense Attorney, Tom Mesereau Jr. with confirmation from the Prosecution team at a press conference in Alabama in 2004.


tom mesereau

Here is the full document


Also, it appears Vanity Fair and a few other media outlets managed to reach out the SBSD to confirm the recent (rehashed false) story. The SBSD denies the story.


Child Pornography Rebuttal by The Rageaholic

FBI confirms: no child pornography found in Michael Jackson’s estate.


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