Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!


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Today we honor the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson on what would have been his 56th birthday. He changed the world forever with his music and his messages of love, peace, and unity. He was a visionary and a pioneer who was a trailblazer that revolutionized music, dance and short film. Michael Jackson’s biggest aspirations become a source of inspiration for many who dared to go after their own dreams. He wasn’t afraid to think, dream and do big things. From his iconic short films and legendary dance moves to his unique fashion style, he wasn’t afraid to be different.

The world was touched by his music and humanitarian endeavors, but more importantly his heart and concern for mother Earth and her children. Michael Jackson taught the world that in order for change to come, we must first start with ourselves; the person in the mirror who stares right back at us. Michael Jackson practiced what he preached and dared us to do the same; he didn’t just talk the talk but walked it as well.

Michael Jackson did what most artists weren’t willing to do with their music: bring important issues to the forefront. He sang about the world we live in because he knew the most powerful platform in the world is music. Music can touch and influence people and get a message across better than any other medium. Michael knew this and also knew to whom much is given much is expected. The great responsibility Michael had in his unique position made it even more important to become the messenger of hope, peace, and change.

As the years go by, I see more and more people getting to know the real Michael; not the Michael as told by mainstream media. More and more people are learning about Michael and his innocence. Cold hearts are slowly warming up to him as they gradually learn the truth behind the lies. Future generations will know more about Michael the artist and the humanitarian than the distorted version we were fed for over 2 decades.

There will never be another Michael Jackson, and while I never got the chance to meet him, I am fortunate enough to have witness this angel who truly walked amongst us.

Love always,

– MJsFan

P.S. – Please visit my updated Happy Birthday message for 2015, thank you! ❤  https://mjjtruthnow.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/happy-birthday-michael-jackson-we-love-you-more/

Michael Jackson was messy?


Recently, a new story has surfaced claiming that Michael Jackson was messy and hard to clean up after while he lived at Neverland. I’m sugar coating what the original article said because I don’t feel the need to re-iterate the details of it here. According to a few maids, Michael Jackson had bad hygiene habits, was unkempt and untidy. From what I read, these maid chose to remain anonymous. Why do I have the funny feeling the “two lie crew” Francia Blanca and Adrian McManus were involved in this story? Why do I strongly believe they’ve chose to remain anonymous because their stories have been debunked already and were realized as nothing more than liars. Remember, Wade Robson wanted to use them as witnesses for his B,S. molestation story as well. Their past history of lying and termination due to theft of MJ’s personal items from Neverland made them unreliable “witnesses.” Also, the fact that Stacy Brown is involved speaks volumes (another Michael hater who has been shown to be a liar as well, don’t believe me, read the 2005 court transcripts and sites that slam his stories).

Once again, there is someone who is willing to tell THE TRUTH and debunk the maids’ and Stacy Brown’s ridiculous story! Judi Brisse, a former Neverland maid, worked at Neverland around the same time as these maids.

Lisa's response to fake maid stories

Thank you Lisa Brisse for providing this information! – http://www.maninourmirror.com/2014/08/

Also, here is another example from one of Michael’s long time friend’s Frank Cascio talking about cleaning being one of Michael Jackson’s favorite activities. (In the following pictures, I tried to match the picture’s font and layout above to keep the flow going)


and here is another example of Michael actions speaking louder than any trash tabloid magazine “anonymous” sources.


Quote taken from “http://www.michaeljackson.com/hu/node/108687” but you can google “Michael Jackson picking up popcorn in studio” and many sites with this quote will pop up.

So there you have it, these are just a FEW (I’m pretty sure there are many more out there) examples of yet another salacious story being debunked.

I also want to point something out that I feel is very important, from since MJ’s residence at Neverland, people from all walks of life visited and even stayed there. He opened his home to family, friends and the general public. Family, friends, and even some fans who managed to develop a friendship with Michael stayed at Neverland; this even included sleeping and hanging in his bedroom when he wasn’t there. Now if he allowed people to come and visit anytime they wanted, wouldn’t that place have to be clean 24/7? If his house was as dirty as these maids allegedly claimed, I’m pretty sure more people would have said something. We’re basing this story off of people who rubbed Michael the wrong way at one point during their employment at Neverland. Also if he had bad hygiene habits as they stated, trust and believe people would have talked about it LONG BEFORE his death and it wouldn’t come from maids with a gripe against their former employer.

It’s sad that even after 5 years since the passing of one of the worlds greatest entertainer’s (in my opinion THE greatest), people still feel the need to smear and lie on Michael Jackson for money or personal vendettas. Thank God, there are people out there who are willing to speak up in the name of truth. I commend you.