Michael Jackson and Martin Bashir – Why A Positive + Negative Will ALWAYS Equal A Negative

“She’s pushing her kids onto me.” he said, visibly concerned. He had a strange uncomfortable feeling about it. “Frank, they can’t stay.” (Michael told Frank Cascio)

Martin Bashir set off a chain of events that led to Michael Jackson’s premature death. That “documentary” that aired was NOT approved by Jackson, as Bashir has originally promised it would be. Instead, Bashir edited the footage on his own, added his own negative commentary, and ruined Jackson’s reputation by implying that he was a child molester.

For example, prior to shooting that infamous scene, he told Gavin Arvizo to hold MJ’s hand and place his head on MJ’s shoulder, and then when the cameras started rolling he ambushed them into talking about Gavin’s sleeping arrangements. What many people don’t know, however, was that Michael was very uncomfortable doing this (holding Gavin’s hands), but Bashir assured him that it’s okay and it would be great footage. (I wish Michael listened to his gut feeling instead).

Gavin slept in MJ’s bed, while MJ slept on the floor (also corroborated by longtime friend, Frank Cascio and the Alternative Services document I posted below), but because they were holding hands, Bashir was able to insinuate that there was sexual misconduct, when there were none whatsoever.

When Bashir was called to testify at MJ’s trial, he hid behind the California Journalistic Shield Law, and was thus able to avoid answering any questions about his selectively edited “documentary”. While you may believe it was inappropriate for MJ to share his bed or bedroom, it was not criminal, and he didn’t do anything that many people don’t already do when they have guests. MJ never forced anyone to sleep in his bed or bedroom, and the parents always had to give permission.

If any of them had a reason to say no, then they wouldn’t have been at Neverland in the first place! His “bedroom” was actually a 2 story duplex that was larger than most apartments, so it was very common for entire families to sleep in his living quarters. There were many parents who defended MJ in the press, and a few even testified on his behalf at his trial. There were no “urges” or anything of that nature, and Jackson was not a “pervert”, so please stop promoting that fallacy.

What Michael didn’t bother to explain, and what Bashir didn’t care to ask about, was that Michael’s suite at Neverland, as I’ve said before, was a gathering place, with a family room downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. Michael didn’t explain that he always offered guests his bed, and for the most part, slept on the floor in the family room below. But, perhaps, most important, he didn’t explain that the guests were always close friends like us Cascios and his extended family.” – Longtime friend, Frank Cascio.

Michael Jackson trusted Bashir to present him in a good light while they were filming the documentary. He didn’t know Bashir had an agenda to portray him as a pervert; Michael was manipulated by Bashir.

More to come.

The original version that MJ thought was going to air on TV (and the original version we were cheated out of).

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