Wade Robson AllySupport Group Facebook Page – Is it a scam?

As some of us within the Michael Jackson community know, a Facebook Support Page has been created by someone who really has no ties or relations to Wade Robson. In just a few weeks after the FB page was launched, many people “liked” this page. Actually, people in the thousands in just a few weeks suddenly “liked” the page and many have wondered how can so many people like this page in such a short time frame?

The average FB page takes months to generate genuine “likes” in the hundreds. So for this page to generate “genuine” likes in the thousands within a couple of months is suspicious.

Outside of the MJ community, most people don’t even know who Wade Robson is, and when you go to his fan pages (and they’ve been on FB for years) they don’t even have as many likes as this support page.

Take a look at what shows up in the FB search engine for “Wade Robson”

WRsupport Page1

You add these two pages and the few other Wade pages “likes” together and they’re less than 15,000 combined.

Now take a look at the “Support” page and all of a sudden 18,500 likes just for one page in just under a year?

WRsupport Page2

How can this be seeing as how most people outside the MJ community don’t even know (or care for that matter) who he is and his Fan pages don’t even have close to the same amount of likes…

Well let’s how this is possible shall we?

Back in 2013, a snapshot of this page info was taken. This info shows the flow of page “likes” for a page.

Below, you can see between June 2013 – September 2013, this page managed to get over 14,000 likes…

You can even see the average age for the people liking this page and where they’re located… let’s take a look shall we…

Wade Robson support page

Wow, I didn’t know so many people between the ages of 18-24 in Cairo, Egypt cared so much about Wade Robson (or even know who the hell he is for that matter) and his “support page”!!!!

…. Wow, I didn’t know so many people from Cairo, Egypt between June – September 2013 cared that much about Wade Robson!!!!! (can you sense the sarcasm)

I am just as surprised as you! I had a few questions, who were these people from Cairo Egypt that cared so much for Wade?

What could explain the extremely high amount of likes in such a short time span? Well here is an answer for you… check below

Wade Robson support page2

It’s called buying likes. This is where you pay a company to have people and bots to like your page.

Oh and look at where you can buy them from: EGYPT!! Want to see for yourself just go to your favorite search engine and ask “where can I buy likes for my facebook page?” and watch all the sites pop up.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying likes for a FB page. One obvious advantage is that it makes your page appear popular, so to people who don’t know any better, this Wade support page may seem legitimate, and they may say “wow, that many people actually support and care about Wade”… but to those who know better, we can already spot a page with fake likes for this one reason

Ratio – If you have fake likes, then the users of these accounts are also fake. They are just controlled by a server. This means that there will be no real activity done by the “likers” of the page. The ratio between activity and likes is so small that it will again be classified as spam. –  (http://www.linkcollider.com/blog/2013/11/22/disadvantages-buying-facebook-likes-page/

Now I should stress that judging by the few likes the posts receive and the few comments that there are actual genuine people who liked this page, but definitely not the thousands this page would lead us to believe. I’d go out on a limb and even suspect that there aren’t even 1,000 genuine likes for this page, probably a few hundred at most.

Let’s also compare the amount of people this Wade Support Allys Group Twitter page had on twitter page around the same time  July – September 2013.

1052498_10200143900586391_1941795697_ogSo you mean to tell me you can get 14,000 “likes” on Facebook, but can’t even get 100 likes on Twitter?

The page now has over 18,000 likes and seeing as how they got busted with the location of the first set (of thousands) coming from Africa, the page has now been updated to make it appear most of them are coming from the U.S. (and Los Angeles, CA of all places).

  • Untitled7

This doesn’t change the fact that most of the thousands of likes originally came from Egypt, and it’s quite possible to buy likes from the U.S. too – let’s go back to the “buy for likes website”. There you can see, it’s possible to buy likes from the U.S. as well.

Wade Robson support page22

The admin of this twitter account tried reaching out to all people for support, including Lisa Marie Presley, Michael’s first wife.


Apparently, in a sad attempt to get celebrity support, it’s been alleged that the admin hacked into Lisa Marie Presley’s twitter account and managed to re-tweet one of his tweets from her account!



Lisa Marie immediately cleared up the confusion on her account



Can we say P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.?

It should be noted that the twitter account has since been suspended.

Also, apparently you can also have game console sweepstakes to encourage more people to like your page.

wade4 wade5 wade9

Wade Robson support page44



It’s kind of weird that a “support page for child abuse” is using game console sweepstakes to encourage more likes don’t cha think? I’ve check out other child abuse support pages, just to see if they do the same thing, and well they don’t. This is the first time I’ve ever come across anything like it. This is perhaps another failed attempt to draw people to the page.


Another thing I want to point out, with over 18,000 likes, only 19 people were talking about this page. Seeing as how this is the only Support page on FB for Wade, with the court date for him just being right around the corner, shouldn’t more people be talking on this page showing their support for him? Atleast in the 100s? Shouldn’t they be sharing evidence for Wade (oh wait there is none …how can you share what doesn’t exist …). This is another downfall to potentially paying for third party likes – lack of actual activity.

Some people may ask, well how do you know Wade even know this page exists, well the admin of this page decided to share with the few fans who comment on his page an e-mail that Wade sent him (for all I know he may since taken this down, but then again he may not have, don’t know and quite frankly I don’t care). Also, pay attention to the number of likes for this post vs. the number of number of people that ‘like this page’. The one drawback to buying likes is the huge gap/discrepancy between the thousands of page likes and the very few amount of status likes/comments.

Wade Robson support page3

It’s pretty sad that Wade would support such a site that pretends to have thousands of people on FB supporting his cause but then it’s again Wade and he’s suing a deceased person after he defended this person all his life and is now trying to get Jimmy Safechuck on his team to make his claim seem more credible b/c he knows most people aren’t buying his story, but I digress…

In the meantime, please watch the following videos

Wade Support Group Page Illegal Conduct (great video)

Perhaps e-mailing FB and expressing concern over this page and asking them to see if it’s possible to check the validity of this page likes could spark an investigation on their end and have it removed.

From what I read, it is against FBs policy to buy likes for your page (especially from third party companies like the site I pictured above).




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