Tom Sneddon Dead

I really have no words for the passing of Tom Sneddon. He succumbed to his complications of Cancer this weekend at the age of 73. All I can say is I hope he made peace with the tremendous errors of his ways before he met his maker. I was taught if I had nothing nice to say, then say nothing. I could go on a epic rant about him, but I won’t. As someone else said, I won’t celebrate his death but I won’t sympathize either. Someone in a FB group pointed out something interesting. They said they would have rather see him face his day in court for the crimes he committed not only against Michael, but others who were unfortunate to feel his wrath and I have to agree. With that being said, I’ll just repost VindicateMJ’s post about his passing.

Vindicating Michael

I’ll keep this short.

Ex Santa Barbara County District Attorney, Thomas William Sneddon Jr. passed away, at the age of 73, from cancer.


From what many of us know of the man, I can’t lie and pretend that I’m sad that he’s passed. But I can’t say I’m pleased or the such either. As far as I’m concerned, he was a formidable DA, but a truly corrupt one at that, and you’ll find many posts on here that prove that. This in my honest opinion made him a crook of a law enforcer and a filthy smudge on humanity. If Sneddon truly cared for truth, justice and the law, he wouldn’t have treat it as a joke, that he could mould into his own shape, just to settle a vendetta against Michael Jackson. A vendetta that should never had of existed in the first place.

The man was corrupt, disrespectful…

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Tom Sneddon. Their BEST man did his BEST job and found NOTHING. New ‘witnesses’ are requested Not to Disturb

Another great in-depth post about the crooked D.A. Tom Sneddon!

Vindicating Michael

The conversation with Brian (our new witnessof  molestation’ emerging in the comment section) has made me change plans again and say a word of praise about our favorite guy – the Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon.

Yes, you’ve heard me right. I’m not going to look much into all the wrong Tom Sneddon did to Michael Jackson, which everyone knows about – I’ll focus on a special kind of professionalism Sneddon displayed during his 10-year long persecution of Michael Jackson –  the professionalism which should be constantly thrust into the face of Michael’s haters.

Tom Sneddon was the BEST man the prosecution could ever muster. Their BEST man did his BEST job with the BEST support he could get from the media and nevertheless reached NOTHING as a result (except ruining Michael’s health, alas)….  If such an experienced, skillful and dedicated hater of MJ as Tom Sneddonwasn’t…

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