Fact Checking Diane Dimond’s Lies from TruTV’s “In Session”

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Vindicating Michael

On Friday, September 16th,2011 Tru TV’s legal orientated show “In Session” aired a round table discussion on Michael Jackson’s life, legacy, and upcoming trial. It was hosted by Ryan Smith, and consisted of Steve Manning (one of MJ’s former publicists), Mike Garcia (one of three of MJ’s former bodyguards, who was scheduled to help write a book, but, according to their Facebook page, is no longer associated with that project), Anthony DeCurtis (contributing editor for Rolling Stone), and the notorious Diane Dimond, who replaced author Joe Vogel at the last minute!

The one-hour discussion was divided into different segments and shown throughout the day 8am through 3pm CST. I was fortunate to record all of it on my DVR, and after watching it I was so disgusted by Dimond’s lies that I decided to transcribe the segment on – you guessed it! – the allegations…

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