Wade Robson – Wadeaminute! Things don’t add up …

This post was originally posted in May 2014 (Robson and Safechuck have been unsuccessfully trying to get money from MJ’s Estate since 2013)

*** 3/2/2019 Due to the amount of overwhelming information that’s available regarding Wade Robson and James Safechuck, this one post could not possibly cover it all. It would be impossible. This post will be an abridged (summarized) version of the information that’s currently available on them. Links to original posts, pictures, videos will be provided all throughout this post for anyone who is interested in reading the information where researchers delve much deeper into each topic. I will also update this post as frequently as I can.

Taj Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, is in the process of raising funds to create a docu-series that will put an end to the myths surrounding Michael Jackson. You can learn more about it on his instagram page HERE and the GO FUND ME PAGE HERE. So far, it has raised $71,000.00 US Dollars

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“Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?”

– Tom Mesereau

AEG and Wade Robson – Was their collusion?

Wade Robson made a name for himself (of course with the help of Michael Jackson) within the entertainment industry from the 1990s to mid 2000s. His association with Michael Jackson allowed him to take advantage of opportunities that might have otherwise been closed. He won quite a bit of awards, appeared on a few shows, worked with artists such as NSYNC and Britney Spears, and even had a chance to host his own show. Every chance he got to talk about who and what influenced his decision to enter the entertainment industry, he always named Michael Jackson as his biggest influence.

In Feb/March 2013, AEG was hit with a lawsuit by Katherine Jackson and MJ’s kids for the wrongful death of international pop superstar, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Around the same time, AEG warned us that “some ugly stuff” was going to come out in this lawsuit.

May 2013 (about two months later), Wade Robson, a famous choreographer shocked the world when he came forward with allegations that Michael Jackson molested him from when he was 7 to 14 years old.

Let’s review a quick timeline of events:

February 27 – AEG trial to go ahead
March 21 – Judge dismisses AEG’s appeal and trial set to go ahead, also the day the judge allowed the allegations to be raised in the trial
March 21 – Wade Robson puts his house up for sale for 789K
April 29 – contract pending date for Wade’s property
April 30 – AEG trial begins
April 30 – recording date of the contract for Wade’s property
May 1 – Wade Robson files his claim against the estate
May 7 – allegations go public
May 8 – sells his LA house for $825K, which is $36K more than the asking price.
May 10 – Files civil suit
May 16 – Goes on national TV

“Now, what’s interesting is the relatively short amount of time between the contract date (April 29 or 30) and the closing date of May 8. That’s just a little more than a week. The process of getting to closing is complicated, typically requiring a title search, property inspection, property appraisal, mortgage approval, and all sorts of other paperwork. The only ways that a closing can come so soon after a contract are (1) the buyer was pre-approved for the mortgage before executing the contract OR (2) the sale was a cash transaction, not requiring a mortgage loan. Pre-approvals are common, especially in a real estate market where properties move quickly, cash transactions are not so common.”

We need to be reminded of a few things when it comes to Wade Robson and his accusation of sexual abuse. As you may or may not be aware of, Wade adamantly denied being sexually abused by Michael Jackson when questioned by journalists and law enforcement in 1993 and testified in Michael Jackson’s defense in 2005. In a court of law he, under oath, again denied being abused and did so unwavering despite rigorous cross examination.


As the media invited ex-employees to run with their wildest allegations, induced by large six figure payments and the racier the allegation, the bigger the cheque. I’ve since learned that Wade’s mother Joy Robson was approached by the National Enquirer and offered a six-figure sum if she changed her story ‘to say that Michael had molested your son.’ Thankfully, people like Joy had scruples and she, like every other parent and child who’d spent time at Neverland, would not corroborate Dr Chandler’s claims or anyone else’s.”

– Jermaine Jackson’s book, “You Are Not Alone”

The timing of Wade Robson’s accusations with the lawsuit against AEG, was quite coincidental to say the least. Why did he come out with these accusations the same month AEG was being sued? Why did he come out AFTER AEG was being sued for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson? AEG insisted his accusations were merely coincidental and stated there was no connection.

How did AEG even know about Wade’s lawsuit?

Many people weren’t buying Wade’s story for the fact that he made these allegations in May 2013 and he DEFENDED Michael Jackson for almost 20 years (before and after death).  Many people asked why not come forward with this in Jan-April 2013, 2012, 2011, or 2010? Why did he come out with this accusation and file a claim against MJ’s estate in May 2013? Could it be that AEG sensed (or was warned) of a possible lawsuit against them and reached out Wade to make this story up? Even Tom Mesereau had his doubts.

The timing is telling it all. Wade Robson waited for full eight years after he testified at the 2005 trial and suddenly broke his claim for money to the Estate when all time limits for making any claims had already expired and did it just a couple of days after the first testimonies in court (the first witnesses in the AEG case testified on April 29 and Robson’s lawyers filed their claim on May 1). To say that it is suspicious is to say nothing at all – the timing is blatantly clear and transparent. The idea of it was to make a preemtory nuclear attack against those who had the gall to raise their feeble voices against a powerful corporation, ask them questions and make them answer some of these questions in court.” VindicateMJ 


A few weeks after his accusations were made, Wade Robson’s website was shutdown and his resume on the MSAgency website was taken down. Anything and everything that could show a possible connection to AEG and his respect, admiration and defense of Michael Jackson seemed to disappear overnight. Fortunately, because this is the internet, trails are usually left behind.

As I stated earlier, AEG insisted there was no connection between them and Wade Robson and/or his story. Interestingly enough, however, his MSAgency resume showed otherwise. His last recorded choreographing gig on MSA’s website was with the Demi Lovato tour in 2011. And guess who presented that tour? AEG!

wade robson3

wade robson 5

wade robson 4

wade robson 7

wade robson 8

Wade Robson has repeatedly worked for AEG and apparently already has future work lined up with the corporation, but his lawyer has denied any connection between the court cases. – Charles Thompson, The sworn testimony that will come back to haunt Wade Robson, May 2013

Wade Robson went on “Access Hollywood” and talked about the allegations. Access Hollywood is a U.S. Hollywood Gossip show that is owned by NBC!

He also went on the Today Show for a full interview. The Today Show is ALSO owned by NBC. NBC is the same channel that airs “The Voice” (a U.S. based singing competition tv show) and it’s one of their highest viewed programs.

Is it me or is it coincidental that he had an interview on the Today Show AND Access Hollywood – two shows owned by NBC, a company that also has ties to AEG as well? “The Voice” tour is being presented by you guessed it – AEG!


It looks like wade had ties to AEG (and quite more possibly an in-direct association to NBC seeing as how AEG and NBC are connected).


“AEG… all this is a ploy to destroy Michael’s character to try and win this case against Michael’s mother. Follow the dollar… even in death this man could not get a break. It’s ridiculous. Michael being dead is not enough for people. They gave him hell when he was still here on Earth… they won’t even let him rest in peace… This is to try to destroy Michael’s legacy, to try to destroy his character…and guess what it’s about…so he could get money.” – Majestik Magnificent (family friend of the Jacksons).

Here is something else I want to point out, while it might not have significance. I felt it was important to bring up nevertheless. Wade’s lawyer Helen Yu may have had indirect connections to AEG through a former place of employment, called Avalon Attractions. The President of Avalon Attractions (1977 – 1999), Brian Murphy was appointed the President of AEG’s west coast division in 2011.

helen yu wade lawyer's indirect connection to aeg

Helen Yu, as highlighted on her website

helen yu wade lawyer's indirect connection to aegpic2Helen Yu Wade's Lawyers Indirect Connection to AEG pic 3.jpg

Joe Jackson says Wade is getting paid to lie

Joe Jackson could be onto something. As we all know, AEG is a HUGE company and have their business in many different companies and ventures. The owner owns a media group. Many have asked could they have paid Wade Robson through a tabloid magazine?

Also, Wade Robson threatened to sue Joe Jackson for making these statements…

Interestingly enough, Tom Mesereau and Debbie Rowe alluded to the same thing but Wade did not go after them.

Since updating this post, I have debated as to whether to keep the AEG portion of it. I decided to leave it on. Due to the timing of Wade’s accusation and the lawsuit at the time (2013), many people questioned if there was a possible connection.


Initial Reports of Wade’s Story When It First Came Out in May 2013

When Wade Robson’s legal team first put out this story in May 2013, it was stated that he suffered from repressed memories that resurfaced after a mental breakdown early in March of 2011.


According to initial reports, Robson’s attorney, Henry Gradstein, claimed the reason his client lied under oath and continued to praise the pop star following his death was because the alleged abuse was a “repressed memory.”

Repressed memories — instances in which an individual believes they have blocked or forgotten a traumatic event before “recovering” it years or decades later — has become a highly controversial subject in the field of psychology. According to the American Psychological Association, “experienced clinical psychologists state that the phenomenon of a recovered memory is rare (e.g., one experienced practitioner reported having a recovered memory arise only once in 20 years of practice).” The overwhelming consensus by experts is that such “memories” are not reliable without corroborating evidence. Dr. Richard McNally, Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, describes the phenomenon of belatedly recovered memories as “the most pernicious bit of folklore ever to infect psychology and psychiatry.”

Joseph Vogel, “Michael Jackson, Delayed Allegations and Witch Hunts, May 2013

It looked like not even TMZ was buying his story.


Almost immediately people found the claim of repressed memories questionable (including psychologists). Several videos were found of Wade speaking positively about Michael (even saying how he was looking forward to working on the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show) during and after that time.

This article questions the notion of Wade Robson’s “repressed memory”: A skeptical view of repressed memory evidence by By Shari R. Berkowitz and Elizabeth F. Loftus

—– Let’s visit the time period from December 2011 to February 2013 —–

December 2010 – January 2011

Offered directing position for Step Up 4 (would eventually drop out a couple of months later).

February 2011

Here we can see Wade exchanging e-mails with a talent agent from the talent agency he worked with, MSA Agency. It appears she’s replying back to Wade.


We don’t know what Wade said to Julie to have her reply back with these statements.

April 2011

Remember, when the story first broke out, people in his camp reported the first breakdown occurred in March 2011.

One Wade’s personal blog, in a post date November 17, 2017, he states:


“It’s April 2011, about 4:00am. I’m lying awake in bed as I have been for the last six hours. I’m breathing heavily, my heart is pounding and it feels like there is a 12-inch knife in my stomach. “Wade?” says my wife Amanda who lies nervously next to me. I turn my head towards her and drowning in fear, I say, “I’m unraveling.”

In his 2013 declaration document, Wade doesn’t give a specific date of his breakdown, but rather an estimation of time frames


He also states in that same post:


“That moment turned out to be the onset of a complete nervous breakdown, including symptoms of extreme anxiety, depression and insomnia. I had experienced bouts of anxiety and depression on and off for many years but never before had I encounterred anything of this scale. Mentally and emotionally incapacitated, I ended up having to remove myself as the Director of the film as well as from multiple other creative projects I was committed to at the time. One of which, was the position of lead choreographer for Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas.”

May 2011 – Almost a full month later …

We learned from court documents, that five days after going to therapy (May 16), Wade sends an email to Cirque Du Soliel on May 21, 2011 Wade Robson sent an e-mail to one of the directors for Cirque Du Soliel, asking if he could direct/and choreograph Cirque Du Soliel’s Michael Jackson’s “ONE” show in Las Vegas… stating “I always wanted to do this MJ show, badly”, Wade stated in the e-mail (1)***

In the e-mail snapshot obtained below, Wade, admitted he wanted to do show “badly”. He insisted that he was ready for another chance to prove to Cirque Du Soliel and himself that he had the ability to co-direct the show for Michael.

E-mail copy from LeavingNeverLandFacts.com


Wade was then informed by Cirque Du Soliel that he would have to get approved by the Estate of Michael Jackson. The executor of MJ’s Estate, John Branca met with Wade in his Los Angeles office and they talked about Wade’s desire to be a part of the project (1)

This could explain why Wade was so forthcoming with assumption that he already had the Cirque Du Soliel gig in the July 2011 video posted below:

There was a video where he was interviewed in July 2011 for the Pulse Tour about keeping MJ’s legacy alive (see below).

According to DanceInforma.com, The Pulse on Tour was in New York City, NY
July 28-31, 2011 – Grand Hyatt New York and Wade Robson was there

On July 30, 2011, RATV’s David talks with Wade Robson at the Pulse on Tour NYC  at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

Starting @ 2;40 Wade Robson talked about the Cirque Du Soliel Michael Jackson “ONE” show in Las Vegas he THOUGHT he going to be a part of:

“I’m starting on Cirque Du Soliel Michael Jackson show, so it’s the equivalent of the Beatles Love Show they have..the Elvis show…but for Michael which is exciting, and terrifying all at the same time because it’s such a huge responsibility, but that is why I took it on. Michael was such a huge part of my career and life. We were friends for 20 years before he passed since I was seven. So it’s an opportunity for me to give back a little bit to his legacy..it’s such a big part of his legacy and to make sure as much as I can that it’s done right and that it really represents his essence… so that’s kinda a really big undertaking…”  – Wade Robson, July 2011.

(Almost 10 months later he would allege Michael Jackson molested him)

In his November 17, 2017 post, Wade talked about getting the lead choreographing role for the MJ Cirque Du Soliel :



“In the meantime, Cirque Du Soleil’s Las Vegas Michael Jackson show had fallen apart and been put back together with a new Director who also wanted me to be the lead choreographer. For reasons I couldn’t quite articulate at the time, I was very reluctant to get involved with the show again. But the Director was persistent and persuasive and I ended up agreeing to take the project back on.”

However …

According to Branca’s deposition in October 2017, it was Wade who called them and asked to meet him, which is not disputed by Wade.[a]

Additionally, at John Branca’s deposition, Wade’s lawyers assumed or suggested that Wade would eventually work on the Cirque show. Branca, however, corrected them: “Huh. That’s another – another Wade Robson Fantasy.” According to Branca, Jamie King would have been a better fit for the job. They believed he was the better candidate and went with him, instead of Wade. Branca thought that perhaps Jamie King, the director of the show, would have added Wade to line up of dancers. Branca asserted that Wade was not hired to be in a leading creative role that would have to be approved by the Estate (1)

Here are excerpts from the deposition:





Jamie King wrote and directed MJ Cirque Du Soliel Immortal Tour and the Cirque Du Soliel MJ “ONE” show in Las Vegas. Jamie King is a noted choreographer as well. Additionally, according to the Hollywood Reporter, MJ “ONE” was also choreographed by Jackson’s longtime collaborator Travis Payne (who also choreographed MJ’s This Is It in 2009). Other choreographers were also included in the “ONE” show (e.g. Tone Talauega).

Almost 10 months later (after his July 2011 video), Wade started making sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson (May 2012)

February 2012 – Pulse on Tour – Santa Clara






















































March 2012 – His last “nervous breakdown”

In his April 2013 declaration, Wade Robson stated that in March 2012, he had his

“second and final nervous breakdown which included feelings of extreme stress, anxiety, fear, and depression”.

Here is a session where you can see they are dancing to Wade’s choreography of Michael Jackson’s “Unbreakable”  for the Pulse on Tour March 24-25 2012 in Atlanta





















































He was on tour with the PULSE on Tour Choreographers from November 2011 – July 2012.


In different video clips on youtube, you can find several videos of people sharing their experience of the pulse tour where they dance for Wade to the same “Unbreakable” by MJ.

Additionally, on his sister Chantal Robson’s old MSA Agency resume, it states Wade Robson as Director for One Direction’s TV performance on the Today show. It’s on her new MSA resume as well.

chantal robson resume.jpg

It doesn’t provide a specific date for which show; One Direction appeared on the Today show three times:

March 12, 2012
November 13, 2012
August 23, 2013

We don’t know specifically which show he directed. It could very well be in March, because she also listed Wade as the Director for One Direction’s  appearance on the Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual KidsChoice Awards that was held on March 31, 2012

If it was indeed in March, it’s in the same month he had his breakdown.

May 2012

In his April 2013 declaration, Wade stated that on May 8, 2012 in his conversation with the redacted person’s name, he started recognizing for the first time that Michael allegedly molested him.


In his April 30, 2013 declaration, Wade stated that from May 2012 – April 2013, the time period in which he realized Michael allegedly molested him, he was no longer in the entertainment industry.

This was also stated again in his June 2013 petition:


“… Plaintiff now only associates the entertainment industry with the pyschological injury, illness and damage resulting from Defendants’ despicable conduct. Plaintiff has been unable to work … “

“Plaintiff is unable to continue writing songs or producing music, as well as being unable to continue performing and directing in any manner or capacity whatsoever”

However …

According to Wikipedia, Wade was the creative director for the Demi Lovato Summer Love tour. The dates for that part of tour were from from June – September 2012.

December 2012 – February 2013 – Wade secretly shops for book deal.

From DailyMichael.com:

On December 27, 2016 The MJ Estate filed a motion to compel Wade Robson to produce essential documents. This motion gave us a first detailed look into the discovery phase and one thing is certain – time after time, Wade Robson is blatantly and desperately lying to withhold discovery from MJ Estate.


By the end of October 2016, Wade gave MJ Estate around 4,000 pages. During their examination of these, Estate once again realized Wade Robson was still failing to turn over all the relevant documents and continued making false statements.


After Estate threatened Wade with a court order and forensic examination of his accounts and devices Wade Robson magically located additional documents and once again claimed this completed his document production. However there are still deficiencies.

In 2016 court documents, it was discovered Wade started scouting for book deals right before his April 2013 declaration:

In summary, we learned:

  • Wade shops/scouts for a book deal before filing his declaration dated April 2013.

  • According to a document created by Wade in October 2016, MJ’s Estate discovers a drafted book about his alleged sexual abuse with Michael Jackson.

  • October 20, 2016: MJ’s Estate wants Wade to turn in drafts of the book to them and want to know why the book wasn’t brought to their attention especially since it’s about a serious allegation such as child molestation.

  • Wade responds back to MJ’s Estate stating he couldn’t find it; four days later his attorney states Wade indeed has a copy of the draft, but it is for his attorneys. Wade’s lawyer then claims that because the copy was for them, it falls under client-lawyer confidentially.

  • Wade then agrees to waive his client-lawyer confidentially and releases the book draft to MJ’s Estate

  • Wade would only supply MJ’s Estate with ONE draft of the book. He declines to provide any other drafts or documents (electronic and hard copy) of the book.

  • Wade refuses to also hand over any electronic documents with metadata that could provide information as to the date of when the document was created and any other information.

This abridged version was possible due to DailyMichael.com. Here’s the full version that I highly recommend you read DailyMichael: Busted! Wade Robson Got Caught Hiding Evidence and Shopping A Tell-All Book

As previously mentioned, documents obtained by MJ’s Estate and provided by DailyMichael, we would learn that in late 2012 Wade Robson began shopping for a book deal (and kept this a secret for almost 3 years). He scouted for a book deal before his lawsuit in May 2013.

From the documents obtained by MJ’s Estate, 73 emails were exchanged between Wade, his literary agent, and long-time attorney Helen Yu between December 2012 and February 2013. In a few of the e-mails we also learned that a few publishers passed on the book.

In Wade’s deposition he stated that he believed publishers DID NOT see any of his drafts;


however, the truth revealed itself.

In the e-mails, we actually learned that his literary agent sent it to publishers but two of them turned down his book.


Wade asked:

“Hey Alan. Can you tell me all the publishers that you have been to. Just so I know all the options that have been explored.

When MJ’s Estate lawyers questioned Wade about demanding a large amount of money (as according to his literary agent, Alan Nevins), he states, “Not true”



Wade stated that suing the estate was not about money, but yet here he was trying to shop for a book deal (albeit unsuccessfully).

When MJ’s Estate lawyers questioned Wade about demanding a large amount of money (according to his literary agent, Alan Nevins), he states, “Not true”

In a 10-page letter to HBO, the legal team of Michael Jackson’s estate stated:


During the litigation with Jackson’s companies, Robson was also caught trying to hide evidence before his cases were dismissed. For example, Robson liedunder oath and stated that, other than one brief email in late 2012, he had had “no written communications” with anyone (other than his attorneys) about his newly-concocted allegations that he was abused by Jackson. This turned out to be a complete and utter lie. Robson had actually shopped a book about his allegations in the year prior to filing his lawsuit—a book he tried to hide from the Estate. That book told a completely different story of how he was first abused by Jackson. When asked about some of these discrepancies at his deposition, Robson explained that his memories had “evolved” since writing the draft of the book in late 2012 and early 2013. He explained that “post disclosing the abuse in 2012 and beginning that healing journey, they’ve evolved as far as I remember more details about scenarios. As it goes along, you know, it evolves, details get added to.”

So once again, Wade is caught contradicting himself! (Notice the email subject line: Our Secret Project)

Due to the length of the document, I could only provide an abridged version. Please click DailyMichael: Excerpts from Wade and Joy Robson Depositions and Emails if you want to learn more in detail (highly recommended!)

February 2013

From Wikipedia: Michael Jackson: One was announced to the public and media on February 21, 2013. The new production began previews on May 23, 2013 and the official world premiere was June 29, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (side note, as of Feb. 2019 they’re still having shows)

USA TODAY: Cirque tells more about new Michael Jackson Vegas show February 2013

March-May 2013

To approve Robson’s case, the judge has to believe that Wade was unaware of MJ’s estate until 3/4/13 and unaware of the abuse until 3/8/12.

In his 2013 complaint Wade made the following statements:waderobson27march2013unawaremjestate

He claims that prior to March 4, he did not know about about Michael Jackson’s Estate and its executors …

However …

In November 2009, Wade Robson’s long-time attorney, Helen Yu had this say on her website:

Now that his estate’s advisors are John Branca and John McClain, music industry veterans who know how to monetize the business, unfortunately, he will most likely earn more dead than alive.” – Helen Yu (Wade Robson’s current lawyer)

(and remember she was helping him with his book deal in late 2012 – 2013)

Also, this is what MJ’s Estate attorneys said:

But the estate’s lawyers are arguing that they could not have possibly anticipated Robson’s lawsuit.

In support of that, the estate’s high-powered Hollywood lawyer, Howard Weitzman, cited a recent deposition during which Robson admitted that he was “aware that John Branca and John McClain were co-Executors of Michael’s estate and understood they were running the Estate’s ‘entertainment business.”

The Estate was producing the show with Cirque and Robson “wanted to do this MJ show badly,” the court documents revealed.

Let’s also remember:

  • His e-mail to talent agent Julie McDonald who referenced John Branca in the subject line;

  • His meeting with John Branca to discuss potential participation in Cirque Du Soliel MJ;

  • His statement in the Official Michael Jackson Opus Book (2009) which needed to be approved by MJ’s Estate.

So much for not knowing about the Estate prior to March 2013!

Wade has been caught in yet another contradiction.

April 2013

Wade Robson signs and dates his declaration on April 30th, 2013 (almost two months after the announcement of the Cirque Du Soliel MJ One Shows in Las Vegas, Nevada)

waderobson50signatureofapril2013 declaration.jpg

May 2013

Wade files the complaint and makes his allegations public

Wade goes on the Today Show in 2013 and states that it wasn’t a case of repressed memories and that he always remembered the sexual acts but didn’t recognize them as abuse.

…his vile words on the Today show with Matt Lauer went nowhere. Folks started questioning why is he now a monster when you said after he died, he was wonderful human being who taught you humanity.. It doesn’t make sense at all – commentator

“notice he also said “my truth” that doesn’t mean it’s “the truth” – you tube comment

Cirque Du Soliel’s MJ ONE Premieres in Las Vegas on May 23, 2013

Cirque Du Soliel Michael Jackson themed shows would go on to make millions.

The MJ “ONE” show was routinely sold out. Hailed by Rolling Stone as “A virtual parade of ‘wow’ moments.”

These two shows ranked in millions of dollars for not only Michael Jackson’s estate but Cirque Du Soliel as well.




Michael Jackson Leads Our List Of The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Not to digress, Wade filed his claim and then went public with the allegations, and gave interviews the same month as the premiere of the MJ ONE show (you know .. the show he thought he was a part of)… but I’m sure it was just merely coincidental.

June 2013


Plaintiff is therefore entitled to punitive damages against all Defendants (Michael Jackson and his businesses) …

Basically monetary compensation from MJ’s companies for the alleged abuse from Michael Jackson.

In the complaint it also states:

“Plaintiff is unable to continue writing songs or producing music or as well as well as being unable to continue performing OR DIRECTING IN ANY MANNER OR CAPACITY WHATSOEVER”

September 2013

Back in September 2013, many people began following Wade’s FB and they learned he was making videos for a center. Some of you may ask “okay, so what’s the problem?”

The problem with this is that it goes against his statements in the June 2013 court papers:

“Plaintiff is unable to continue writing songs or producing music or as well as well as being unable to continue performing OR DIRECTING IN ANY MANNER OR CAPACITY WHATSOEVER”

Seeing as to how he made his complaint in June 2013, September was only 2- 3 months after he claimed he couldn’t direct in any matter due “to the damage the abuse inflicted upon him”.

If you have read Wade’s court documents and some of Wade’s past interviews, is that Wade really wanted to get into directing films.

It appears Wade Robson was making films and possibly has been doing so for MONTHS!

This is one of the videos Wade created.

wade robson125

It was originally under his Wade Robson’s You Tube account, but it has since been removed or made to private status once people were calling him out on his contradictions.

As I stated earlier, Wade Robson originally had this on his Wade Robson’s You Tube page. However, after people started to point out that how could he be directing or creating anything when he and his lawyers clearly stated in his legal documents, that he (Wade) can no longer perform or direct or do any creating whatsoever because “the damage the abuse inflicted upon him”, he made the video private on his account.

When you look at the pic below, you can see where it looks like he managed to upload it onto someone else’s page (he really wants to make sure everybody knows HE CREATED IT) …


Here you can even see the Center acknowledging his creation of the video…

wade robson 110

and here’s another one where it shows how Wade even “liked” the status…

wade robson 90

So how was it you were able to make videos just months AFTER you stated you haven’t been able to do so because of the “pain MJ inflicted upon you”, but here we can clearly see you’ve done one (or maybe a few).

Here is another video about a month later for the same center.


If this isn’t indicative of someone not being truthful then I don’t know what is! It looks like someone forgot what they said in their own official documents!!!

Yet again, Wade has contradicted himself.

May 2014

In the month this post was originally created, we learned Wade formed a business.


And of course of all businesses, it just coincidentally happens to be a documentary film production company!

May 2014

This snapshot was taken in May 2014


Here are additional photos and videos from 2015 and 2016 showing Wade in contradictory situations.

On his updated amended complaint dated September 2016 it still stated


However …

He was still directing, filming, producing videos and DANCING!

April 2015 – September 2016

April 2015
– Wade uploaded this video he made for the Hawaii Community Foundation to his YouTube page (there are also several other videos on his page that are dated from May 2015 – Jan 2017)



















































May 2015


















































May 2015


June 2015



Now here’s something interesting, another dancer/choreographer Brian Friedman posted a pictured on June 5, 2016 reminiscing about his positive experience with Michael Jackson, and Wade liked the post (after his own lawyer called MJ a “monster”.



Why would Wade like a post that shares a positive experience about Michael Jackson, the person who his lawyer described as a “monster”.

August 2015


June 2016
















































September 2016

Remember in September 2016, his lawyers were filing their complaint against MJ’s Estate and the complaint still stated:

“Plaintiff is unable to continue writing songs or producing music or as well as well as being unable to continue performing OR DIRECTING IN ANY MANNER OR CAPACITY WHATSOEVER”

Waderobson43lyingbcproducingdirecting20152016 (2).jpg

January 2017














































Yet again, we see that Wade has contradicted himself.

For someone who claims they can’t “continue writing songs or producing music or as well as being unable to continue performing OR DIRECTING IN ANY MANNER OR CAPACITY WHATSOEVER” due to “to the damage the abuse inflicted upon him” Wade sure has been busy doing the very things he claims he could no longer do in his complaint.

On his blog, in his December 2017 post, Wade wrote:

Periodically over the last four years, Dance has knocked on my door to let me know it was still there, if I wanted it. For the first couple of years, I would immediately shun it: not a chance, no thank you. My association with dance was still completely intertwined with Michael Jackson and therefore his sexually abusing me for seven years. I could not fathom ever dancing again. Then, slowly, a timid curiosity began to arise. A few times, when Dance came knocking, I would try something such as dance in my living room, at a party, or take a dance class. But these experiments would mostly end with me running in the other direction again, fast: still too much pain.

Until, in about March of 2017, that knocking from Dance came again, but something was different in me this time: there was a level of magnetic charm and a childlike curiosity. I was finally able to acknowledge that once upon a time, Dance and I had a pure, simple, playful and joyful relationship and I was now curious if there might be a way to find and/or rebuild that relationship. So one morning, I woke up, and booked a date, about two weeks out, for me to teach a dance class on Maui: one of my first in over five years. I suddenly felt it was time to try and thought that if it was a disaster, at least my conviction that I was not supposed to dance anymore, would be concretized.

The sentence below:

So one morning, I woke up, and booked a date, about two weeks out, for me to teach a dance class on Maui: one of my first in over five years.

So he stated that until March 2017 he couldn’t dance to the capacity that he wanted to because he was still in too much pain. This is false in itself seeing as how he gave a dance session in June 2015 and he had been directing short films throughout 2013 – 2017.

Let’s go back into time for a bit … 1987 – 2009

1987 – 1990

November 1987 – Australia

  • Dance competition

  • Meet and Greet

  • Wade is on stage with Michael during ‘Bad’ concert

  • Wade and his mother hangs out with Michael in his hotel room for 90 minutes (1 hour and half)

  • They don’t hear from Michael for over 2 years … they end up reaching out to him

  • 1990 – Joy goes through leaps and bounds to get MJJ Productions phone numbers. Gets a hold of Norma Staikos, Michael’s assistant.

1990 – 1993 – When the abuse allegedly started happening.

Wade was around seven years old at the time and according to him, this was when the alleged sexual abuse with Michael Jackson started happening. Watch how this video uncovers his contradictions and the fact that he cannot keep his story straight













































Wade’s mother and sister, both of whom were also friends with Michael and were also questioned in 1993 and testified (under their own volition as well) under oath in Michael’s defense in 2005, reaffirmed this and even went so far as to say that in all of the years that they had known Michael and had been around him and Wade, they had never once seen or suspected that anything inappropriate ever happened between the two (or anyone else).

This is important to note since Wade was living with his mother and sister, and thus was constantly around them, throughout the seven years he claims he was being abused. Could they, despite their close relationship and proximity to both parties, have been so oblivious to Wade’s alleged abuse for all that time? Why then would they, like Wade, have adamantly denied any wrongdoing on Michael’s part if they weren’t completely sure? One might argue that they may have been given incentives for their support, but they denied this as well.

As for him saying that he didn’t realize what Michael allegedly did to him was sexual abuse until recently, and that his breakdowns triggered this realization, I have only the following to say: 

In 1993, the Jordan Chandler scandal broke out and Wade, and his family, were approached and questioned by various parties including journalists and law enforcement (who made the seriousness of the allegations made against Michael abundantly clear) where he defended Michael and adamantly denied having been abused by him.


Michael Jackson – Jordan Chandler and Evan Chandler

@2:39 the assorted reports:

“After millions of dollars were spent by prosecutors and police departments in two jurisdictions, and after two grand juries questioned close to 200 witnesses, including 30 children who knew Michael Jackson, not a single corroborating witness could be found.”

Newsday, 1993,

“No hard evidence had been gathered from the hundreds of papers, photographs and videotapes seized during the raids on Jackson’s Neverland home and Century City apartment.”

The Times, 1993

Having spent much of last week watching Jackson’s videotape collection, officers admitted they could not find no proof there of child sex abuse.”

The Times, 1993

“On Monday, police searched another property used by Jackson, a three-bedroom flat at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, but after 30 minutes the officers left empty-handed.”

The Times, 1993

“The Los Angeles Police Department raided his Neverland home in the Santa Ynez Valley, confiscating videos and photographs that Jackson has taken of children. The LAPD report that they have all turned out to be totally innocent. Many of the children that Jackson has befriended, including Home Alone star Macauley Culkin, have been questioned by police and have testified that their relationship was perfectly innocent. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of children have visited the star’s home. The allegations centre on the evidence of just one boy.”

The Daily Telegraph, 1993

“The source, who asked not to be identified said the photographs did not tally with a description given to police by a 14-year boy who accused Jackson in a civil suit of secually abusing him. “The pictures simply didn’t match the boy’s description, the source said.”

Prosecutors in Los Angeles said settlement of the civil suit did not end their investigation, and there was no provision in the settlement to bar him from testifying in a possible criminal case.

Reuters, 1994

Even Geraldine Hughes, the LA secretary who worked for the Chandler’s lawyers in 1993 had this to say:

In 1993, after being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff, the Los Angeles LAPD, the Santa Barbara Sheriffs, the Santa Barbara LAPD and, we later learned after his death, there was an FBI probe, he was exonerated of all accusations of child molestation from 1993 and 2003.

Geraldine Hughes, Legal secretary who worked for Evan Chandler’s attorney in 1993

Rush Limbaugh (yes THE extreme right wing conservative Rush Limbaugh) Defending Michael Jackson in 1994 (and again in 2005 and 2009) and shamed/blasted media outlets for their one-sided reporting of the story!

In this video recorded in 1993, a young Wade and his mother (who defended MJ too for years) are defending their friend, Michael Jackson against the 1993 claims of sexual abuse made by the greedy Evan Chandler (a story I will get into later on). He told the reporter that nothing ever happened and MJ never touched him.

Wade alleges that he was abused from 1990 to 1997, so from 1993 to 1997, that is four years that he expects us to believe that Michael would be bold, foolish, or stupid enough to abuse him with so many eyes on him.

Now what kind of fool would Michael have been to have done what Wade is alleging he did when he was under intense investigation?

Also, let’s not forget during this time (1993 – 1997) Michael Jackson was

  • attempting to continue finishing his Dangerous Tour. The tour was originally scheduled to run into Christmas of 1993, but was cancelled due to the illness and stress Jackson suffered following the Chandler allegations;

  • dealing with the malay from the Chandler family;

  • being interviewed by police officials and under intense scrutiny;

  • under an intense microscope by District Attorney Tom Sneddon and U.S. government organizations (including the FBI (New York and Miami Divisions; , LAPD, Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office, Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, Santa Barbara County Investigation and Prosecution Teams, Behavioral Analysts Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit, etc.

  • had a surprise house-raid in 1993 (with over 70 law enforcement officers)

Now it is important to remember that in 1993 and in 2003 to 2005, and the years in between, Michael was under intense investigation by the LAPD, the FBI, Interpol, the DCFS, DA Tom Sneddon, Santa Barbara PD, and etc. (and after all that investigating, none of them found a single shred of evidence that Michael was a child abuser).

And here he is again, in 1995 going to a local record store (almost forget what they were called) getting ready to buy Michael Jackson’s HIStory Album.


The video belowIn 2002 Robson gushing about and praising Michael Jackson. From 4:39 – Robson tells how he and his family spent days trying to initiate contact with Michael Jackson, to meet him again. He then talks happily with a big smile on his face about him and his whole family spending a week’s visit at Neverland….this is the very SAME visit Robson now purports to have been ‘abused for the first time’.










































04:34: “And then when I was seven, the company came out to America to perform at Disneyland. And umm. We hadn’t kept in contact with Michael… this story gets long…(laughs) … we hadn’t kept in contact with Michael but we figured we want to meet him again which is not something you just do. …Umm so the company came out and performed at Disneyland..everybody else went back. My family and I stayed and tried to figure out a way to get in contact with him. From number to number got a hold of his secretary. She talked to him and remembered me from when I was 5 and wanted to meet me again. So we went to the studio where he was recording the dangerous album at the time, it was like 89 {it was 1990 – as told by Joy in her deposition) and uh with the whole family, the grandparents and everybody and uh just hung out for a couple of hours and watched videos and tapes. Then he asked the whole family to come back to his ranch that night, that place Neverland and uh we ended up staying there for like a week.”

This sequence of events that Wade stated in this 2002 interviews corroborates what Joy stated in interviews, testimonies, and her deposition; it was the Robson family who were trying to get a hold of Michael Jackson; not the other way around.


Here is Wade Robson again in October 2003 defending Michael on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Apparently, Jimmy finds it funny to make jokes about an innocent man being convicted of child molestation…oh but I guess because it’s Michael Jackson who cares right?…

Kimmel: You started as a youngster dancing with Michael Jackson?

Robson: Yeah. I started dancing when I was like two. Then, won a dance competition when I was five that Michael was holding all over the world during his tour. It was a dance-alike contest…

Kimmel: Are you still friendly with Michael?

Robson: Yeah. We talk every couple of months, to catch up.

Kimmel: You do? Really? Well what’s he like?

Robson: He’s a good guy.

Kimmel: He’s a good guy?

Robson: Yeah.

Kimmel: Show me where he touched you. [laughter]

Robson: Same place he touched you.

Kimmel: Nothing ever like that? Nothing? No nonsense? No shinanigans?

Robson: No. Not at all man. Not at all.

Kimmel: But he’s a weird guy, you have to admit.

Robson: You know what? At the end of the day, it’s like, everybody’s got something weird about them. Everybody’s got something strange about him…

Article (just a month AFTER Wade appeared on Jimmy Kimmel):

November 26, 2003: Aussie Star Tells of Sharing Jackson’s Bed

AUSTRALIAN Wade Robson is one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood and yesterday he revealed he had as a child shared a bed with Michael Jackson.

Brisbane-born Robson, who has a hit TV show in the US and a three-movie directing deal with Disney, broke his silence about the years he spent visiting Jackson at Neverland Ranch in California.

He is now 21 and shadowed by his friendship with the superstar, which began at age five. But Robson says it was an innocent relationship that never involved any sort of abuse.

“I never had that experience and I hope that it never happened to anybody else,” he said

Robson yesterday said he also visited the sprawling Neverland Ranch north of Los Angeles after his family moved to the US with the encouragement of Jackson.

Robson met the entertainer in 1987 after winning a Jackson dance-impersonation contest and was then invited to perform with Jacko at his Brisbane concert.

In 1991, Robson, his mother, Joy, and his sister Chantelle moved to LA and he was almost immediately cast in three of Jackson’s videos — including Black or White.

He was later signed to Jackson’s private label as half of a short-lived rap duo, Quo.

Over the years, Robson said, Jackson bought him instruments and encouraged him in their friendship, which, according to the 187cm rising star, was always “creatively based”.

“His initial interest in me was because of my dancing. He saw the talent and the spark I had inside me and all he has ever wanted to do is just help my career,” he said.

Asked if he had ever slept in Jackson’s bed, Robson said: “Yeah, but nothing strange happened.”

Robson said he didn’t think it was “weird” that a grown man would share the same bed as a child.

“Everything in life is so complex. He just wanted something around that was simple — to hang with kids,” he said.

“The biggest thing you have to understand is that he has no concept of reality.

“He has been a superstar since he was five years old.

“I mean, what concept does he have of what society thinks is right?”

Robson said he no longer saw Jackson as often as he did as a child — maybe I will talk to him every six months — but he would always remain a friend.

“I will always support him and whatever happens is supposed to happen — I hope it works out for him,” he said.

“It is sad to see.”

Robson, a choreographer and songwriter for Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, has just scored the second highest rating show on MTV with the live dance contest The Wade Robson Project.

He has also been signed to direct three films for Disney, the first a musical, which is scheduled to begin shooting next year.

Hobart Mercury (Australia) – MICHAEL McKENNA

June 14, 2005: Aussies Bolstered Jackson’s Defence Case

Wade Robson will move ahead with his Hollywood career and wedding plans in the wake of the acquittal of good friend Michael Jackson.

Brisbane-born Robson, portrayed by Santa Barbara prosecutors as one of Jackson’s past victims, will marry fiancee Amanda Rodriguez in August and has invited Jackson to the wedding.

Ironically, the 22-year-old choreographer and film director will be one of the last in the western world to find out about today’s court decision.

Robson was flying back to the US from London, a 10-hour flight, when the verdict was announced.

“The only way he knows is if they announced it on the plane,” Robson’s mother, Joy, said.

The Robson family plans to celebrate once he lands back in Los Angeles.

Robson, when he took the stand, flatly rejected testimony from one witness who said he saw Robson in a shower with Jackson.

“We just feel so vindicated right across the board,” said Joy Robson, who watched the verdict live on TV from her LA home.

“We were crying and screaming and crying and screaming.”

The Robson family has kept in close contact with Jackson during the trial, with Joy last speaking to him when the defence and prosecution rested their cases.

“He’s always reasonably optimistic,” she said.

“He has a lot of faith and relies a lot on his faith.

“He did ask me to pray for him. We all believed ultimately the truth would come out.”

Joy Robson said she never doubted Jackson was innocent, despite the serious charges against him.

She said the world has the wrong impression of the entertainer.

“I’ve never questioned Michael,” she said.

“That’s the bottom line. I’ve never ever had a second of a concern.

“I don’t care what people say of me.

“You have to know Michael to understand.

“I’ve always said to Michael `I wished the world could know the Michael we do’.

“He’s not what the media makes him out to be.”

Joy Robson said her son would push ahead with his career, but also was looking forward to his August wedding with Rodriguez, a 25-year-old beauty from Hawaii who he met in LA.

Jackson is on the wedding guest list, but it’s unclear if he will attend because he does not want to turn his friend’s wedding into a “circus”.

“He asked for an invitation and we took an invitation to him and he said he’d love to be there, but he thought he’d turn it into a circus,” Joy Robson said.

The Age Company Ltd. | AAP

Wade in His Own MJ Tribute for his Show The Wade Robson Project – Video uploaded in 2007









































2007: ‘WITHIN’ Short Film by Wade and Amanda Robson

Credits at end of film:

Thanks to MJ, for allowing us to use his sacred land; Grace for making it happen.

June – July 2009

In his April 2013 declaration, Wade stated that:

“In June 2009, Doe 1 died. I was in shock … I was also very confused as to how to feel. I thought his death should make me want to cry, but I found it hard to cry.

It was also stated in the 2019 “Leaving Neverland” documentary that Michael Jackson’s family reached out to Wade’s family to attend the funeral.


As we can see from this screen shot taken July 2016 (2 years before the documentary would even be made, we learned that it was in fact, the other way around)

Wade reached out to TaJ Jackson in 2009 and “begged” for tickets for his family to attend MJ’s funeral.

wade robson lies

Taj Jackson managed to find old text messages that were exchanged between him and Wade in 2009


wade robson lies2

In his April 2013 declaration, Wade stated that:

“In June 2009, Doe 1 died. I was in shock … I was also very confused as to how to feel. I thought his death should make me want to cry, but I found it hard to cry. “

However, a fan who went to the funeral, spotted Wade crying.

wade robson lies3wade robson lies4

Picture source: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/36954873.html#ixzz4Efvo51Bq

Three years later in his 2016 deposition, Wade would change his story of finding it “hard to cry.” to not remembering if he actually cried or not.


Now in his 2018 documentary “Leaving Neverland” he states that he cried like he’s never cried in his life, even more than when his father died. However, just two years ago, Wade stated in his December 2016 deposition that he didn’t remember. It’s easy to say one thing on a one-sided documentary where statements can’t be questioned but give a quasi quasi-answer that’s suggestive in a deposition (possibly to cover your butt).

So how do you go from finding it “hard to cry” in April’s 2013 declaration, to “I might have. I don’t remember for sure” in December’s 2016 deposition, to now that he cried like he’s never cried in his life, even more than when his father died in a one-sided 2018 documentary? (maybe he came across the same post of the person witnessing him bawling his eyes or he remembered all along that he cried at MJ’s funeral but lied in his declaration).

What’s with all the flip-flopping?

Remember, in his April 2013 declaration, he also stated

“… I was also very confused as to how to feel.”

However, these quotes from different articles that were written a few days after Michael died revealed otherwise:

AN Australian family who met Michael Jackson more than 20 years ago and became lifelong friends was devastated by the pop star’s surprise death.

Joy Robson, mother of choreographer Wade Robson, said her family could not come to terms with the news the King of Pop was dead.

”We are all in shock right now,” Ms Robson, sobbing heavily, said.
”We’re devastated.”

Robson also appeared in three of Jackson’s music videos, Black or White, Jam and Heal the World.

“He has been a close friend of mine for 20 years,” Robson said.

“His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever.

“I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

“I love you Michael…”

Chantal Robson, who became friends with Jackson after younger brother Wade won a talent contest in 1986 [**1987] impersonating the star, said she learned of his death the same way millions of others did – through the media.

“I got a text message from Wade saying ‘turn on the TV, I really hope this is a hoax’,” she said from Los Angeles.

***It was really 1987, this article was off by a year

Jackson was acquitted of all charges and they have kept in regular contact since.

“Wade spent time with him and his children in Vegas recently. He was healthy and happy. He was finally getting through everything,” she said.

She said the private Michael Jackson was different to his public persona. “He’s shy but he’s so intelligent . . . the smartest person I’ve ever met and his kids are exactly the same. Incredibly intelligent,” she said.

Brother Wade had been devastated by Jackson’s death, Chantal said.

“He’s having some time alone with his wife to process everything in LA. We’ll get together soon and share memories.

I still have my mobile phone with his number on it. I just cant bear the thoughts of deleting his messages [Wade].

And apparently, he knew exactly how he felt about not getting an invite to MJ’s private funeral that shortly followed the public memorial.

In his 2016 deposition, Wade admitted that he was “hurt” that he was not invited to the private funeral that was for families, friends, and colleagues who were close to Michael Jackson.

***remember: In “Leaving Neverland” Wade’s family said they were asked to attend the memorial and we learned that was a lie and here you can see they weren’t invited to the private funeral.

WadeRobson14 (2)

Some people may wonder what’s the difference between a declaration and a deposition, and according to entertainment lawyer, Dan Johnson from Avvo.com :

A declaration is a written statement made for use as evidence in court and signed under penalty of perjury. It may substitute for a sworn affidavit if the applicable rules permit and it is in proper form. A deposition is the questioning of a party under oath with a court reporter recording the testimony. A party noticing a deposition pays for the court reporter. Counsel for the party being deposed has the right to cross examine the deponent.

Here is Wade in 2009 praising Michael Jackson.

Also, in this next clip Wade talks about working with Janet Jackson for the 2009 MTV VMA tribute she does for her older brother.

The audio is a little hard to understand but here is what he said:

“These are Michael’s gloves from the ‘Bad’ video. Michael gave them to me when I was, I don’t know, 7 or 8. He’s gonna be with us spiritually but I wanted to feel something physical from him. So um I’m probably gonna wrap one of these (??) while we perform on stage… just to feel that much closer to him…” – Wade Robson (he would later go on to sell them because he needed money according to Julien’s Auctions)

Literally, the next day after Michael’s death, Wade sent an e-mail to a producer of So You Think You Can Dance. In the e-mail addressed to co- executive producer Jeff Thacker, wade wrote:

“I wanted to write you now so if you guys are thinking of doing any dance tribute to MJ on the show, I would like it to be me who does it.”

In his 2016 deposition, he confirmed that he did reach out to the producers of So You Think You Can Dance



Unfortunately, So You Think You Can Dance never got the necessary clearance from Sony nor MJ’s Estate to use some of MJ’s songs for their tribute.


In a 10-page letter HBO, MJ’s Lawyers disclosed that Wade tried to seek work with Kenny Ortega’s This Is It


October 8, 2009 – Wade sends an e-mail to James Phares, Kenny Ortega’s assistant, asking if his family could get invitations to the premiere of This Is It (a movie with clips highlighting MJ’s last concert rehearsals) (1).

Wade Robson also had beautiful words to say about his friend and mentor Michael Jackson in the official Michael Jackson Opus Book that was released in December 2009:

(From the Official Michael Jackson Opus Book December 2009)

My Mentor

I used to talk to Michael for three hours a day. I never really worked out how he came to find so much time because he seemed so busy, but he would ring me and we would talk and talk and talk. When he got a cell phone he would call and text all the time. It was part of an amazing friendship that lasted for 20 years. I had first met Michael when he was kicking off his bad tour in 1987. I was five, but Michael’s company was holding a dance competition in every country and I entered the one in Brisbane. I remember being a kid and dancing to his video- the first ever I say was “Thriller” when I was two. It was my mum’s tape and I just went nuts over it. I used to run into the kitchen scared every time the werewolf came on. By the time I was three I had pretty much learned its entire choreography.

I ended up winning the dance competition. We went to see Michael in Brisbane and at a meet and greet i was introduced to him. I remember wearing a custom made outfit from “Bad”- my mum’s belt was wrapped around me, like five times. Michael was impressed and asked me if I had danced. I told him that I did and he said ” Do you want to perform with me in the show tomorrow night?” I couldn’t believe it. He was due to play Brisbane the next night. His idea was for me to come out for the last song of the show which was “Bad”.

He was bringing on some orphaned children so he figured it would be cool to bring me out in the full “Bad” outfit. At the end of the song we were all onstage- Stevie Wonder was there too and Michael came on and said “Come on”. I took it as him meaning “Get into it!”.I moved downstage and threw my hat into the crowd and started going crazy.

When i turned around Michael was saying goodbye to the crowd, the other kids were gone and Stevie Wonder was being escorted off. What he meant was “Come on lets go, It’s over”. When I realized, I ran off. After my mum and I spent two hours with Michael into his hotel and we became friends. He showed us clips from the new Moonwalker he was working on and we talked and talked.

We didn’t really stay in contact but i joined a dance company- literally the next day and two years later I was in America to play at Disneyland. I got in touch with Michael through his people, he remembered me. Me and my family went to Record One Studio where he was mixing the Dangerous Album. I showed him some of my dance videos and he said to me. “Do you and your family want to come to Neverland tonight”? We all agreed and ended up staying for two weeks. Our friendship blossomed.

For two weeks he’d take me into his dance studio, put some music on and we’d dance and jam for hours. We’d sit there and watch films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other times we’d just leave Neverland and drive out in a car, blasting music really loud. He even taught me how to do the moonwalk. We were in his dance studio. He taught me foot by foot. I couldn’t sleep that whole night.

The thrill of pushing off the bar and sliding backwards in a moonwalk with the guy that made it famous was so exciting. Later, me and my mum wanted to move to America to pursue my dreams of becoming a dancer and he helped us out. He gave me a big start by putting me in some of his videos like “Black or White”. The role he took on was one of a mentor. He told me when I was seven that I’d be a film director and that’s what I became; he created a thirst for knowledge in me. Once, a mini recording studio turned up on my doorstep, but what was cool was that he stopped me from becoming a spoiled brat. He would say “This is for you, but I want to see you do something with it. Don’t take it for granted or I’ll take it back”.

The last time I saw him was in July 2008. I was in Vegas working on a show and he was living there. Me, my wife and him and his three kids had a barbecue. It was the most normal thing in the world. Me and my wife had been to Whole foods and bought stuff to cook. But when we got there he’d provided loads of catering. I said, “Dude, Why did you bring loads of catering? We’ve got regular food here”. I remember cooking outside while Michael sat there under an umbrella.

We had great times because he was such a caring person. Most of all I’ll miss those phone conversations. I still have my mobile phone with his number on it. I just cant bear the thoughts of deleting his messages.

Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind. He was a close friend of mine for 20 years. His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever. I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

I love you Michael.

– Wade Robson

June 26, 2009: Wade Robson’s Statement on Idol Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s closest Australian confidant, Wade Robson, has broken his silence about the iconic entertainer’s death.

“Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever,” Robson said.

“He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind.”

Jackson was touring Australia in 1987 when during his stop in Brisbane he met Robson who was just five years old.

Jackson was so impressed with Robson’s dancing talent he invited the youngster to perform at his Brisbane concert and then helped Robson, his mother Joy and sister Chantal move to the US two years later. Jackson signed Robson to his music label…

Robson also appeared in three of Jackson’s music videos, Black or White, Jam and Heal the World.

“He has been a close friend of mine for 20 years,” Robson said.

“His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever.

“I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

“I love you Michael…”

AU News | Peter Mitchell

June 27, 2009: Michael Jackson’s Friendship Remembered

A member of a Slacks Creek family Michael Jackson took to America 17 years ago yesterday remembered her gentle friend.

Chantal Robson, who became friends with Jackson after younger brother Wade won a talent contest in 1986 impersonating the star, said she learned of his death the same way millions of others did – through the media.

“I got a text message from Wade saying ‘turn on the TV, I really hope this is a hoax’,” she said from Los Angeles.

“People kept sending texts and emails saying ‘I’m so sorry’ and I was feeling really mad because I didn’t want to believe it was real.”

Chantal last saw Jackson at his 2005 trial for child molestation – at which she, Wade and her mother testified for the defence.

Jackson was acquitted of all charges and they have kept in regular contact since.

“Wade spent time with him and his children in Vegas recently. He was healthy and happy. He was finally getting through everything,” she said.

She said if it was not for Jackson her family may not have moved to the US where Wade’s career has flourished.

“I’m also a choreographer and my mum’s an agent. Life in America has been very good to us and it’s all thanks to Michael,” Chantal said.

She said the private Michael Jackson was different to his public persona. “He’s shy but he’s so intelligent . . . the smartest person I’ve ever met and his kids are exactly the same. Incredibly intelligent,” she said.

Brother Wade had been devastated by Jackson’s death, Chantal said.

“He’s having some time alone with his wife to process everything in LA. We’ll get together soon and share memories.

“It just makes me kind of angry that it’s taken his death for people to finally talk about how wonderful he actually was. He was always wonderful.”

Courier Mail | Robyn Ironside and Sophie Elsworth

AU News | Peter Mitchell

June 26, 2009: Aussie friends of Jackson ‘shocked’

AN Australian family who met Michael Jackson more than 20 years ago and became lifelong friends was devastated by the pop star’s surprise death.

Joy Robson, mother of choreographer Wade Robson, said her family could not come to terms with the news the King of Pop was dead.

“We are all in shock right now,” Ms Robson, sobbing heavily, said.

“We’re devastated.”

A Los Angeles County Coroner’s office spokesman has confirmed Jackson had died.

Lieutenant Fred Corral told CNN Jackson, 50, was pronounced dead at 2:26pm (0726 AEST) local time after reportedly suffering a cardiac arrest.

The Robsons, formerly of Brisbane, befriended Jackson when Wade, at the age of five, won a dance competition in Australia where first prize was a meeting with the star.

When Jackson toured Australia in 1987 the pop star invited Wade to perform at his Brisbane concert.

Two years later, with the help of Jackson, the Robsons moved to the US so Wade could pursue his dancing career.

Wade appeared in three of Jackson’s music videos, Black or White, Jam and Heal the World and today, at the age of 26, is one of the world’s most renowned choreographers, hosting his own MTV series The Wade Robson Project, working with Britney Spears and N’SYNC and winning two Emmy Awards.

Wade, Ms Robson and her daughter, Chantal, were called as witnesses at Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial in California.

Jackson was eventually acquitted.

The Robsons spent many nights at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. After Jackson’s acquittal in 2005, the Robsons were again in tears, but back then it was tears of happiness.

“I’ve never questioned Michael,” Ms Robson said in 2005.

“That’s the bottom line. I’ve never ever had a second of a concern.

“I don’t care what people say of me.

“You have to know Michael to understand.

“I’ve always said to Michael I wished the world could know the Michael we do.

“He’s not what the media makes him out to be.”

AU News | Peter Mitchell

July 30, 2009: Entertainment Tonight – Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Was a Family Man

World-renown choreographer Wade Robson talks to ET about the private side of Michael Jackson.

Wade has worked with the likes of Britney Spears and many more, but before he taught the moves — he learned Michael’s. At just 8-years-old, the dancer was already perfecting the moonwalk and appearing in Jackson’s video for his song, “Jam.”

But beyond the music, Wade says Michael was a friend and family man. “We talk so much about him as the pop legend, which is important,” he says. “But we need to remember that he was a man and a father and that’s what it’s about. He was a wonderful father,” he adds.

Now Wade is paying respects to the late superstar by choreographing a dance tribute for the upcoming MTV VMA awards — which will feature performances by Green Day and Pink.

Entertainment Tonight

NOVEMBER 25, 2009

Musical Artists: Worth More Dead Than Alive? Michael Jackson and Elvis Generate Millions for Their Estates

Since Michael Jackson’s death, the world can now see the true light of Michael’s legacy. Posthumous homages have been done by Helen Yu-represented Michael Jackson protégé Wade Robson and his friend Charles Klapow.

…. “I’ve known Wade Robson and Charles Klapow since they were both little kids. They have both been disciples of Michael all their lives, and it’s great to see them honoring him in this way.”

Yu, who once attended a pre-auction viewing of the possessions of the still living King of Pop, notes the unprecedented earning power of the now deceased Jackson. “He was certainly an amazing songwriter, performer and dancer, but he sometimes let the wrong people in. Now that his estate’s advisors are John Branca and John McClain, music industry veterans who know how to monetize the business, unfortunately, he will most likely earn more dead than alive.” – Helen Yu (Wade Robson’s current lawyer)



Wade Robson – Launching His Filming and Directing Endeavors, Michael Jackson’s “bigger than Steven Spielberg” prophecy

2004 – 2010

Wade Robson was also trying to get his video and filming career off the ground.

Let’s take a look at some old articles


Here we can see back in 2004 he was meeting with top executives from film studios…

It seems that Wade was trying to transition from the world of dance to movie and film (interestingly enough this is something Michael Jackson always wanted to get into too).


Back in 2000, Wade realized being a choreographer wasn’t as financially lucrative as people think.

“Videos are fun, but not the best money in the world.”



…let’s go back to this video from 2007.

Credits at end of film:

Thanks to MJ, for allowing us to use his sacred land; Grace for making it happen.

2007: ‘WITHIN’ Short Film by Wade and Amanda Robson


sondano “Thanks to MJ, for allowing us to use his sacred land; Grace for making it happen.” — Wade Robsonso
this poor abused prick asked his abusers to let him use the ranch where he was abused as a kid to shoot this little movie
right, very believable
fuck you Wade Robson and your ugly lies

I have to agree with Sondano’s sentiments


I became interested in film directing, really young, like eight or nine. I was interested in behind the scenes. I wanted to be the one who created it.” Wade Robson, April 2009 issue of Dance Informa.

It’s not referenced in his court documents, but the Step Up movie project was not Wade’s initial filming and directing endeavor.  Wade gave an interview in 2009 with Dance Informa where he explained him and his wife were collaborating to create their first feature film. They both shared a passion to create this film.

When asked why he declined to direct Britney Spears’ 2009 tour, Wade said because their priority was creating a movie:

“We have been writing [the film] all through [2008] as well, but Amanda was mostly working on it because I was doing the Cirque show***. So it was kind of really broken and hard to really focus on it” and “We were supposed to do this Britney tour but it was just another distraction and we really want to move into film and really make this the next path for us… I spend most of my time saying no to jobs, probably to my own demise…”

*** (not to be confused with MJ’s Cirque Du Soliel — Wade was referring to Chris Angel’s Cirque show that premiered Oct 2008 where he was the initial choreographer)

The film was the couple’s primary project at the time:

“We are treating it like it’s our job. It’s five days a week, as soon as we wake up until the sun comes down. That’s what we’re doing all day, every day. We’re just making a move to get this done”, said Wade.

When asked if there was one thing he could do that he had not achieved yet, what would it be, Wade answers:

“All about directing film”.

What happened to the feature film they created?

In 2009, Wade launched a motion picture production company called Light Tree Productions



What ever happened to this project?


November 2009

Taj Jackson uploaded snapshots (Feb 2019) of text messages between him and Wade about potentially working on a documentary together.


tajjackson 3.jpg







































2005 Trial – Wade Robson Takes Witness Stand

Let’s ask this question, if you were Michael Jackson and you were on trial for your life, would you allow somebody you allegedly molested for seven years testify for you in a child molestation trial? After all, no amount of “brainwashing” or “rehearsing” can guarantee that an alleged victim won’t slip up or breakdown when put under pressure when being interviewed by law enforcement or testifying under oath in a court of law.

Are we to believe that Wade would defend Michael and deny being abused by him in spite of constant and probing questions about the nature of their relationship by journalists and law enforcement (which in and of itself is often an intimidating prospect for a child) while he was actually being abused and not break down or waver in the slightest as most children who have been abused tend to do (and something that those who interview children in matters such as these are trained to pick up on)?

Are we to believe that the same was true in 2005 when Wade was constantly probed about his relationship with Michael by the prosecution (and at this time he was an adult)? Are we also to believe that he didn’t know or understand what sexual abuse was when he testified in 2005, despite the fact that he was a 22 year old adult? Keep in mind that Wade was engaged to his current wife at the time he testified in 2005 which would strongly suggest, that he was a sexually active adult and thus should’ve been able to know what sex and, by extension, sexual abuse is.

Starting @20:00 Mr. Mesereau talks about Wade Robson (before he speaks, audio clips of Wade, Brook Shields and etc are played).

It is even more important to note that when Wade testified, he was asked very specific questions about his relationship with Michael including what kind of physical contact occurred between them. Not once, despite the prosecutor’s best attempts to make him slip up, did he say that anything inappropriate ever happened between them.

Additionally, it wouldn’t have mattered if Wade said that he always remembered the alleged sexual acts but didn’t believe or understand those were acts of sexual abuse until May 8, 2012, because the prosecution team asked specific questions that would reveal if molestation took place. When asked specific questions about what kind of physical contact he had with Michael he stated that there was NO kind of intimate contact between them (which there would have to have been if Wade’s allegations are true).

In 2005, while under oath and on the witness stand, why didn’t he say something to extent of he had indeed been intimately touched but that he didn’t see it as sexual abuse back in 2005? Instead, he adamantly and confidently stated nothing ever happened between him and Michael in 1993 and while under oath in 2005.

Under direct examination by Michael Jackson’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau:

Q. Do you consider Michael Jackson your friend?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you consider him a close friend?

A. Yes.

Q. You’re aware of the allegations in this case, are you not?

A. Yes.

Q. And are you aware, as you sit here today, that there’s been allegations that Mr. Jackson molested you?

A. Yes.

Q. Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever molest you at any time?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. Mr. Robson, did Michael Jackson ever touch you in a sexual way?

A. Never, no.

Q. Mr. Robson, has Mr. Jackson ever inappropriately touched any part of your body at any time?

A. No.

* * * * *

Q. How many times do you think you’ve stayed in Mr. Jackson’s room at Neverland?

A. Same amount of times as I’ve been there. Well, no, that’s not true, I’m sorry. I’ve been there a bunch of times without Michael, just with other friends and family traveling there. But, I don’t know, maybe 15 to 20.

Q. And at no time has any sexual contact ever occurred between you and Mr. Jackson, right?

A. Never.

Q. Have you ever taken a shower with Mr. Jackson?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever gone swimming with Mr. Jackson?

A. Yes.

Q. And please explain what you mean.

A. One time with my sister and I, my sister and I and Michael, we went in the Jacuzzi at Neverland Ranch.

Q. And do you know approximately when that was?

A. I don’t. I can’t say for sure. I have a feeling that it was within that first trip in ‘89 when I went there.

Q. Do you recall what Mr. Jackson was wearing in the Jacuzzi?

A. From my recollection, he was wearing shorts. You know, like swimming shorts. And that was it.

Q. Did anything inappropriate ever happen in that Jacuzzi?

A. No.

Q. Has anything inappropriate ever happened in any shower with you and Mr. Jackson?

A. No. Never been in a shower with him.

* * * * *

Q. Mr. Robson, has anyone told you what to say in this courtroom today?

A. No.

Q. Is everything you’ve said the complete and honest truth?

A. Yes.

Q. Did Mr. Jackson ever do anything wrong with you?

A. No.
Under cross-examination by government prosecutor Ron Zonen:

Q. All right. Now, the first time that you slept with Mr. Jackson you were seven years old; is that correct?

A. I slept in the same bed with him. But, yes, I was seven.

Q. Did you understand my question to mean something other than that?

A. Sounded like it.

* * * * *

Q. Were there periods of time when you were at Neverland and working with Mr. Jackson on dance routines?

A. No. I mean, we would mess around and dance a little bit in the studio every now and then, yes.

Q. Was there ever an occasion where you were on the dance floor with Mr. Jackson and he was showing you a routine and he grabbed your crotch in a manner similar to how he would grab his own crotch while doing those performances?

A. No, that’s not true.

Q. You have no recollection of that?

A. No.

Q. That didn’t happen?

A. No.

* * * * *

Q. Now, at any time did you start to develop conversations with your mother about the propriety of sleeping with this man who’s now well into his 30s?

A. No.

Q. Did you consider it unusual at all?

A. No.

Q. Did your mother consider it unusual?

A. No.

Q. Did you ever talk to your father about it?

A. Yeah.

Q. You talked to your father about your sleeping with Michael Jackson?

A. No, I mean, you know, everybody knew, and nobody ever said that it was — we never talked about it being unusual or anything like that.

Q. Did your mother ever ask you if anything inappropriate happened in bed with him?

A. No.

Q. Did she simply assume nothing happened?

A. Yes.

Q. You’re telling us nothing happened; is that right?

A. Yes.

Q. All right. What you’re really telling us is nothing happened while you were awake; isn’t that true?

A. I’m telling you that nothing ever happened.

Q. Mr. Robson, when you were asleep, you wouldn’t have known what had happened, particularly at age seven, would you have?

A. I would think something like that would wake me up.

* * * * *

Q. Was there, in fact, a shower at Neverland in the suite, the bedroom suite?

A. Yes.

Q. But you didn’t use it?

A. I used it by myself.

Q. Was he in the room while you were using it?

A. In the bedroom, not in the shower room, which had its own door.

* * * * *

Q. You haven’t gone back to Neverland since you were 13?

A. I have. Not with him.

Q. Have you gone back to Neverland since you were 13 and actually stayed overnight?

A. Yes.

Q. On how many occasions since you were 13?

A. A lot. Same thing. 20, 25. Something like that.

* * * * *

Q. Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you, would he not?

A. No.

Q. Periodically hug you?

A. Yes.

Q. Touch you?

A. Hug me. That would be —

Q. Put his hands through your hair?

A. No.

Q. Touch you about the head and the face?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did he ever kiss you on the cheek?

A. Yeah.

Q. Did he ever kiss you on the lips?

A. No.

* * * * *

Q. Were there occasions that Mr. Jackson would summon you to Neverland Ranch?

A. Summon me?

Q. Yes. Call you up and ask you to come and be there; invite you to Neverland Ranch?

A. Invite us, yeah.

* * * * *

Q. On the occasions that you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson, would you ever cuddle in bed?

A. No.

Q. Would you lie next to one another?

A. No.

Q. Would you touch?

A. No.

Q. Would you consider it to have been inappropriate to have cuddled in bed?

A. Sorry?

Q. Would you have considered it to be inappropriate to have cuddled in bed?

A. No.
Under re-direct by Tom Mesereau:

Q. Okay. The prosecutor asked you questions about whether or not you were considered family. Did you consider yourself to be part of Mr. Jackson’s family?

A. Yeah, I mean, in a friendship sort of way. Because we were that close. It was like family.

Q. And did you use the word “family” once in a while —

A. Yes.

Q. — when you spoke to him?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you hear your mother or sister using the word “family”?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you think anything was strange about that?

A. No.

Q. The prosecutor for the government asked about Mr. Jackson giving you a kiss on the cheek.

A. Uh-huh.

Q. And you said that happened sometimes?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you think there was anything inappropriate about that?

A. No.

Q. Did you do it in front of your mom?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you do it in front of your sister?

A. Yes.

Q. Did your mother kiss him on the cheek?

A. Yes.

Q. Did your sister kiss him on the cheek?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you kiss Mr. Jackson on the cheek?

A. Yes.

Q. Did your mother used to hug Mr. Jackson?

A. Yes.

Q. Did Mr. Jackson used to hug your mother?

MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as irrelevant what happened with his mother.

THE COURT: Overruled. Go ahead.

Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did Mr. Jackson used to hug your mother?

A. Yes.

Q. Did your sister used to hug Mr. Jackson?

MR. ZONEN: I’ll object as leading as well.

THE COURT: Overruled.

Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Did your sister used to hug Mr. Jackson?

A. Yes.

Q. And would you see Mr. Jackson hug your sister?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever think there was anything inappropriate about Mr. Jackson hugging any member of your family?

A. No.

Q. Did you ever think it was inappropriate to see any member of your family hug Mr. Jackson?

A. No.

Q. Now, you said your sister would sometimes stay in Mr. Jackson’s room, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And how often do you recall that happening?

A. I remember it just within that first trip we were there. So it was — it was, you know, three or four nights or something like that.

Q. And you mentioned Brandy. Is that who you mentioned?

A. Yes.

Q. Who was Brandy again?

A. She was Michael Jackson’s niece.

Q. You saw Brandy staying in his room?

A. Yeah.

Q. What’s the largest number of kids you ever saw stay in Mr. Jackson’s room, if you remember?

A. Yeah, probably four to five.

Q. And what do you recall the children doing in his room?

A. Well, before we went to sleep, same sort of things. We’d play video games, watch movies. Have pillow fights. You know, yeah.

Q. Did you ever see anything of a sexual nature between Mr. Jackson and any of those children?

A. Never.

* * * * *

Q. Have you seen Mr. Jackson hug other children at Neverland?

A. Yes.

Q. Have you seen other children hug Mr. Jackson at Neverland?

A. Yes.

Q. Have you ever thought any of this was inappropriate?

A. No.

Q. Have you seen Mr. Jackson kiss children at Neverland?

A. On the cheek, yes. Or on the head, or on the top of the head, something like that.

Q. Ever seen kids kiss Mr. Jackson?

A. Yes.

Q. Any of that ever look inappropriate to you?

A. No.

Q. Have you seen lots of children visit Neverland on occasion?

A. Yes.

Q. And what do you mean?

A. I think we were there once when he had one of his gatherings, like a Heal the World Foundation thing where he had a bunch of kids come up there and — you know, and have the day there.

Q. And how many kids are you talking about, do you think?

A. Probably about 100 or 50. 75 to 100, something like that.

Q. Were there adults with those children?

A. Yes.

Q. And you said, “Heal the World.” What did that mean to you?

MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as exceeding the scope of the direct examination, and irrelevant, and beyond the scope of his knowledge.

THE COURT: Overruled. You may answer.

THE WITNESS: Could you repeat the question?

Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Yeah. What was “Heal the World,” as far as you remember?

A. As far as I knew, it was a foundation or a charity that Michael had created that, you know, raised money for kids with illnesses. I don’t know exactly what kind, but —

Q. Did you interact with any of these kids that visited that day?

A. I may have, yeah, I mean, waved at them or met a couple of them or something like that.

Q. Did you see Mr. Jackson hugging other children?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you see them hugging him?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you see Mr. Jackson kiss children?

A. Yeah.

Q. Have you seen them kiss him?

A. Yes.

Q. Ever seen anything inappropriate?

A. No.

Q. Did you see Mr. Jackson hug adults who were with those children?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you see adults hug Mr. Jackson who were with those children?

A. Yes.

Q. Ever think any of that was inappropriate?

A. No.

Q. Now, the prosecutor for the government asked you questions about whether he touched your hair.

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Do you recall Mr. Jackson ever touching your hair?

A. I can’t recall an exact thing, but it seems like something he might have done at some point.

Q. Do you ever recall Mr. Jackson doing anything inappropriate with your hair?

A. No.

Q. Ever seen Mr. Jackson touch another child on the head?

A. Yes.

Q. Have you seen that many times?

A. Many times.

Q. Did it ever seem like anything inappropriate was going on when you saw that?

A. No.

* * * * *

Q. Ever see Michael throw water balloons at kids?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever see Michael in golf carts with kids?

A. Yes.

Q. When you used to play at Neverland during the day, would Michael often be with you?

A. Yes.

Q. And what would Michael do with you?

A. We’d go on rides together, you know, where we’d drive around in the golf cart together, look at animals together, watch movies together.

Q. Did you see Mr. Jackson act in a similar way with other children?

A. Yes.

Q. Ever see anything inappropriate go on when he was doing any of these things?

A. No.

Q. Now, how often do you recall your mother going to Neverland with you?

A. It’s been every time except for that one time that I spoke of when I was there with Jordie Chandler and Macaulay and I.

Q. What do you recall seeing your mother do at Neverland?

A. A lot of the same things with us.

Q. Would she sometimes be with Mr. Jackson when all the kids were playing?

A. Oh, yes. She was playing along with us.

Q. Now, you mentioned visiting an apartment in Century City with Mr. Jackson, right?

A. Yes.

Q. And what do you recall doing in the apartment with Mr. Jackson?

A. Same sort of things. He had arcade games there. You know, candy. We’d eat, we’d watch, you know, T.V. shows, Stooges. Hang around, play games, you know.

Q. Did you ever see Mr. Jackson do anything inappropriate with any child at that apartment?

A. No.

Q. Where else have you been with Mr. Jackson?

A. Like I said, we covered Las Vegas. Westwood apartment, Century City apartment. Sheraton Hotel. He came and stayed at my place once.

Q. Where was that?

A. That was in Hollywood. It was — my mother and I had a condo, and my sister.

Q. Did you see Mr. Jackson do anything inappropriate at any of these locations?

A. No.

Q. Ever seen Mr. Jackson touch any child in a sexual way at any of these locations?

A. Never.

Q. Did Mr. Jackson ever touch you inappropriately in any of these locations?

A. No.

Q. Now, have you been following media reporting in this case?

A. Yeah. On and off.

Q. You’re aware of allegations that were made that Mr. Jackson —

MR. ZONEN: I’m going to object as leading and exceeding the scope of the direct — cross.

THE COURT: I don’t know what the question is yet.

Q. BY MR. MESEREAU: Okay. You’ve been following these reports that somehow Mr. Jackson was seen inappropriately touching you?

A. Yes.

Q. What do you think of them?

A. I think it’s —

MR. ZONEN: I’ll object. I’ll withdraw the objection.

THE WITNESS: I think it’s ridiculous.

MR. MESEREAU: No further questions.

Under re-cross by Ron Zonen:

Due to length of this testimony, the remaining parts can be found here:

The sworn testimony that will come back to haunt Wade Robson byCharles Thomson

And let’s not forget, the prosecuting team (Zonen, Sneddon and etc) were determined to break Wade down on the witness stand. They aggressively tried to get Wade to confess he was abused, and he gave an unwavering testimony that nothing happened to him and no abuse ever occurred.

Under sustained and sometimes aggressive questioning by government prosecutor Ron Zonen, Robson not only denied any impropriety on Jackson’s part, but did so repeatedly, vigorously and convincingly – even mocking prosecutors and describing the mere suggestion of sexual abuse at Jackson’s hands as ‘ridiculous’.

As a side-note, the idea that in a trial about alleged child sex abuse, a genuine abuser would choose somebody they had molested for seven years as their first witness to undergo unrelenting government cross-examination may seem somewhat far-fetched to the casual onlooker.

– Charles Thompson,” The sworn testimony that will come back to haunt Wade Robson”, May 2013

An old article from 2005 resurfaced titled:

“Neverland Kid in 2005 Told Me “nothing happened to him” or Wade Robson

I posted excerpts from the article below with highlights showing where he said Wade told him nothing happened and how tabloids approached him to sell a FAKE story.






Here is an excerpt from Joy Robson’s (Wade’s mother) testimony in 2005

JOY ROBSON: He’d play — I’ve seen him play games, hide-and-seek. I’ve seen them climb trees. I’ve seen them play in the water fort at the ranch. They play constantly.

MESEREAU: Did you ever have any problem with any of that?

JOY ROBSON: No. We all did it together often. We were — all played together.

MESEREAU: How would you describe Neverland?

JOY ROBSON: I would have once said the happiest place on earth. I — I always felt that when we arrived at Neverland, you forgot all your problems, you forgot everything. It seemed like a world on its own. You would drive in there, and it was very serene, very peaceful, very beautiful. Inspirational. And everything was perfect when you drive out and reality would hit again. (p 9216 lines 8-24)


JOY ROBSON: My memory is in the entire time we’ve lived here since 1991, we’ve only been at the ranch with Michael on four occasions in 14 years.

SNEDDON: Four occasions?

JOY ROBSON: Every other time we’ve been here without him.

SNEDDON: Would that be the same for your son?


SNEDDON: You testified that you’ve been out at the ranch on an average of about four times?

JOY ROBSON: Four times a year, but Michael was never there.

SNEDDON: Was that all the way through today?


SNEDDON: He’’s never there when you go there?

JOY ROBSON: Very rarely. I can only remember four times in 14 years that we’’ve been there with him since we have lived here. (p 9238 lines 23-28, p 9239 lines 1-2, lines 5-14)

MESEREAU: Now, you said that many times you went to Neverland and Mr. Jackson wasn’t there, right?


MESEREAU: And when you did that, how would you arrange to visit Neverland?

JOY ROBSON: Through his office. Through Evvy.

MESEREAU: Had Mr. Jackson given you permission to visit Neverland when he wasn’t there?


MESEREAU: And approximately when did he say you could do that?

JOY ROBSON: He’s always said that, that we’re welcome any time. (p 9288 lines 3-15)

MESEREAU: And I believe you testified that you were there more times when he wasn’t there than when he was there; is that right?

JOY ROBSON: Absolutely, yes.

MESEREAU: How many times do you think you visited Neverland when Mr. Jackson wasn’t even there?

JOY ROBSON: Maybe 40, 50 times.

MESEREAU: And where would you stay when Mr. Jackson wasn’t at Neverland? …

JOY ROBSON: Before he had the children, I would stay in the house. But since he’s had the children and they’re now the children’s bedrooms, we stay in the guest units.

MESEREAU: How many times do you think you stayed in Mr. Jackson’s main house before Mr. Jackson had his own children?

JOY ROBSON: Maybe 15, 20 times. I’m not sure. (p 9288 lines 16-24, p 9289 lines 1-8)

In the 10-page letter to HBO, MJ’s Estate legal team summed it up:


Michael Jackson was subjected to a decade-long investigation by an overly-zealous, ethically-challenged, and ultimately disgraced prosecutor in Santa Barbara County, Tom Sneddon, who looked anywhere and everywhere for supposed “victims” of Jackson’s. Yet, he never found those “victims.” Indeed, the 2005 criminal trial of Jackson was a complete farce, and Michael Jackson was completely exonerated. As anyone who has studied that trial knows, the jury utterly repudiated the prosecution’s case. In both his opening and closing statements, Jackson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, took the unusual step of telling the jury that they should acquit Jackson because Mesereau and his team had proven Jackson innocent. In other words, he did not try the case as a “reasonable doubt” case.

Mr. Mesereau tried the case with the purpose and goal of proving Jackson innocent. And he did exactly that. As recently as 2017, several jurors were re-interviewed about the case in light of Robson’s about-face, and they all agreed that they would still acquit Jackson today. The jurors have been interviewed many times; they are articulate bright people, not the gullible idiots that Dan Reed tries to paint them as in his “documentary.” Yet HBO is relying on the uncorroborated stories of two admitted perjurers over the weight of the American justice system.



Wade’s Desperate Attempt to Get “FBI Files That Revealed MJ Paid Off Boys With Hush Money”

In 2013, Wade stated that he wanted the FBI to release copies of “hush payments” to many boys and their families.

The problem with Wade wanting the FBI do this … is that these documents don’t exist.

Now as you may or may not be aware of, British tabloids called The Sunday People and The Mirror came out with a story about “FBI files” that showed that Michael paid off 24 boys that he “molested.” In actuality, these so called “FBI” files were nothing of the sort. They were transcripts of interviews compiled by a tabloid journalist, a former porn star, in the 1990’s who paid his sources and even made one up.

These transcripts were acquired by a private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, working for the Jackson defense team. 10 years later, Pellicano was prosecuted for wiretapping and is now in jail. The FBI seized all of his files of which these were a small part. The allegations noted in the Sunday People and Mirror article were from an interview of the LeMarques (ex-employees of Neverland). They were willing to sell their alleged story about Jackson to the tabloids. As the price tag went up (possibly as high as $500,000), they continued to embellish their outlandish tale. Investigators in the 1990’s found the couple to lack credibility.

Back in 2005, in an apparent act of desperation, when his case was on the skids, Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon put the LeMarques on the witness stand in Jackson’s 2005 trial. Their testimony was destroyed under cross examination and a very conservative jury rejected their testimony. This “FBI file” story was quickly debunked by a variety of news sources including the following;

Tabloid report on Michael Jackson ‘FBI files’ questioned

Michael Jackson Slimed By British Press: Here’s the REAL Story from 2005

Michael Jackson: “FBI Files” Are From People Discredited Long Time Ago

Michael Jackson’s Ex Lawyer: He NEVER Paid $35M To Silence Abused Kids 

– The last article is from RadarOnline in 2013 – back then it seemed like they were actually interested in reporting the truth (and at times even worth citing but definitely not now!).  They have since changed and decided to now report lies on Michael.

Michael’s actual FBI files were released in 2009, which you can see online on the FBI’s website, and they vindicate him more than anything else. It is interesting, however, that when this story first came out, Wade proclaimed that those so-called “FBI” files proved his allegations and asked his lawyers to get a hold of them.

Here are some things we must remember regarding these “FBI” files that the Sunday People reported on:

  • “Sunday People” (tabloid) were the ones who originally made this story UP …. and falsely claimed that they received these Pellicano/FBI files straight from the FBI and also falsely claimed that these files contained information that MJ molested a number of boys and paid the families to be quiet about it.

  • After the Freedom of Information Act was passed in 2009….the daily news (another news source) retrieved all the FBI files on MJ and found NOT ONE page of these files had the information that the “Sunday people” were claiming about MJ paying off a list of boys and families NOR any evidence that he molested anyone!

  • Then we saw the tabloids change their stories, yet again, and said the FBI did not or never had these “payoff/list files” and that only Pellicano had or has them (this is either an attempt for the Sunday people, and the rest of the tabloid community to cover their asses….it’s called back peddling!). It should be noted that Pellicano was arrested in 2002 or 2003 for threatening a reporter. Either before, right at that time or not long after that (not sure about the timeline on the beginning of the FBI’s investigation on Pellicano) the FBI started looking into Pellicano.

  • The FBI opened an investigation on Pellicano and found thousands of tapes and files of illegal wiretapping on celebrities and various other people, MJ is one of them. Between 2003 and 2006 (not sure of the exact date) the FBI confiscated all of Pellicano’s files and tapes, including MJs and AGAIN none of those files had anything proving MJ molested anyone or paid anyone off (nor having rehearsed conversations with Wade as he stated)!

  • Again, the daily news, the same news people that also released this absurd story on their web page said and I quote:

“The Daily News obtained FBI files on Jackson in 2009 under the Freedom of Information Act. Those files contained NO mention of the sordid documents obtained by Sunday People”.

  • This is important, please keep in mind this quote was added to the Daily News story that they released with the original Sunday people story where they among many others recycled it.

  • If you read these various tabloids/media that recycled this story most of them fail to mention this very important point!

  • Pellicano and others are being sued by the people of the United States of America!

After the story was debunked, he was suddenly silent.

Now for him to say that this “FBI” file story is proof that he’s telling the truth (AFTER THE STORY HAS BEEN DEBUNKED) only tells me the opposite and shows how desperate he is, and shows the lack of substance in his case.

“… Jackson’s FBI file was released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the request of media, including British journalist Charles Thomson. “A lengthy report,” writes Thomson, “shows that when Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was raided in 2003, the FBI went over every computer seized from the property with a fine tooth comb looking for any incriminating files or internet activity. Jackson’s file contained individual summaries of the FBI’s findings for each of the 16 computers. Scrawled in capital letters across each of those 16 reports – ‘NOTHING’.”

– Joe Vogel, “Michael Jackson, Delayed Allegations and Witch Hunts”, May 2013

In May 2013 on the Matt Lauer Show, and in 2019 in Leaving Neverland, Wade Robson claimed “I want to be able to speak the truth as loud as I had to speak the lie.” However, when he initially filed the lawsuit in May 2013 seeking monetary compensation for the alleged abuse, Wade Robson filed UNDER SEAL. He was hoping for a quick and payout from Michael Jackson’s Estate.


In this next section, we are going to break down as much of Wade’s complaint as we can.

Wade Said He Remembered Everything Yet Has Changed His Story Quite a Few Times Over the Past 5 (Five) Years




1st version: In Wade’s complaint, he claims that on the first night he stayed at Neverland, his sister and Jackson share a bed. Wade claims that on the second night, his sister opted to sleep on the upper level. This is when Wade claims Jackson first molested him.

2nd version: In Wade’s book draft that he was shooing in late 2012/early 2013 (as uncovered in the process of discovery), Wade claims that he wasn’t molested during the first two nights at Neverland as per his book draft. He claims it started when his family left him alone at Neverland the following week.

3rd version: In Wade’s 2016 deposition, he was asked if his account of the first two nights at Neverland as per his book draft was consistent with his memory now. Wade replied: “Yeah, I don’t really remember”.

4th version: On May 26, 2018, after his civil claim and civil lawsuit were firmly tossed out of court, Wade gives an interview with Inside Edition to discuss his allegations. He says “Every time we were together, it happened. There was no night that went by that I was with him and he didn’t sexually abuse me.”

Wade’s sister version: In the 2005 trial, Chantal claims that on the first night she stayed in the upper level of Jackson’s bedroom. However, she became much more comfortable by the second night and made the decision to sleep in the bed with Wade and Jackson. If this is accurate, then this would be the the same night that Wade claims the molestation started (when he first made his claim for financial compensation).

As quoted from this thread (that I recommend viewing)

Wade Robson claiming on Inside Edition: “there was no night that [MJ] didn’t sexually abuse me”. It is an interesting phenomenon how his “memories” evolve.

In his deposition parts of his book draft that he shopped around in 2012 were read. For example, they talked about that first weekend in 1990 when the Robsons stayed at Neverland.

Robson now claims MJ sexually molested him from the get go, including that first weekend. However in his book draft he claimed molestation did not start until the next week when his parents left.

In fact he writes about the previous weekend “I don’t believe anything out of the ‘ordinary’ happened that night.” When asked at his deposition if that is consistent with his recollection, he says: “Yeah, I don’t really remember.




Wade Said He Remembered Everything Yet Asked His Mom Many Questions Regarding the Timeline of Events

DailyMichael reported On December 27, 2016 The MJ Estate filed a motion to compel Wade Robson to produce essential documents. When lawyers for Michael Jackson’s estate were finally able to get a hold of some of Wade’s emails, they learned that Wade was asking his mom several questions regarding the events and timelines surrounding his interactions with Michael Jackson. We will briefly examine a few below:

As we are aware, Wade Robson and his mother met Michael Jackson when he was five at the meet-n-greet in Brisbane Australia after winning a dance competition. The prize was to meet Jackson and after that meet-and-greet event Michael gave him a chance to perform in his concert.

Now here below, we can see Robson asks his Mom how did they manage to get in Michael’s hotel room after that notable performance. Joy wrote that she wanted to hand Michael a “thank you” note and with the help of MJ’s publicist, an arrangement was made for him and his mother to meet Michael in his hotel room:

Wade Robson to Joy Robson on July 17, 2012:

Hey Mom.


After I performed with Michael on stage at 5, what happened after that?

How did we end up spending that time with him at his hotel?

Joy Robson answered the same day:

I spoke to the publicist who had been co-ordinating with us and asked her how to get a thank you letter to MJ and she suggested we bring it to his hotel. When we got there she called his room and he invited us to bring it up to his suite.

See email pic below:


Here are other questions Wade e-mailed to his mother.


How did we end up being able to meet Michael again at Record One that first trip? And at what point was that figured out and arranged? Before the USA trip or during?

You have any idea what the date was of that Record One meeting?

Can you tell me all that you remember about that first meeting at Record One? How did we end up inviting us to neverland? How did that go down?

What was the driving arrangement when we all went to Neverland that first time?

What did we sign when we first drove into neverland that first time with MJ and who signed what?  What was the description of what the NDA said we could not disclose as far as you remember?


When Wade asked questions regarding his time with Michael, his mother replied:

Hi Wade,

I will take a look at what I have writtern. I have several versions. I will let you know if I think it is something that will benefit you.”



Picture source: Wade Robson’s Emails: ‘A MASTER OF DECEPTION’

In MJ’s Estate 10-page letter to HBO, they summed it up:


Moreover, despite lying under oath in his lawsuit that he had had “no written communications” with anyone about his supposed abuse, he was eventually ordered by the trial court to produce all such documents. Robson produced hundreds (if not thousands) of written communications (emails, texts, etc.) with his family and friends about his false abuse allegations. He never explained why he lied and said he had no such communications.



Most notably, many of these communications were with his mother where he admittedly was trying to reconstruct his own “memories” of the time period when he was supposedly abused—i.e., in his own words, to “add” the “details” that he did not know when he was drafting his book. In one email, he lists over twenty different questions to his mother asking her about the specific details of his interactions with Michael Jackson. Some of these include: “Can you explain all that you remember of that first night at Neverland? What happened when we drove in what did we do? And that first weekend at Neverland?” Notably, in the “documentary,” Robson now recounts “his” supposed “memories” of these events in great detail. But Mr. Reed and Robson never explain that he had to first ask his mother scores of questions before he could tell his story. Indeed, despite telling the story of his first night at Neverland in the documentary as if it is his own memory, at his deposition, he admitted that he “did not know” if his memory of that night “came from [his] own recollection or [if] it was told to [Robson] by someone else.”

These resources go further into detail regarding Wade’s e-mails and  Neverland. They are definitely worth reading:

Wade Robson’s Emails: ‘A MASTER OF DECEPTION’

Wade Robson’s Fake Story of HOME ALONE AT NEVERLAND 


BUSTED! Wade Robson Got Caught Hiding Evidence and Shopping a Tell-All Book


Wade’s Complaint Alleges These “Meet and Greets” Were Purposely Orchestrated Sexual Grooming Mechanism to Acquire Minor Sexual Abuse Victims for Michael Jackson

In his April/June 2013 complaint Wade’s documents stated:


and in his updated amended September 2016 complaint he alleged:


Line 19: “[Robson] alleges these “meet and greets” were purposely orchestrated by MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures as a sexual grooming mechanism to acquire minor sexual abuse victims for Michael Jackson, disguised as charitable events for minors.”

On a radio show in September 15, 2016, Wade’s lawyer (Finaldi), and interviewer stated this:

Host: Wade Robson was 5 when he first worked for Jackson? Explain the chronology of his time with Michael Jackson

Finaldi: Okay. Wade was a young dancer in Australia. He went into a dance contest was put on by MJJ Productions. Surprise Surprise, guess what the prize is? If you win the dance contest, you get to meet Michael Jackson in person. So that’s where he first met him. After that Michael Jackson kept in touch in communication with him by sending faxes and letters and gifts from MJJ Productions. On the letterhead and everything.


Okay, let’s break this down for a moment:

“He went into a dance contest was put on by MJJ Productions.”

Actually, this is false. In Joy’s deposition, she stated that the competition and meet and greet were sponsored by Target, Pepsi and CBS. In addition to Joy’s deposition, back in 2005, Wade in his testimony acknowledged that Target was “holding these dance, like, contests all around wherever (MJ) traveled”.


After that Michael Jackson kept in touch in communication with him by sending faxes and letters and gifts from MJJ Productions. On the letterhead and everything.

False. It was Joy who managed to deliver a “thank you” note to Jackson’s hotel. Only after he received the note did he invite Wade and his family to his hotel room for about 90 minutes. In her deposition, Joy stated that Michael said they could send him videos of Wade as he progressed in his career. So she did exactly that; sent letters and videos to Michael over the following years but never heard back from him.

Additionally, both Wade Robson and Joy Robson testified in 2005 that they had absolutely no contact with Michael Jackson between 1987 and 1990 and THEY were the ones who contacted him again in 1990, out of the blue without any previous arrangement. Here are the relevant parts from their testimonies.

Wade Robson on direct examination by Michael’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau.

Q. And who is that?

A. That’s Michael Jackson.

Q. How do you know him?

A. I met him first when I was five years old. I think it was ‘87. And Michael was touring, he was doing the “Bad” tour. And I was imitating him as a dancer at that point. And he was holding these — it was in connection with Target or something like that, holding these dance, like, contests all around wherever he traveled. So I entered one of the dance contests and ended up winning it, went on to the finals and won that, and then the prize was to meet Michael. So I met him after one of his concerts in Brisbane, Australia. And it was just like in a meet-and-greet sort of room. And we met, and I was in my whole, you know, “Bad” outfit and everything. He was sort of laughing and tripping out on my outfit and asked if I danced. I said, “Yeah.” And he asked me to perform with him in the show the next night. So after — it was like the end of the concert, I pulled up, performed in the show with him. The next — the next — I think within the next couple of days, my mother and I went to visit him at his hotel room, and we stayed for a couple of hours. It was in Brisbane, Australia. Just talking about what I want to do. And then that was kind of it at first. And then for the next two years, we didn’t have any contact at all. And I continued pursuing my dance career in Australia. And then the company that I was with, the dance company, was traveling to America to do a performance at Disneyland. So we all went. Came out, did that performance. As I said, we’d had no contact with Michael or anything. Somehow my mother got in contact with Michael’s secretary at that time, who was Norma Stokes (sic).

Joy Robson on direct examination by Michael’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau.

Q. And how did you meet Mr. Jackson?

A. Originally, in Australia in —

Q. I think you need to speak up a little bit.

A. Sorry. In Australia. He was touring on the “Bad” tour, and my son Wade was five years old and won a Michael Jackson look-alike/dance-alike competition.

Q. Did you develop a friendship with Michael Jackson?

A. Not immediately. Two years later, we returned to the United States for — Wade was dancing here, and were associated with him at that point, and became friends from there, from 1989.

Joy Robson on cross-examination by prosecutor Thomas Sneddon.

Q. And the time that you met Mr. Jackson in Australia was in connection with your son winning a dance contest?

A. Yes.

Q. And the occasion of your meeting Mr. Jackson was you were brought behind the stage with a lot of other people who were back there; is that right?

A. It was a meet-and-greet situation, yes.

Q. There wasn’t a lot of substance to it?

A. No, it was just, “How are you? It’s a pleasure to meet you,” type of thing.

Q. Okay. And then the next time that you meet Mr. Jackson is when you come to the United States in January of 1990, correct?

A. Yes.

Q. And when you came here, there were no arrangements when you first came here to meet with Mr. Jackson?

A. No.

Q. And it was as a result of you making contact with Norma Staikos (sic) that you were able to make contact with Mr. Jackson, correct?

A. Yes.

Click here to read the rest: Yet Another Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe Lawyers Radio Interview


Wade’s Complaint Alleges Michael Jackson’s Assistant, Norma Staikos – Was A Co-Conspirator in Alleged Abuse

In his complaint, Robson claims Norma Staikos was a “madam” or “procurer” of child sexual abuse victims for Michael Jackson”

In his amended September 2016 complaint it states:


Not true.

Joy made numerous attempts between 1987 and 1990 to communicate with Michael by sending letters and videos of Wade’s progress. But Michael never responded. The Robsons were heading to Disneyland in 1990 for Wade’s performance with the Johnny Young Talent School. Before their departure, Joy went through many hoops to get a hold of Michael Jackson. She contacted television networks in Australia and ended up getting the number for Tristar Pictures, and after jumping through a few more hoops, she finally managed to get the number to MJJ productions. When her family arrived in the U.S., she was able to get in contact with Norma Staikos, an assistant to Michael. Joy asked if arrangements could be made for Michael to meet her family at a recording studio. Michael would then invite the whole family to Neverland Ranch.

As we can see here, Joy Robson was the initiator for making this all happen. She was the one who ASKED Norma if Michael could meet her family while they were in the U.S. She was the one who went through leaps and bounds to finally get a contact number for MJJ Productions. Additionally, MJJ Productions and Norma Staikos were NOT the ones who reached out first. If it were not for Joy’s determination, there’s a high probability meeting Michael Jackson would have never happened. Their association with Michael would have ended in 1987 after he left Australia.

Can Wade explain how exactly Norma Staikos was “a “madam” or “procurer” of child sexual abuse victims for Michael Jackson” and Jackson’s companies “child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization(s)”, as he claimed they were in his complaint?

The story of how Joy became the driving forcing behind making the meetings happen has been told in other testimonies, interviews, etc. But this isn’t what will get him money from the estate, he has to tell a story that MJJ Productions and Staikos “purposely orchestrated” the meetings.

Source(s): Full Original Versions: The Litigation – Part 2 and Joy Robson and Others Expose Wade’s Lies – The Summary Judgment Exhibits


Wade’s Complaint Alleges That Michael Jackson Had MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures Sponsor and Hire Wade “For The Explicit Purpose of Allowing Michael Jackson Access to [Robson] For Sexual Abuse.”

In his amended Sept 2016 complaint, Wade alleges:


“In order to arrange for their immigration to the United States, Michael Jackson had MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures hire [Robson] and his mother, and arranged for [Robson], his mother and sister to move permanently to California. [Robson] alleges this was done by Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures for the explicit purpose of allowing Michael Jackson access to [Robson] for sexual abuse.” [1; paragraph 23]

Another false statement.

When her family was in the U.S. for Wade’s performance at Disneyland in 1990 (with the dance group), it was Joy’s husband Dennis (according Joy Robson’s deposition) who played with the idea of them immigrating to the USA. The initial trip to Neverland was in January/February 1990. Joy and Wade would return the U.S. in May 1990 because Wade was participating in an L.A. Gear commercial shoot with Michael Jackson. None of Michael Jackson’s companies paid for Joy and Wade’s visit; L.A. Gear paid for their visit.

Michael was enthusiastic about Wade’s talent, according to Joy, and he would make statements like “Little one and I are going to rule the world.” Michael gave Wade the nickname “Little One. (Michael gave many people nick names – just thought I mention that. He used to call his friend, actor and comedian Chris Tucker “Christmas” and gave his nieces and nephews nick names as well).

Joy stated that because of this, they seriously considered immigrating to the U.S. perhaps hoping Michael would assist Wade with his career endeavors. The final decision to immigrate to the U.S. wasn’t quite clear, “perhaps after the February (1991) trip she stated. They did consult with a lawyer regarding immigrating prior to November 1990

Moving out of Australia to further Wade’s career in the entertainment industry in the U.S. was the main motive for Joy as she states in her deposition. Joy stated:

“You know, I — I believed that Wade had a future here, and I — I felt like he had gone as far as he could go in Australia. He really needed to be here.”

The Role of Jackson’s companies.

Joy eventually made the choice to immigrate and relocate the family to the U.S. in September 1991. However, they would need an employer and someone who could sponsor them. This is when Joy Robson asked Michael to assist her family with this, and Michael instructed his office to do it.

Notice it wasn’t until Joy REACHED out to Michael and ASKED for help did his people do it.

During Joy’s deposition, the companies’ lawyers brought up extracts from her 2005 testimony:

“And did you ask him to do that?” And you responded: “Yes, pretty much. Basically, I asked for help, so that was the only way we could stay, so yes.” [2; page 128]

Also quoted from Joy’s 2005 testimony:

“Did you feel like you owed him anything after he helped sponsor your family to stay in the U.S.?” And your response is: “No, not at all.”

This is the complete opposite of the story wade claims in his complaint. Remember his complaint states that Michael and his companies brought him to the USA “for the explicit purpose of allowing Michael Jackson access to [Robson] for sexual abuse”.

Michael and his businesses only helped after Joy Robson reached out to him and asked for assistance with helping them move from Australia to the U.S. to further Wade’s career.

It’s also worth mentioning that when the Robson family relocated to the U.S. Michael did not even spend much time with them, and this even includes Wade. In her 2005 testimony, Joy Robson stated in the 14 years they had been living in the U.S. from 1991 – 2005, they had spent time with Michael at his Neverland Ranch 4 (four) times out of the 14 years they lived here.

Thomas Sneddon (lead prosecutor in 2005): And then from that point, from September of 1991 up till, let’s just say, September 1993 – okay? – the time frame involved, you and your son spent a great deal of time with Michael Jackson, you were around him a lot, correct?

Joy Robson: I don’t think so.

Thomas Sneddon: You were not at the ranch on a number of occasions during 1991?

Joy Robson: My memory is in the entire time we’ve lived here since 1991, we’ve only been at the ranch with Michael on four occasions in 14 years.

Thomas Sneddon: Four occasions?

Joy Robson: Every other time we’ve been here without him.

Thomas Sneddon: Would that be the same for your son?

Joy Robson: Yes.

Wade’s complaint creates the story that Michael moved the Robsons to the U.S. simply“for the explicit purpose of allowing Michael Jackson access to [Robson] for sexual abuse”. However, it doesn’t make sense due to the fact Michael didn’t spend that much time with him nor his family.

Wade’s allegations that Michael Jackson and his companies were “the most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization(s) the world has known” is a ridiculous claim because if that was true his companies would have hired children on a regular basis. However, that wasn’t the case and Wade was only hired to help out Joy’s REQUEST for their immigration.

Joy also mentioned that when they moved here, she realized it would be up to her to further Wade’s career and making a living in the U.S.A. In her deposition, the interview she had with radio hosts from the 2011 Infinite Dance Cast was brought up:

Katherine Kleindienst: You also said: “I realized very early on that if we were going to make it here, it was going to be up to me. I couldn’t really rely on” — and you said, “Michael kind of lived in a bubble and had a different reality to ours. And so I was the one who had to find agents.” Do you remember that?

Joy Robson: Yes. (…) The funny part is Wade — Michael did find an agent for Wade, but it was CAA (Creative Artists Agency), and Wade was 7 years old and not known in this country. And CAA was not going to be any — and that’s why I said Michael lived in a bubble. He had no idea of anything outside of his realm. So — Wade wasn’t in that category for CAA. It would not have been beneficial for him to be with CAA.

Katherine Kleindienst: Right.

Joy Robson: Michael tried to help, but he just didn’t understand what needed to be done.

Katherine Kleindienst: And when you were asked if you really had to manage Wade’s career, you responded: “I did. I did everything.” Is that right?

Joy Robson: I did what I had to do to — to make things happen.

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To be fair, it’s worth mentioning (well in this case quoting)

In her 2016 deposition Joy also testified that between September 1991 (the date when they moved to the USA) and June/July 1993 (about the time when the Chandler allegations were made) they stayed at Neverland four or five times, but Jackson was only there once and that was during the June/July 1993 visit [2; page 140-141].

To be fair, Neverland was not the only place that Jackson could meet with the Robsons. They did spend some time with him at Jackson’s apartments in Westwood, Los Angeles and Century City, Los Angeles. According to Joy, Wade slept in those condos a couple of times while Jackson was there, but she also added that “sometimes there were others there, as well. It wasn’t just Wade there” [2; page 144]. When asked who else were there with Wade and Jackson, she names Emmanuel Lewis (who, by the way, was around 20 years old at the time), Jordan Chandler and “these two little boys that spent a lot of time with Michael. They lived in Ojai. I — I know one’s name was Anthony. I can’t remember what the other boy’s name was” [2; page 144-145]. She later added that they were brothers. Jackson had a young cousin named Anthony Jackson with whom he indeed hung out a lot, so it is possibly him.

Joy also mentions one occasion when she, Wade and Chantal spent two nights with Jackson at the Las Vegas Mirage Hotel and when Wade slept in Jackson’s room [2; page 147-149] and one occasion when Jackson spent two nights at the Robson’s Hollywood condo in 1995 when he had an argument with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley and wanted to get away from her. On that occasion Wade and Jackson slept in the living room that Joy Robson could cross whenever she came down from her upstairs bedroom. [2; page 151-153]

Altogether these interactions remained occasional and sporadic despite of the Robsons now living in the USA. In actuality, in her deposition Joy Robson revealed that she had to be the one to pursue Jackson about calling Wade [2; page 308], putting him in projects such as his “Jam” music video in 1992, and that “Wade felt pushed aside a little bit” because Jackson would rather spend time with other kids, such as Brett Barnes and Macaulay Culkin [2; page 118-120].

Sidenote: This shows that Wade lied yet again in his Neverland documentary, when he said michael “chose” him – that was a lie as we’ve learned Michael didn’t necessarily care to be around Wade and it was Joy who had to get Michael to call Wade and put him in music videos. It was Joy who was trying to push her family into Michael’s life and perhaps MJ picked up on this…

You can find this quote in the section of this post labeled: The Jackson Companies’ sponsoring and/or hiring of Wade Robson and his mother

This video clips breaks down these visits (in the above quote) and reveals the contradictions of Wade’s claims in his complaint

Michael Jackson – Brett Barnes supports MJ 1993

*Brett Barnes, Macaulay Culkin, the Cascio Brothers, Emmanuel Lewis and MJ’s cousins and others to this day have stated they never witnessed anything inappropriate nor did anything inappropriate happen to them.


Wages Alleges in His Complaint that a former security guard Charli Michael’s Witnessed an Incident between Wade and Michael … However, His Mother Unknowingly Exposed Yet Another Contradiction in His Complaint

On page 9 of his Fourth Amended Complaint (FAC) in Robson’s September 2016 complaint, he used statements by a former security guard, Charli Michaels. This person worked for Neverland Security (1990-1992) and was fired by Norma Staikos. She was a former disgruntled Neverland employee who was part of the group that told fake stories to tabloids for money.

Here is the excerpt from his complaint:


In the Estate’s motion to obtain all email correspondence between Wade and his family, we learned that prior to submitting his amended September 2016 complaint, he sent an email to his mother on Feb 15, to try and confirm the security guard’s story.

However, she replied back within a few minutes stating:

“Wow. None of that is true. Micha…


You can see Joy Robson’s reply at the bottom of this page. Actually, it is: “Wow. None of that is true. Micha…” – and there the text is cut off.


The fact that he still used these statements by Charli Michaels in his September 2016 complaint despite his mother refuting them shows he doesn’t care about telling lies.

You, I and MJ’s Estate’s would surely like to see the rest of Joy’s reply, but Wade’s side didn’t provide the rest even though his attorney stated otherwise in an e-mail dated November 4, 2016. Wade only supplied 2 new pages, but lawyers for MJ’s Estate stated that Wade still has not supplied them with Joy’s full response. Coincidentally, Wade’s attorneys claim Wade could not supply Joy’s response because of technical issues with Yahoo. It should be noted that Joy Robson has coincidentally been unable to locate her email response and other e-mails as well.

In addition to this, we would also learn from Joy’s 2005 testimony and her 2016 deposition, the real story regarding the communication between Charli Michaels and her and it’s not what Wade is claiming in his complaint.

You can read about the real story here and here under the section: “Charli Michaels Story”

All throughout these posts we see that Wade’s own mother, through no fault of her own, paints a very different picture of events as compared to what Wade Robson has now alleged happened to him in the complaints he’s filed over the past 5 years.


Wade Alleges He Wasn’t aware of MJ’s Estate Until March 2013

To approve Robson’s case, the judge has to believe that Wade was unaware of MJ’s estate until 3/4/13 and unaware of the abuse until 3/8/12.

In his 2013 complaint Wade made the following statements:waderobson27march2013unawaremjestate

He claims that prior to March 4, he did not know about Michael Jackson’s Estate and its executors …

However …

In November 2009, Wade Robson’s long-time attorney, Helen Yu had this say on her website:

Now that his estate’s advisors are John Branca and John McClain, music industry veterans who know how to monetize the business, unfortunately, he will most likely earn more dead than alive.” – Helen Yu (Wade Robson’s current lawyer)

(and remember she was helping him with his book deal in late 2012 – 2013)

Also, this is what MJ’s Estate attorneys said:

But the estate’s lawyers are arguing that they could not have possibly anticipated Robson’s lawsuit.

In support of that, the estate’s high-powered Hollywood lawyer, Howard Weitzman, cited a recent deposition during which Robson admitted that he was “aware that John Branca and John McClain were co-Executors of Michael’s estate and understood they were running the Estate’s ‘entertainment business.”

The Estate was producing the show with Cirque and Robson “wanted to do this MJ show badly,” the court documents revealed.

Let’s also remember:

  • His e-mail to talent agent Julie McDonald who referenced John Branca in the subject line;

  • His meeting with John Branca to discuss potential participation in Cirque Du Soliel MJ in 2011;

  • His statement in the Official Michael Jackson Opus Book (2009) which needed to be approved by MJ’s Estate.

So much for not knowing about the Estate prior to March 2013!


Wade Tries to Use Discredited Maid to Bolster His Case

Wade also tried to reach out to a maid who worked at Neverland, Blanca Francia who was fired from Neverland for theft of personal items she stole from Jackson including his clothes and home accents.

Back in 1993, she claimed to have seen him showering with Michael but Wade also denied this story. He denied this in 2005, and her story was discredited regardless because she admitted that she had been paid to fabricate her story and admitted to having only seen and heard one person, Michael, and only Michael, in the shower in a deposition in 1993.

The fact that he is trying to use this person to bolster his case is, to me, another sign of desperation on his part.

  • Blanca Francia was hired in 1985 to be MJ’s personal housekeeper, and continued to work for him at Neverland. She was fired in 1991 for theft and tardiness, among other disciplinary problems. (This was confirmed by other Neverland employees.) She was an illegal alien with a fraudulent social security number, who also had her wages garnished by creditors to pay her debts, and who once looked inside the purse of a co-worker to see how much they had been paid!

  • In December 1993, Blanca’s friend and former Neverland co-worker Evangeline helped secure her interview with Diane Dimond of Hard Copy, and Blanca gave Evangeline some of the $20,000 dollars that she was paid. Blanca was also required by contract to give Dimond a photo of MJ and her son Jason. – http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/summary-and-analysis-of-the-lies-of-michael-jacksons-former-maid-blanca-francia/

Mary A, Fischer, who wrote the definitive 1994 article of the first accuser and some of the aftermath had witnessed so of the money grubbing from Jason Francia’s mother: She explains here: Next came the maid. On December 15, Hard Copy presented “The Bedroom Maid’s Painful Secret.” Blanca Francia told Dimond and other reporters that she had seen a naked Jackson taking showers and Jacuzzi baths with young boys. …and yet later… [u]nder deposition by a Jackson attorney, Francia admitted she had never actually see Jackson shower with anyone nor had she seen him naked with boys in his Jacuzzi. They always had their swimming trunks on, she acknowledged.

Jason Francia: forcing him to remember it right

The clip above is an excerpt from the video I posted above (year 1990), click here to watch the full video again

However … other employees came to the defense of Michael and shut down Blanca’s lies

Meanwhile, two other former Neverland housekeepers came forward to discredit Francia’s allegations, telling CNN that the stories were made up.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” declared Shanda Lujan, who worked at Neverland for almost a year. “I mean, there’s just no way that Michael could do that. Michael’s just not that type of person.”

Francin Orosco worked for Jackson for two years and also said Jackson was incapable of the kind of behavior he was being accused of.  ”I think it’s pure lies. I think it’s just pure lies. It’s disgusting what they – what they could accuse somebody of for, and I think it’s just all for money.  Michael could never do something like that. Never, ever.”

Both Orosco and Lujan claimed that Francia had actually been fired because of a bad attitude and was obsessed with the pop superstar.

“You could tell a lot that she had a little crush on him.  And very jealous of the other housekeepers and didn’t want no one close to Michael.  There was….there’s a lot of jealousy there,” said Orosco.

“He was great with kids,” added Lujan.  ”I mean, you know, if….I think he would be a very good father.  I mean, he’s just wonderful with them.”  The former maids said their ranch chores involved entering Jackson’s room at times, but that they had never seen anything suspicious.

Most notable about their statements was that at the time of their interviews, each of the two women were no longer on Jackson’s payroll and were not paid for their interviews, and therefore had no incentive to lie.


Click here to learn more about Wade’s 2nd Witness: “Mark” and Ofelia “Faye” Quindoy,


Wade and His Father’s Suicide

Wade also claimed that his father killed himself over the thought that Michael had molested him. It is important to note that Wade’s father died in 2002. That’s three years before Wade (and his sister and mother) testified in Michael’s defense.

In his 2013 documents, he claimed May 2012 was the first time he brought up the possibility of alleged sex abuse with anyone. Therefore his father’s suicide would be ten years before Wade suddenly realized that he’d been allegedly abused.

Let’s not forget all the positive things Wade (and his family) said about Michael in the years before, in between, and after. His claim about his father is therefore nonsensical and further proof of his desperation. R

We would later learn, Wade’s father was dealing with mental health issues.

Wade’s father suffered from bipolar disorder – ie. manic depression – and committed suicide in 2002. In his complaint Wade hints at his father committing suicide because of anxiety and fear that Jackson might have been sexually abusing Wade [1; paragraph 39], even though Wade’s own claim is that he never told or hinted to anyone until 2012 that he had allegedly been sexually abused. That includes his father, who did not even live with Wade, his sister and mother in the United States, but stayed back in Australia with Wade’s older brother.

Source: Robson’s Route To Changing His Story 5

In Joy’s deposition she revealed that Wade’s father believed that his own family did not care about the mental health issues he was dealing with:

“And this was part of the problem, that he was upset with the family because we didn’t look into what he was going through. He felt that we — we weren’t interested enough to look into it, and that was part of the issue.”


Wade’s Realization of Molestation in May 2012 and Shame and Guilt in 2005 Contradiction

Please note – Credit for most of this section goes to this post. I’ve just extracted a part of it for this section.

“You will hear about how it is not rare at all for abuse victims to come out many years, even decades later. You will also hear about how abuse victims sometimes are conflicted and even feel love for their abuser.

You will hear about how shame, the fear of not being believed, thinking they are alone with this problem and other factors may also play a role in keeping their secret for so long.

That is all true and we certainly do not deny the experience of those genuine abuse victims who go through this process.

However, in this case there are many reasons to think that we are talking about posers who not only take advantage of MJ, but also of genuine abuse victims.

Some of those reasons we mentioned above. Here is another: Wade’s explanation of why he did not come out earlier and why he did not tell “his truth” in 2005 is all over the place.

Here is one example:

Here is Wade’s mother in her 2016 deposition, yet again, unknowingly revealing Wade’s lies.

According to his mother’s 2016 deposition, when her mother asked him why he didn’t tell “his truth” in 2005, he told her because of shame:


Excerpts from this page below:

“I asked him why – you know, I said “As a child you were too frightened to come to me and tell me about it. So why as an adult, as you’re older, and when this” — the abuse stopped when he was 14. Like, “why wouldn’t you have come to me then?”


And he said – he said it was the shame — as you get older, the shame sets in, and he was just too ashamed to talk about it. And I think that’s why he didn’t want to testify again, was the shame.

Q. So that’s what he told you about why he didn’t testify once he became an adult?

A. Yes

A. And before he testified at the criminal trial.

The main premise of Wade’s claim is that he didn’t realize he was abused until May 2012, but here we can see, his mother (through no fault of her own) contradicts Wade’s main talking point of not realizing he was abused until 2012.

She is stating that Wade was well aware of being abuse BEFORE 2012 but didn’t tell anyone because of shame.


“He told me that — he told me that after he told us about the abuse {he told them in 2012}, when he talked about the trial, and that’s why he didn’t want to testify. Because if he told the truth, it would be the shame”….

The shame of being abused? According to him, he didn’t realize he was sexually abused until May 2012. So how could he have any shame or know he was abused prior to 2012? He keeps stating he did not realize he was sexually abused until May 2012!

However, when Wade was very specifically asked in his deposition if shame played a factor, he denied it did. There he was on his story that until 2012 he didn’t know it was wrong, so he “didn’t have any perspective on it”. (He does mention shame but only in everyday situations)



***Side note*** Here is a clip of Wade being interviewed in 1993.

Wade yet again, contradicts himself (and obviously can’t stick to one story), when he said”

“I didn’t have any perspective on it. I didn’t forget about, but I didn’t think about it. I, I just didn’t let myself think about it.

We can see here that even when he was little, Wade DID UNDERSTAND that any kind of sexual contact between a child and an adult was wrong!

He did have a perspective on it.

Over the past 5 years Wade said he didn’t speak up earlier because he didn’t understand that what Michael allegedly did to him was wrong, but here he is making it clear as a child that he understood that it was wrong and sick.

The video proves even as a child, Robson very well understood what MJ was being accused of and he thought it was “sick”.

How he could “not have any perspective on it”, when clearly in this video, he revealed that he indeed have a perspective on it: the fact that any kind of sexual acts between a child and adult IS WRONG and “sick”.

In his court papers, he says he didn’t realize that until age 29! That’s a lie. Robson knew very well long before age 29 that sexual acts of any kind between adults and kids are wrong.

“To further highlight his flip-flopping (ie. lying), here is something he wrote on his blog in July 2018. This is in direct contradiction with what he said in his deposition!


“In his deposition, he specifically denies shame being a factor and the fear of being labeled gay is a factor, but in a blog post where he lectures his audience on misguided definitions of masculinity, he is suddenly again on his initial story that he told his mother about shame.

So which one is it? I will be curious about which version it will be in the documentary. I assume the shame version, because that’s more relatable. Saying stuff like “I didn’t have any perspective on it until 2012 when I suddenly realized I was abused” is a much less relatable.

Ultimately this just shows him once again as a liar, who will shamelessly say anything he needs to say in any given situation. In court, for legal reasons, he had to be on on the version of not knowing it was abuse until 2012, so he said that.

But he must have he realized himself that the shame angle doesn’t work well with it, so that’s not what he claimed in court. In public, however, “I didn’t have any perspective on it until 2012” would be difficult to sell, so in public, he is on his shame version.

Make no mistake, Wade is well prepared for child abuse stories. He admitted to having read lots of literature about the topic before he filed his lawsuit. So those familiar descriptions of sexual abuse, do not prove he is telling the truth, it just proves he is well read on the topic.

Shame and the fear of being labeled gay is a familiar story in male victims. But as we seen, Wade just uses this story, to explain his turnaround – and he will use a completely contradictory explanation when that is what is required. Doesn’t that sound like a cynical liar?”

Wade cannot keep his story straight. His mother has also unknowingly exposed his lies.


Breaking Down Wade Breakdowns (summarized versions).


  • April 2011 – Step Up 4, Michael’s “Prophecy” and His First Breakdown

Wade believed that the offer (early 2011) to direct the Step up 4 film was the beginning of Michael Jackson’s “prophecy” coming true. He stated that as a child Michael told that he would become a movie director of “epic proportion,” bigger than Steven Spielberg.

In Wade’s fourth amended September 2016 complaint, it stated:

“It was on this trip that Michael Jackson began to mentally manipulate [Robson] with information such as “Study the greats and become greater. Be the best or nothing at all. Rule the world. Be in the history books. Immortalize yourself,” and prophesied that [Robson] “will be a film director bigger than Steven Spielberg.” As far as [Robson] was concerned, his fate was written.” [5; paragraph 20]

Michael Jackson was known for making inspirational and motivation statements. The videos below are just some examples of the inspirational and motivational sentiments he shared with many people (not just Wade).

‘Michael Jackson’s Words of Wisdom’

In this clip, he is talking to the director, Brett Ratner (Rush Hour)


Robson’s belief that the opportunity to direct Step Up 4 was somehow Michael Jackson’s prophecy coming to fruition is considered far-fetched. Let’s also not forget that he and his wife were working on their first feature film in 2008 – 2009.

Wade held onto this “prophecy” so much so that when the opportunity to step into the role of director presented itself, he crumbled under the pressure of the job. At this point he could have realized that he was not going to become the next Spielberg and that perhaps the directing gig was too much of a responsibility for him and it triggered a nervous breakdown, forcing him to relinquish his position as the director for this movie project. The movie would end up getting directed by Scott Speer.

Wade writes in his blog post from 2017:

“Additionally, I was now ravaged by a de-habilitating feeing (sic) of shame that I was a complete failure. I felt that my entire life had been building to this opportunity to become a Film Director. It had arrived, I was fulfilling Michael’s prophecy, and then I blew it, therefore my entire life, I believed, had been in vein. Thank God I had Amanda and our baby boy because beyond that, I felt no purpose anymore.” [4]

It’s not mentioned in Wade’s blog or court papers, but this wasn’t the time first time at his failed attempt the direct a movie.

With all of this knowledge now on the table, several connections can be made between Wade’s flawed film endeavours and the civil lawsuit that he filed against Michael Jackson in May of 2013. In the complaint, Wade Robson accuses Michael Jackson of prophesying that Wade would “be a film director bigger than Steven Spielberg.” As a result of that proclamation, Wade’s attorney insists that “as far as Wade was concerned, his fate was written [by Michael Jackson in 1989].” At the same time, Michael Jackson provided additional inspirational words to Wade: “Study the greats and become greater. Be the best or nothing at all. Rule the world. Be in the history books. Immortalize yourself.

The suggestion that Wade and his wife altered their career paths to work on films, specifically as a result of the “prophecy” Michael Jackson made when Wade was six or seven years old, is echoed numerous times throughout the complaint. “In 2011, Wade was hired to direct his first theatrical motion picture, Step Up 4, a dance film with an approximate $30 million budget. It was the start of the culmination of everything he and Michael Jackson had hoped Wade would accomplish—Wade believed Michael Jackson’s prophecy about him was coming true.” In essence, this is equivalent to a young child reading a fortune cookie passage and adhering literally to it decades into the future, then blaming the fortune cookie’s message for any failures or misfortunes that consequently result.

Wade’s attorney goes on to explain that Wade dropped out of the big budget directing job “for reasons unknown to him at the time.” Wade subsequently conducted months of counselling between a psychologist and psychotherapist—over the course of an entire year—before coming up with the notion that his career must have faltered as a result of alleged sexual abuse in conjunction with the failed prophecy from decades past. Again, Wade attributes his nervous breakdowns and career hiatus on “the result of a complete psychological collapse arising from the fulfilment of a ‘prophecy’ made by Michael Jackson to Wade Robson that Robson would one day direct films…

What is not mentioned in the complaint is how Wade was ambitiously discussing plans to work on a Michael Jackson tribute show by Cirque du Soleil several months after dropping out of the big budget production (one could reasonably speculate that Wade may have dropped out of the Step Up film under the belief that he would instead be part of the Michael Jackson tribute tour that was being prepared at the same time). Furthermore, not once does the complaint so much as mention Wade and Amanda’s other ill-conceived film and theatre plans that they both voluntarily invested endless hours and several years trying to create, or how both of them rejected other paid opportunities long before any alleged meltdowns…

Wade explained in past interviews that he always had a passion for directing and filmmaking, but when such filmmaking plans fell flat and other choreographers like Jamie King took his reign in the choreographing venue, the most sensible explanation in his mind was to cast blame on Michael Jackson for instilling an erroneous belief decades ago that Wade would become a bigger director than Steven Spielberg if he pursued film.


On May 16, 2011, Wade goes to a cognitive psychologist and just 5 days later, he e-mails Cirque Du Soliel regarding the MJ “ONE” show in Las Vegas, letting them know he wants to do this show “badly”.


  • March 2012 – Wade’s Second and Final Breakdown

Here’s an excerpt from TheMichaelJacksonAllegations that perfectly sums up Wade’s March 2012 Breakdown

In March 2012, about a year after his first breakdown, Wade suffered a second nervous breakdown. He went to a new therapist in April 2012 where he started an insight-oriented therapy. According to his story, about three weeks into the therapy, on May 8, 2012, he first started making allegations of child sexual abuse against Michael Jackson to his therapist, or anyone at all.

So what happened between Robson’s first therapy in 2011 and his second in 2012? How did he come from praising Jackson and wanting to work on Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show “badly” in 2011, to claiming childhood sexual abuse by Jackson in May 2012?

Wade now claims that what triggered his “realization” that he had allegedly been sexually abused by Jackson as a child was watching his one and a half years old son and imagining and visualizing him being sexually abused – things that he now alleges had happened to him when he was 7-14 years of age. Apparently he needed to imagine and visualize his infant son being sexually abused to be able to muster up any emotion that he could build on in his own story of alleged childhood sexual abuse.


After his first breakdown in 2011, but still before his turnaround in 2012, Wade returned to work “with his former sense of invincibility”, as he put it in his court papers. However, for a long time he had been struggling with the expectations and pressures of his job. He completely omitted this element from his lawsuit, but from his blog posts that he has published in 201 7 and 2018 (after his lawsuit was tossed) we learn about these struggles in detail.

Moreover, the therapist he went to in 2012, Dr. Larry Shaw, is a therapist whose focus is on people in high pressure jobs, whether in business or entertainment, and especially people who are in those jobs because of their family’s high expectations of them.

Dr. Shaw wrote in an article in 2015:“The guys I’ve worked with recently have father issues, which means they had very powerful fathers, so there’s an aspect of living under the father’s shadow. They’ve got this inner dialogue that’s really their father’s voice saying, “You’re not good enough. Everyone I’ve worked with, they all want to get out of the business. They’re at the top of their game and they’re miserable.

That THIS was Wade’s real issue indeed, is echoed in several blog posts that he wrote in 2017-2018. For example, he wrote: “[A]gain and again, I set my sights higher, believing that the achievements were just not large enough yet, and that was why I hadn’t found fulfillment and happiness. But on that quest, I never found them. On that quest, I eroded and eventually crumbled.”

On top of Wade’s career struggles and financial struggles at the time when he first made his allegations, he also had a marital crisis. According to his own deposition, his wife Amanda had a hard time handling his breakdowns and threatened to leave him if he got back to work again and didn’t get out of this cycle of breakdowns.

So this is the context in which Wade – as a quite convenient solution for all of his problems – suddenly “realized” that had allegedly been sexually abused by Michael Jackson as a child.

This U-turn made it possible for him to sue Jackson’s entities for money or to use his new found story in other ways, like seeking a lucrative book deal, since the accused is an internationally known celebrity.

Moreover, apparently his alleged “victimhood” is also something that Wade intends to build on in his new career as a selling point.

Source: The Wade Robson Allegations (summary version)

More info on the Breakdowns

These pressures to achieve and succeed then lead to his nervous breakdowns. In yet another blog post, published on January 26, 2018, Wade writes this about the reasons for those breakdowns:

“In my classes, I talk about my story of external success and all of the pressure and stress that came along with that. About my fruitless search for happiness and fulfillment via my external achievements. About how I was educated out of play and learned to be devastatingly serious. And how all of  this led to complete breakdowns and the (temporary) destruction of my relationship with my gifts.


From my personal experience and what I have seen, as a society, we seem to be implanting these messages in people at a younger and younger age and the effect is heartbreaking. Often from the benevolent intention of wanting our children to have a “successful” life, we tend to fill their young lives with incessant activities and grand expectations all designed to “improve” them and give them the upper hand on the so called “competition.” Through this indoctrination our children learn things like, “If I’m not busy and stressed, I’m lazy and unworthy,” “If I’m not the best, I’m nobody at all,” and “Never be satisfied, always strive for more.” Not much room for wonder, inspiration, experimentation, and play in there and therefore, I believe, not much room for happiness and fulfillment.


When our children learn to always be busy and stressed, they learn to miss the universal guidance and inspiration that is all around us, all the time.” [12]

This contradicts the narrative that the reason for his breakdowns was his realization of alleged sexual abuse by Jackson and that show business suddenly was associated with sexual abuse for him because of that. Here he is telling a completely different story: the reason of his breakdowns was the pressure to achieve and to be perfect in his job and succeed, and him crumbling under that pressure.

Moreover, he is trying to shift the blame for his unhealthy work attitudes on Jackson, even though the “indoctrination” that he is complaining about in the above quoted blog posts actually echo his mother.

Source in its original and full version: Robson’s Route to Changing His Story


Wade Blames Michael Jackson for His Workaholic Attitude

Another false claim that Wade is making is that Michael Jackson is behind his workaholic attitude. Wade uses Michael Jackson as the scapegoat when in reality, he should be pointing the finger at his own mother, Joy Robson.

In July 2011 Wade returned to work “with his former sense of invincibility”, as he put it in his court papers [1; paragraph 43]. In his blog post on November 17, 2017, he claims:

“I saw [the cognitive therapist] for about two months, skimmed over my past, learned some mental techniques, stitched myself back up and got back to what I knew best, WORK: my long practiced technique for burrying (sic) my anxiety, pain and sadness. A technique I learned from my childhood idol and mentor, Michael Jackson.”

In his deposition, Wade said this about the same period:

“That — all I knew to do was — all I learned from Michael was all I knew to do was get back to work so I figured that’s what I had to do.”

In Wade’s claims, there appears to be a pattern of blaming negative events in his life on Michael Jackson. Negative events from failing as a movie director to an unfulfilled “prophecy” and even his workaholic lifestyle. He conveniently puts these situations on Michael Jackson.

Interestingly enough, he rarely references his mother, Joy Robson, in his blog or court papers. We would learn throughout the years that it was his determined mother who instilled in him a sense of always working. His mother, Joy Robson, on a few occasions, would proudly let it be known that it was her determination and drive to push her kids Wade and Chantal to work.

This is an excerpt from her July 2011 podcast interview with the Infinite Dance Cast:

“We didn’t work with [Jackson] a lot. […] I realized very early on that if we were going to make it here, that it’s gonna be to be up to me. We couldn’t really rely on Michael … he lived in a bubble and had a different reality to ours. I was the one who had find agents and, you know, [Wade] started acting and he didn’t dance a lot. He actually decided at the age of 10 that he didn’t want to work as a dancer. He didn’t like the way they were paid, he didn’t like the way they were treated.”


[Wade and Chantal] have always been busy and I think boredom breeds trouble. […] My kids worked every weekend, every school vacation, their birthday parties were backstage, their Christmas parties were backstage. No regrets.” [7]

In an article about the Robsons from 1995, we learn:

“Joy said Wade and daughter Chantal developed an American accent almost immediately. As a result, Wade was doing three or four auditions between 3-7 pm each day. While Wade worked hard, attending audition after audition, learning lines, practising and rehearsing his dance movements, so too did Joy – his greatest supporter. The two are almost inseparable and make career decisions together.


While Wade is the on-stage talent, Joy is his mentor, protector and confidante. She handles everything from make-up, wardrobe and music to securing a deal with some of the big names of the American entertainment scene.


Three years since their arrival on American soil, the Robson family are heavily entrenched in the entertainment scene. It is a tribute to Joy’s courage, persistence and belief in her son’s ability, and their fortitude to stand up for what they believe is right. They could easily have repacked their six bags and returned home to Australia, but they – as a team – decided to stay and help a friend in need, while at the same time defy the odds and pursue their own goals in their own way.” [8]

Additionally, based on the 1995 article and the Robsons’ testimonies in 2005, and Joy Robson’s deposition in 2016, we discover that Michael Jackson was not really present in their life at the time.

“The first 18 months in LA was really tough going. We had taken six suitcases and little money and knew no-one in LA, only Michael who spent much of the time away.” [8]

Based on the 2011 interview and the 1995 article, we can see that it was Joy who very ambitious about her children’s careers. She was the “momager” who decided that from an early age her kids would work and was the person behind their rigid work schedule.

Additionally, it was Joy who mentioned the fact that Wade told her at the young age of 5 his desire to be in the entertainment industry – well before Michael Jackson’s alleged “manipulation” of him.

Throughout his adult years, Michael Jackson had been vocal about his “lost childhood” and the belief that children should have their childhood.

Joy Robson testified, Michael Jackson actually used to call me and ask — and beg me not to make Wade work all the time, to let him have his childhood”.

Wade uses Michael as the scapegoat for his unhealthy work attitudes and workaholic ways, even though, despite the clear evidence the “indoctrination” that he complains about echoes that of his own mother.

The source in its original and full version: Robson’s Route to Changing His Story


Wade Robson Adds James Safechuck to Bolster His Case

If you’ve noticed, all throughout this post I don’t bring up James Safechuck. I don’t bring him up because there’s a high probability Wade brought in Safechuck to boost his case and add even more credibility. When this story first surfaced in 2013, it was only about Wade. Additionally, Safechuck hasn’t given any interviews regarding his story except for the Leaving Neverland documentary and when he gives interviews, Wade is usually with him.

Their stories are eerily similar in how they came about realizing they were sexually abused. Safechuck, just like Robson, claims he didn’t realize MJ abused him until, he too, spoke to a therapist.

Wade and Safechuck contradict their interpretations about their alleged sex abuse. Wade describes MJ and someone who doesn’t care who is around when the abuse happens vs. Safechucks claim that MJ was paranoid and scared about being caught.

If I were to delve into Safechuck’s story, this post will be much longer. So here are some links that provide better and deeper analysis of Safechuck’s claims.

Contradicting claims of Wade’s and James’ molestation stories; MJ was paranoid or careless?

THE MESS of Jimmy Safechuck’s Civil Suit (some of the comments provide more useful information)

James SafeChuck Thread

Here is Tony Safechuck, Jimmy Safechuck’s cousin. Whoa talk about a contradiction in Jimmy’s new claims.

Note the tweet date October 16, 2013 (as of March 2019 – his cousin has NOT deleted this tweet)


In the 10-page letter to HBO, MJ’s Estate summed up Jimmy Safechucks claim:



As for Safechuck, by his own admission, he did not “realize” that he had been abused until after he saw Robson on the Today Show in May 2013 being interviewed by Matt Lauer about Robson’s newly-concocted story of abuse. All of a sudden, Safechuck realized that he had been abused. He then contacted Robson’s lawyers and filed copycat lawsuits against the Estate for millions of dollars. And like Robson, he too had testified under oath that Jackson never did anything inappropriate with him. His two cases against the Estate were also dismissed.

Safechuck’s frivolous lawsuits were dismissed so early in the proceedings that significant discovery was never taken in his case, and he was able to avoid having his deposition taken and producing documents. But even in his sworn declarations in the litigations, there are clear signs that he is lying and trying to construct a false story of abuse from his vague memories of his interactions with Jackson. For example, Safechuck claimed in his sworn declaration that he was first abused on the Paris leg of the Bad Tour, which he correctly identifies as taking place in late June 1988 (as a simple Wikipedia search would reveal).

He later says that after the Bad tour ended, Michael flew him out to New York “in February 1989” where Michael was performing at the Grammy’s. Safechuck states in his declaration that he was abused on this New York trip for the Grammy’s. However, the Grammy’s were not in New York in 1989; they were in Los Angeles that year (and in 1990). And Michael did not perform at the Grammy’s in 1989. However, Michael did perform at the Grammy’s in New York in February 1988, i.e., before Safechuck claims he was first abused in June 1988. Yet he somehow claims that he was abused on a New York trip to the Grammy’s that occurred before he claims he was first abused. Safechuck’s “error” here is obviously reflective of an effort to create a story of abuse out of whole cloth. Or in other words, Safechuck is just making it up as he goes along.

Additionally, Safechuck’s lies (like Wade) in the “Leaving Neverland” documentary are getting exposed.

We also have recently now learned that the Safechucks was being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in June 2013 for breach of fiduciary services.


To learn more about the lawsuit against the Safechucks, click here

Several months later, he’ll join Wade’s claim that Michael Jackson molested him too and sues for hundreds of millions of dollars.


Wade said it isn’t about money – but then sues the estate


If he had just released a statement without wanting to gain anything from his molester then… Just maybe he would be believed. Any other sexually abused victim seek justice. But for some reason, for MJs alleged victims, to them, molestation is like some type of business deal. – comment

Let’s go back to this time period of 2009 – 2012

I spend most of my time saying no to jobs, probably to my own demise…”

– Wade Robson, 2009

Drops out of Directing Step Up 4 – 2011

Communicated with Cirque Du Soliel About MJ One Show – didn’t get it. – 2011

Does Pulse Tour 2011 – 2012 (we don’t know how much he was compensated)

Wade was shopping for a book deal before he filed his first complaint and before he decided to sue Michael Jackson’s Estate with a both creditor’s claim and a civil lawsuit.

Wade stated on the Today Show that he wasn’t doing any of this for money, yet at the time of the lawsuit in 2013, it was reported he was suing the Estate for $30 million (and it had since been reported that in subsequent appeals both Wade and James were suing for more money – reportedly in the hundreds of millions.

In the 10-page letter from MJ’s Estate lawyers to HBO:


… Safechuck’s lawyers’ predictions when they first filed their lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars in 2013,

Let’s revisit this May 2013 video posted above:

at the 4:08 mark:

Harvey: Here you got a guy who’s successful making a pretty damaging claim

Mesereau: Well you say he’s successful, I’ve heard contrary reports, I’ve heard he’s not getting a lot of work these days. I don’t know what to believe. I only know what I’ve been told. So how successful is he? I just don’t know.

In 2011, Wade Robson sold some personal Michael Jackson items of his to the famous Julien’s Auctions.



In 2016, at his deposition, Wade gave an estimation as to how much he received for the Bad Gloves, he stated between 6 and 8 thousand dollars.


We clearly see he sold it for $31,250 (minus Julien’s Auction commission).

In a February 2019 tweet, someone asked Julien Auctions if Wade Robson sold fake items to their auction company, and they responded:




The person sums it up


In her deposition, Joy Robson revealed Wade expressed concerns of having financial difficulties and supporting his family:

(Shane is Wade’s older brother. The “he” referring to is Wade in the first question.)


When questioned about Wade’s financial situation in 2013, his lawyer (Mr. Finaldi) stated this in Wade’s 2016 deposition:



Additionally according to this detailed post: The Wade Robson Allegations (summary version):

According to his mother Joy Robson’s testimony, he also had financial problems at the time, and worries about how he would provide for his family with his career struggles. And THEN he suddenly “realizes” that he was allegedly sexually abused by Michael Jackson as a child – allegations that he can then use to sue Michael Jackson’s entities for money. Of course, one cannot sue for a “failed prophecy”, but one can sue if he starts alleging childhood sexual abuse.

Moreover, as Wade himself said in a note that he wrote and that was presented during his 2016 deposition: “My story of abuse and its effects will make me relatable/relevant.” When asked what he meant by that, he said he contemplated a career as a Vedic meditation teacher and he thought potential clients who went through childhood trauma would find someone with a similar story more relatable. The same notes also contain a sentence saying: “It’s time for me to get mine!” When asked what he meant by that Wade said he did not know. [4; page 250-252].



Because you can’t sue a dead person for money, Robson and Safechuck sued Michael Jackson’s companies for punitive damages (i.e. monetary compensation) for failing to protect them from the alleged abuse of Michael Jackson.

Debunking Leaving Neverland – Lie 1 – It’s not about money

We have learned that Wade Robson has created a not for profit organization and is asking for donations. He also placed his 501 c3 very cleverly under an entity called the Hawaii Community Foundation. This allows Robson to avoid filing a form 990; therefore his organization provides no transparency. We will never know who “donates” to it. We’ll never know if HBO, the makers of “Leaving Neverland” donated to it. This was done on purpose. He created this before the release of Leaving Neverland

(click here to learn why their final case was finally thrown out).



Wade/Safechuck Tries to Suponea Spence and Jordan Chandler;

“Considering that Wade claims that his lawsuit is also for helping other victims of child abuse, and especially other “victims” of Michael Jackson, his treatment of those other alleged victims is certainly inconsistent with that. At his 2016 deposition he was asked whether he had ever attempted to reach out to Gavin Arvizo, the boy at the center of the 2005 trial. Wade’s answer: “No. Not that I recall, no.” So despite of his claim that he is doing this lawsuit, not for money but as some sort of advocacy for Jackson’s other “victims”, he never bothered to reach out and apologize to the boy whose justice he had obscured if we believe the current version of his story that he falsely testified at that trial.

He did “reach out” to Jackson’s 1993 accuser, Jordan Chandler, but not in the way one would expect from a compassionate fellow “victim”. His “reaching out” only meant that he was trying to depose Jordan in support of his lawsuit, despite of Jordan obviously being opposed to it. Jordan, as he always does whenever it is time to tell his allegations in a court, ran away once again and refused to be served with the subpoena. As Wade’s legal team could not find him, they tried to depose his sister and his fianceé, who filed motions making it very clear that they do not want be dragged into Wade’s case. Instead of respecting the Chandlers’ obvious wish to stay away from the case, Wade’s legal team aggressively pursued them, filing counter-motions and trying to force them to testify. They even bragged in a tabloid article that they were trying to “hunt down” Jordan wherever he is hiding.

They also aggressively pursued Jonathan Spence, a man who befriended Jackson in the 1980s as a child. Spence never accused Jackson of any wrongdoing and he still says that Jackson never did anything wrong to him, but he was one of those boys that the prosecution at the 2005 trial tried to represent as a “victim” despite of him claiming otherwise. Spence called out Robson’s lawyers for bullying him in one of his motions. “Plaintiff’s bullying behavior toward a non-party is inexcusable and speaks for itself”, his motion said.”

Sources: Wade Robson’s Lawyers Harass Jonathan Spence and Robson case dismissed for good, Judge’s ruling explained


Wade Dated Not One But Two of Michael Jackson’s Nieces

Also, according to La Toya Jackson (and later corroborated by Brandi Jackson), Wade Robson dated not one but TWO of Michael Jackson’s nieces.

In May 2013, La Toya Jackson appeared on the “The Talk” to talk about the AEG trial allegations. This is the transcript.


LaToya Jackson discusses Wade Robson’s molestation allegations against her brother, Michael. She reveals he was close to the family and even dated two of her nieces: “I’m very surprised.”


Can we talk for a minute about Wade Robson. He is the choreographer who recently came out and made allegations claiming that Michael molested him when he was younger… What do you think about those allegations?


My mother and I discussed it and its just sad. It’s very, very sad. I don’t want to go into detail with it, but Wade was very close with several members of the family. I’m very surprised. Very surprised. Everybody is..”


Didn’t he date some of your nieces?


Yes, he did. Two of them. (you can watch the video here – I know it’s PerezHilton.com, but it’s the only site with the original video http://perezhilton.com/2013-05-24-la-toya-jackson-the-talk-surprised-wade-robson-allegations-michael-jackson

I know some people within the MJ community have their opinions about La Toya Jackson, but I felt it was important to show her statements regarding Wade and his intimacy with a few members of the Jackson family.

Update: February 2019: Brandi Jackson, Michael Jackson’s niece confirmed that she dated Wade Robson for almost 7 years and he cheated on her multiple times.


What does this have to do with his allegations you ask?

Well doesn’t it seem odd that Wade would continue to intimately associate with the family of a guy who allegedly sexually abused him for 7 years? What if it had worked out between them, would he be trying to marry into the Jackson family, after all, he’s supposedly been through? It’s one thing if it’s your own family and you don’t have a choice, but no one forced him to date MJ’s nieces or help Jermaine write a book, or testify for MJ, etc.

It’s worth noting that Michael Jackson hooked Wade and Brandi up when he found out Wade had a crush on her. This completely contradicts Wade’s “Leaving Neverland” documentary claim/narrative that MJ was trying to teach him to hate women and his other claim that MJ would get jealous if he (Wade) had girlfriends!

Click here to hear more about Brandi Jackson’s interview and offers more insight into the Robsons (and why she’s sure they’re lying). 

We would also learn that Wade’s mother suggested to Brandi that she should get custody of Michael’s children after his passing in 2009.

The Cases and Their Outcomes

CGg3GiEUIAI3aAu.jpg large

Sheer Absurdity of Wade Robson’s Revised Complaint (Includes Complaint Document)

Summary Judgment Time at Robson Case

Summary Judgment Time – MJ Estate files motion to dismiss Robson case

MJ Estate preliminary defense at Robson case

In Robson civil and probate cases, Estate’s first step was to try to get them dismissed during demurrer phase. They succeeded in probate case however their request was overruled for the civil case. Civil case has proceeded to the summary judgment phase. It is now the time for the defendant – in other words MJ Estate – to respond with an initial answer denying the allegations in the complaint and listing possible legal affirmative defenses. This is a short preliminary document.

Document here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/285207028/MJ-Estate-answer-to-Robson-Civil-Complaint

Not surprisingly Estate starts their answer to the complaint by focusing on Robson’s 2005 testimony.

“This case has no merit in fact or law. Wade Robson’s allegations are directly contrary to his sworn testimony in a 2005 criminal trial where Michael Jackson was vindicated of all wrongdoing by a unanimous jury of twelve. Robson was twenty-three-years-old when he testified in 2005. He was subjected to vigorous and repeated cross-examination by a very zealous prosecutor handling the case, but Robson’s testimony never wavered”.

Estate continues with

“In his complaint for money damages, Robson does not claim that he made a mistake when he testified in 2005 or that he suffered from a “repressed memory”. Rather, Robson simply claims that he chose to lie to a criminal jury in 2005. Yet, a decade later, and almost four years after Michael Jackson’s tragic death, Robson changed his story knowing that Michael Jackson is no longer here to defend himself. Robson recanted his testimony in a criminal trial for the sole and express purpose of taking money from Michael Jackson’s heirs and beneficiaries. After all, Robson’s complaint does not and cannot seek anything other than money”.

Estate continues to focus on the significance of Robson’s 2005 testimony in very harsh words

“There is no just or equitable way for a Court in this state to allow Robson to recover here – either he is perjuring himself today in an effort to obtain money, or he perjured himself and obstructed justice in a criminal proceeding a decade ago. There is no middle ground between those two positions – a recovery here would make a mockery of California’s system of justice”.

Final blow comes with … (click here to read the original post along with the final blow)

Safechuck case dismissed for good, Robson case is doomed

Robson case dismissed for good, Judge’s ruling explained

In his civil case Robson has sued two of MJ’s companies – MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures. According to the law, a person can bring a childhood sexual abuse case against non perpetrator entities until their 26th birthday. However there is an exception. This exception allows lawsuit against third party entities (MJ Companies), if they knew or had a reason to know about the unlawful sexual conduct of their employee/  representative/ agent (MJ) and failed to take reasonable steps to prevent it. A Supreme Court ruling also says that “the entity defendant must have some ability to control the sexual abuse perpetrator”.

Robson has been claiming this exception while Estate was arguing against it. After several rounds of revised complaints and demurrers, it was finally time for summary judgment.

On December 19th 2017, Judge Beckloff ruled in favor of MJ Estate and dismissed Robson’s lawsuit. Below you will find the ruling document and a discussion about what this means. Keep in mind that during both demurrer and summary judgment, the judge is required to treat Robson’s claims as true and only determine if there is a legal basis for the lawsuit. So the judge summarizing the allegations doesn’t mean they are actually true or the judge believes them.

Summary judgment ruling : https://www.scribd.com/document/367639167/Robson-Summary-Judgment-Ruling

MJ Companies had no ability to control Michael Jackson

Michael had been the 100% sole shareholder of the MJ Companies during his lifetime. Based on the Corporations Code, no one other than Michael Jackson had the legal ability or authority to control Michael Jackson. Furthermore Neverland Ranch and all of the other residences were owned by Michael personally. This means that the MJ Companies couldn’t control who visited Michael at his homes.

Robson’s “evidence” that the MJ Companies could control Michael is a joke

Robson argued the MJ Company board of directors (Branca, Gallin and Gelfand) could have fired Michael. Even if they did, Michael as the sole shareholder could have fired all the board of directors and reinstate himself. In his ruling, judge points this reality out.

Using a single security guard’s deposition Robson claimed Staikos’ orders trumped Michael’s at Neverland. Judge states he wasn’t impressed with this so called evidence. He writes while the high-level employees (such as Norma Staikos) might have authority and control over low-level employees (such as Neverland staff), there is no evidence that these high-level employees had any control over Michael.

In a very common sense manner judge writes, “as a practical matter, everyone involved worked for Michael Jackson and he held the ultimate control.”. Arguing people like Norma Staikos, Jolie Levine or John Branca who were hired and were paid by Michael and could have been fired by Michael at any time, could somehow have controlled Michael in his personal life is just plain absurd.

The alter-ego argument actually hurt Robson’s case

Robson argued that the MJ Companies were Michael’s alter egos. Judge states if MJ Companies and Michael were one and the same, then only Michael could had complete control over the MJ Companies. This actually supports MJ Estate’s position.

It was Joy Robson who established contact with Michael

Robson won a dance contest sponsored by Pepsi, Target and CBS records – not MJ Companies. It was Joy Robson who reestablished contact with Michael through Staikos at MJJ Productions. It was Joy Robson who asked Michael to sponsor their immigration to US – which Michael did so through MJJ Ventures. So Wade Robson wasn’t exposed to Michael Jackson through the MJ Companies. He was exposed to Michael because of his mother.

Click Here To Read the Rest


After Knowing of Alleged Abuse, Wade’s Mother and Sister Still Liked MJ Fan Sites

Here is something else worth pointing out, even AFTER Wade spoke of the alleged abuse to his family in 2012, his MOTHER was still in MJ Fan clubs and liking a few pro MJ posts in 2013 and 2015. It was only until recently, a few days ago Wade’s mother learned of the snapshots of her “liked” posts and removed herself from MJ fan clubs, unliked posts and made her account private.

Body Analysis video on the Wade Robson Interview

Wade Robson analyzed again by body language expert Susan Constantine on KJR

Emmanuel Lewis and Frank Cascio – Michael would never harm a child!

Alfonso Ribeiro Defends Michael

Robson Sues Michael Jackson’s Estate – (Go Whoopi!!!)

someone under this video posted an interesting comment:

Carlton Bradley – I knew Wade personally while living in North Hollywood. I am a dancer as well. Thought he was a great guy until now. Even in his adults years Wade still went to Michael’s Neverland propperty to shoot short dance films. Michael gave him the ok. If MJ really did this why in the HELL would U wanna go back to the place where U were molested? I’ve lost a lot of love and trust in this dude. He was once on this convention tour called The Pulse and no longer one of the instructors. He’s a Liar


From court documents.


Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.

Credit goes to the following:


The Daily Michael

The Michael Jackson Allegations

Vindicating Michael

The Michael Jackson Innocence Project


Rhythm of The Tide

Leaving Neverland Facts



The Amazing MJ Community on Twitter

MJ Community on YouTube


Articles of Interests for Further Reading

One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History


Did Wade tell on himself without realizing it? In his June 30, 2018 post, he originally wrote something that raised eyebrows – people pointed out that it looked like Wade could have unknowingly admitted there was no sexual abuse. When he was called out on it, he edited the sentence within 48 hours. People took snapshots to compare what he originally posted to what is now currently on that post.


Waderobson11 (2)


We can actually see from waybackmachine.com that he changed it within 24 hours


Leaving Neverland:

In the 10-page letter to HBO, MJ’s Estate summed it up:




In the “documentary” and in his declaration for the litigation, Safechuck spins a tale about how he refused to testify for Jackson in 2005, despite threats from Jackson and his legal team. Setting aside the absurdity of Jackson and his sophisticated legal team trying to convince an unwilling and unstable witness to testify on such a sensitive issue, Safechuck’s story is demonstrably false. In particular, Safechuck declares that Michael and his legal team called him “towards the end of the criminal trial” trying to pressure him to testify. But this statement cannot be true. Early on in the trial, the Judge precluded the prosecution from allowing evidence regarding alleged molestation of Safechuck and others because the “evidence” of such molestation was unreliable.

The exceptions were that the Judge did allow testimony from certain disgruntled workers that they had heard that Michael had molested Wade Robson, Macaulay Culkin and Brett Barnes. That is why those threespecificallytestified, and all of them denied the molestation (including Robson of course), and were subject to cross-examination by prosecutors but did not waver. And that is why Jackson and his attorneys would not have ever tried to pressure an unwilling and unstable Safechuck to testify, particularly “towards the end of the criminal trial” as Safechuck so falsely claims in the documentary and under oath.

In the same interviews where he touts HBO’s involvement as a reason for his “documentary’s” supposed “credibility,” Mr. Reed has also made blatantly false statements about Robson and Safechuck in an effort to bolster their credibility. For example, in the same Huffington Post interview discussed above, Mr. Reed agrees with the interviewer that “one of the most impactful things in the documentary is the way [Robson’s and Safechuck’s] stories align … even though they didn’t know each other until now.” In another interview, Reed “confirms” that “for legal reasons, [Robson and Safechuck] were kept apart, long before you even approached them about making the movie.” Reed expands on that and says that this was done so “they couldn’t exchange stories. Sundance was the first time [as adults] that they’d met. It’s the first time they’ve had any significant time together.”2This is utterly false.

In Robson’s 2016 deposition, he testified that he had spoken to Safechuck in 2014, the year Safechuck filed his lawsuit against the Estate. When asked what the two men had spoken about, Robson refused to answer the question—his attorney instructed him to remain silent because Robson’s and Safechuck’s common attorneys were involved in the conversations between the two men in 2014. Accordingly, we can never know what they talked about and how they aligned their stories with their attorneys’ help. Given that they were both seeking hundreds of millions of dollars against the Estate, they had hundreds of millions of reasons for aligning their stories.

In any event, the idea that two men who are represented by the same attorneys for the last six years would have stories that “align” is hardly surprising. You really cannot be so naïve that you would not understand this.

Important reads!:

A Critical Analysis of Leaving Neverland

Craig Baxter’s Body Language Analysis of Wade and James Q&A at Sundance

Why Is There So Little Media Skepticism About Leaving Neverland and Its Allegations Against Michael Jackson

MJ’s Estate 10-Page Letter to HBO

MJ’s Estate 53-Page Petition to Public Arbitration with HBO

Leaving Neverland: Echoes of a Pedophilia Apologist

Wade and James Story Keeps Changing:

According to an LA Times Article



and their Tweet on Twitter


So wait a minute, now Wade claims that not only did MJ tell him to keep quiet but now his lawyers at the time told him to keep quiet about the alleged molestation???? Their story keeps changing. How can this be when he claimed only him and Michael knew about the alleged sexual acts (and that he [Wade] didn’t realize it was abuse and that it was wrong?


When Dan Reed was asked, “if they were paid for the documentary?” He stated, “they have no financial interest whatsoever, and no future, past or present interest”. But yet, they’ve been in litigation with MJ’s Estate from since 2013 trying to get hundreds of millions of dollars – they’re currently appealing their dismissed cases.




We have learned that Wade Robson has created a not for profit organization and is asking for donations. He also placed his 501 c3 very cleverly under an entity called the Hawaii Community Foundation. This allows Robson to avoid filing a form 990; therefore his organization provides no transparency. We will never know who “donates” to it. We’ll never know if HBO, the makers of “Leaving Neverland” donated to it. This was done on purpose. On their website they are soliciting donatations starting at $250.00

Plus according to the Estate, they are trying to appeal the Judge’s dismissal!


As noted, Robson and Safechuck are now appealing the dismissal of their multi-million dollar lawsuits. Not coincidentally, their appeals are likely to be heard later this year. HBO’s “documentary” is simply just another tool in their litigation playbook, which they are obviously using in a (very misguided) effort to somehow affect their appeals.



More info just keeps coming! In the documentary, Amanda Robson, Wade’s wife stated that she knew nothing about child abuse and didn’t know how to help Wade. However, on their fund page, before they removed it, it clearly stated (in yellow) “Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse”.

Wade has been caught, yet again in a lie!


Michael’s long-time friend Frank Cascio had this to say:


Brett Barnes in 2013 said this (when Wade’s solo allegations first broke)

brett barnes

And again in 2019


an associate of Michael Jackson had this to say on his March 1, 2019, Facebook post:





Very interesting comment under this same post:


Other comments on the same post:


Yashi Brown, one of MJ’s nieces also responded:


Someone brought up a very interesting comment under Clyde’s post:


Tariq Nasheed on Ron Newt Dying and being offered money from people connected to Oprah to lie on Michael Jackson for interview.

If you managed to read all through this post!

You’re awesome! Thank you!





P.S. When I have more time, I will add more information and links.

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      • I have a question for you, why Wade Robson did have his memory back in 2005 when he heard the sole call victims saying what Michael Jackson supposly did to him? The reason I ask that question is because if I been abuse like he say was abuse and I always no that in me I will be trigger by what heard the victims say he did to him. Also, I will understand he was not love but abuse. I will told him about it and I will change my testimony and tell court or the juge that I say something it was not the true because I didn’t understand what he did to me it was abusing not love. Please tell me your opinion about that?


    • Do guys think Wade Robinson try to play the role of victim of abus because in the interview he say if do some research on child abuse you not ask how you can praise your abuser if you trust that person ? I think he did I lot research about child abuse to protec is ass and have support who really be victims of abuse. So he case can have some wait or point. I also think if I was in shoes and somebody ask me why I still praise my abuser I will not say I understand why is confuse you but if you read about child abuse. I will be angry and tell the process I went throught.


      • Naisha – Many of us believe this was all rehearsed including doing extensive research on child sex abuse and their victims. He had to seem as believable as possible.


    • I have a question for you, why Wade Robson did have his memory back in 2005 when he heard the sole call victims saying what Michael Jackson supposly did to him? The reason I ask that question is because if I been abuse like he say was abuse and I always no that in me I will be trigger by what heard the victims say he did to him. Also, I will understand he was not love but abuse. I will told him about it and I will change my testimony and tell court or the juge that I say something it was not the true because I didn’t understand what he did to me it was abusing not love. Please tell me your opinion about that?


      • The thing is, they asked Wade specific questions regarding his relationship with Michael. Also, according to Tom Mesereau Wade confidently and unwaveringly answered questions about his relationship with Michael.


    • Another thing in 1993 when michael jackson friend come to defend him in the Oprah’s show you can see a little girl name Amy who say that she go to Michael Jackson trailer and she sit on his lap. Nobody say he molested her but it always boys like they want him to be gay and I will like to know why


      • Naisha! You’re so right. I forgot about that little girl. I really can’t answer why the media always tried to use boys as examples of media manipulated “molestation” … but I think ratings had something to do with it. Just the mere thought of a grown man molesting young boys will sell papers and guarantee high ratings and the fact that it was Michael Jackson only fueled the flames sort to speak.


  1. Very good information here ..Thanks for doing all this work.
    I guess I am leaning toward what Joe Jackson said.He already got paid, because the case is ridiculous.He couldnt even answer Lauers slow pitch questions..At one point , when Matt asked if he was paid to testify, he says there was no money , no se….then trails off..He nearly said “no sex” imo.So he cant answer 5 minutes worth of questions and withstood Zonen for hours..Not hard to see through this guy.
    If you look at this video, when he is getting off the plane in NYC the night before the TODAY show, his demeanor is that of someone who enjoys the attn….He ,tells people he wont speak until tomorrow etc..Well , if he isnt doing this , at someone elses request, why cant he answer questions in the airport..Why is it so important for the big bang to be on national television.It is just so orchestrated .
    And look at how cocky he is .I just think he already got paid, like Joe said.


    • Thank you! You made some very valid points!!!

      “He couldnt even answer Lauers slow pitch questions..At one point , when Matt asked if he was paid to testify, he says there was no money , no se….then trails off..He nearly said “no sex” imo.So he cant answer 5 minutes worth of questions and withstood Zonen for hours..” – This is SOOO TRUE! I didn’t even think of this! Thank you for pointing this out!!!

      “He ,tells people he wont speak until tomorrow etc..Well , if he isnt doing this , at someone elses request, why cant he answer questions in the airport..Why is it so important for the big bang to be on national television.It is just so orchestrated .” – Another great point! Everything very much seemed orchestrated.


  2. I just wanted to mention also , that although Wade, is now claiming MJ .was SO clever as to have brainwashed him for years , and , for some insane reason,then allowed him to come testify , when it wasnt even necessary, because Blanca Francia was shot down on cross,during the prosecution case, ….. MJ also , IF you believe Wade took the risk of having 2 other supposed victims testify and crossed his fingers and hoped for the best .,when again , it wasnt necessary for any of them to come in , and of course , he is the only one changing his tune
    So he would risk serving 20 yrs in jail , bringing in , his supposed victims? when it wasnt necessary.

    MJ? , who wasnt able to detect the deception Bashir was plotting.?.If he was that clever , he wouldnt have let Bashir follow him around for that amount of time.

    This is why I feel he had to have been paid up front, got his revenge on the estate, hoping to tarnish his brand/show Branca he was a power player , and for some reason, I dont know if he felt the Jacksons should have intervened on his behalf with those shows, but he put a knife in MJ mom and kids back.Incredible .
    But when you read the Robsons testimony , they may defend him , but they were also takers, using his home , his name to open doors , entertaining at Neverland ,eating his food, enjoying his hospitality, anytime they wanted , without MJ even present .
    That was Zonens contention..
    Now he is gone , and their sentiment has evaporated along with their opportunities.
    His sister reminds people on her page , she is also a masseuse , and sells some of her used furniture etc., sublets her place etc.
    She isnt living large, to be kind, and her biggest claim is still, being the sister of Wade..
    These people have become irrelevant .the kiss of death in that business, imo and they have nothing to fall back on ..
    I also think it is absolutely bizarre, that supposedly Wade told his family of this disgusting behavior, a year before he filed those papers , and somehow , they all decided to keep their mouths shut about it until the VEGAS show and the trial.
    He could have told” his truth “, anytime , because for some bizarre reason , Michael never asked for a confidentiality agreement from any of that family..
    How can that be explained unless , it was as joint decision to attack his estate, when they were promoting a product as big as those shows..
    Just like Zonen said in closing arguments , Wade has no education ..only dancing .Neither does the rest of the family..
    Wades ego is as vast as a continent , and I agree with you , he is faulting MJ for his career collapse, and is trying to stage a comeback as some wounded victim..and working his way back to the only business he knows..the entertainment business.

    I have looked at his page also, and the thing I noticed is that for a long time , he had some page he had like regarding child victims , that he had never bothered commenting on once, …and he also had VEGAS as one of his likes..
    I noticed when he started his “victim” group he deleted his VEGAS page he liked ..Very telling to me , that someone who wanted so badly to have those jobs, didnt think to delete the page for such a long time.., even thoufh he was supposedly a shattered person, he still liked sin city , as they call it .lol
    I just think he is going through the motions , for a another party.
    He signed his name on the dotted line, made one major appearance and , like magic the condo is sold and he is wisked away to Hawaii.Just sits back, while others do all the hard lifting.
    It is absolutely ridiculious




  5. Wow…Wade Robson sure doesn’t harbor a GRUDGE does he???? NOOOOO…In stead of wasting everyone’s TIME, he should just SUCK IT UP, and realize fact he LOST the jobs with Cirque and the others mentioned in this EXCELLENT BLOG ARTICLE have NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with Michael Jackson BUT with the fact that he (Wade) is NOT as GOOD as he probably thinks he is. Michael didn’t do anything to Wade and doesn’t deserve to be accused (yet again ) and or penalized for Wade’s obviously INFLATED EGO OR his OBVIOUS LACK OF TALENT;


    • Yeah it appears he’s holding a grudge and is taking out in the worse possible way and of on people – the man who opened so many doors for him! The sad thing suppose another opportunity was right around the corner? He didn’t have to do this. How he sleeps at night is beyond me. Who needs enemies when you have friends like him?


  6. Wish I’d seen this last year.

    It’s loathsome, the depths that corporate mentality (and the maggoty little sock puppets like Robson they buy) will sink to in order to protect its own financial interests. (The media needn’t feel smug, either – they have just as much to answer for.)

    Could humanity possibly sink any lower?


  7. thanks for the well researched article
    some things i have heard before but safechuck’s cousin saying its a lie is new to me. I really appriciate it. I hope this info is shown to the judge and jury if this goes to trial. That way wade and jimmy’s claims can be thrown out and i would love to see them charged

    i’m unemployesd but i wouldnt make shit like this up


    • I agree Cengiz. I wish the judge could see this site and vindicateMJ’s blog as well and a few others to just see the many contradictions in WRs/JS story. I hope they get charged too! Like others have said, odds are WR is pissed off at MJ’s Estate because of the gigs and the fact that the MJ ride came to an end for him and his family. Thank you for visiting! Feel free to share this post. The more people who see it, the better. Thanks!


  8. Michael Jackson Defended By Former Employee From Mid 90s

    Scottie Shaffer worked for Michael Jackson from approximately 1991 to 1997. He was known around Neverland by the nickname “House.” Shaffer went off to start his own business- he does product placement for movies and is very successful. But he always stayed friendly with all the Jacksons. He’s invited to a Jackson wedding this summer, in fact. And Scottie is outraged by Wade Robson’s accusations that Michael molested him.

    “For all the time I was in the inner circle, working for Michael, I never observed any inappropriate behavior. It’s impossible for me to believe,” Shaffer told me the other night
    Scottie started working for Michael in late 1992, when the “Black or White” video was shot. He stayed until 1997-1998. He was present through the whole debacle with Jordan Chandler. He was also there as Jackson entertained many kids at Neverland. His title was Special Projects Coordinator.

    “People are just after the money now,” Shaffer says. “And it sickens me.”

    Shaffer– who’s a nice guy and a straight shooter– also adds that the Robsons didn’t spend that much time at Neverland.

    His website is http://www.turnkeyproductionllc.com


  9. I wonder how mj support can make sure aeg Randy Phillips and every mj haters we not stupid ? I will want them to know Michael Jackson didn’t have stupid fan who believe everything the media told us without ask question or want proof. I want those hater to fear us.


    • Michael Jackson fans make some of the best investigators, detectives, accountants, lawyers, scientists, and …. journalists! Most fans don’t take every thing thrown at them for face value like the MJ haters; we know better.


  10. This is a wonderful post. Thank you! I wish everyone got to read this! It is quite long and most people may not take the time to read but it’s very convincing I have to be honest, I started to have a little nagging doubt after Wade came out. And I always believed in Michael’s innocence, never believed the claims before. He makes me mad because if he caused me to have some doubts, what about other people who either always leaned towards MJ being guilty, or the ones who don’t take the time to research things and look closely into the claims? Wade bugged me because at a first glance he had more credibility, he wasn’t the crazy Arvizo family (they were too apparent, caught in frauds before and had zero credibility) or the greedy screenwriter wannabe Evan Chandler. WR seemed accomplished and like it wouldn’t be worth it for him to make up such a lie…till you look closer, then his motivations emerge.

    I can’t believe I even doubted Michael for a second, I am the type of person who has a good read on people just by looking into their eyes, to me eyes are the gate to the soul and you can see the truth in there. Even though the new claims made me a little uneasy at first (especially after reading a little from MJ haters and their interpretation of the events) then as soon as I saw anything MJ again (interviews, songs…) I went back to feeling there is NO way in h*ll that that guy hurt a soul, his eyes scream innocence, purity, love, gentleness. His eyes can’t lie, the truth is right there, every statement he ever made about his innocence was very genuine, no signs of deceit or lying. Then I looked into Wade’s eyes in several pictures and videos and I saw smth very sinister, his eyes gave it away for me. I see jealousy, dishonesty, and a cut-throat personality. I also listened to some Tom Mesereau interviews and I have a respect for that guy, his eyes also tell me he is a kind and gentle soul that can be trusted, and he has always believed in MJ’s innocence and continues to defend him.

    So sickening someone would sell their soul for money. I really hope that Wade’s lies come out and that he gets nothing! Sadly, it tarnished MJ’s image again, people that believed in his innocence before may have been swayed, his image was somewhat restored after his death, but now WR and JS managed to screw it up again. Most likely they will never admit they lied. What a sad sad world. I still hope somehow the truth comes out! I think the lawyers for MJ estate should also focus on showing these are all lies, not just on how to not pay him just because his claim is too late. That doesn’t vindicate Michael and still makes him look guilty.


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  14. Thank you so much for this article. This is very well researched containing nothing but evidence. You should become a lawyer! I encourage you to share this article as much as possible and get the truth out there. Challenge the accusers with it and shove it in their faces.

    I have been sharing your article as much as I can. Whenever I am debating with someone, I attach this link along with my arguments and what do I get back? … Silence .. These so called “victims” and anyone who believes them are always quick to call Jackson supporters “Delusional” because they enjoy his music. Yet when presented with facts, they turn a blind eye to it. So who’s the delusional one now? The evidence is right in front of their face and they refuse to read it.

    One of the main arguments they seem to have is the whole ” Why would a grown man want to share a bed with 7 – 12 year old boys?” To which I do believe is odd behavior and would never allow my children to sleep with a strange man. However, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that Jackson never invited these boys into his room. It was always the children that wanted to sleep in his room, to which Jackson didn’t object. (Both Jackson and his accusers have stated this). Yet, he always got the permission off the parents first.

    I mean do people not realise how clingy children can be when they’re really young? Most children follow you around the house the same way a pet does. Speaking from personal experience, when I was really young and I used to visit my grandparents house, I would jump into their bed while they were napping. Does that make my grandparents child molesters? Similar situation when my little cousins visit. They always follow me to my bedroom while I’m working on my computer (Mostly to annoy me). Does that make me a child molester?

    Also the whole argument that the parents were “groomed” is a load of bullshit. No amount of grooming would prevent anyone from putting their child’s safety first. Any parent who is so easily groomed that they would neglect their child’s safety is clearly messed up in the head and should not be a parent. Also out of all these 4 accusers (so around 8 parents, pretty sure they were all still alive at the time) not one single parent objected to these sleepovers?

    Well anyways that’s my rant over. Keep up the good work and keep sharing! the truth shall prevail!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with everything you’ve just said. If you look for MJ’s home video on YouTube you’ll smile all the way through it. I’ve read some really heartbreaking stuff off his life since the first one accused him, he never recovered. Such a sad end to a wonderful talent.


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