Michael Jackson Quotes

Quotes both by Michael Jackson himself or by others about Michael Jackson.

This Christmas I came back from [touring in] Japan and Elizabeth had decorated the whole house. It was wonderful. I’d never celebrated birthdays or Christmases before. Not one. It was always, Work! That’s why I believe in Neverland.
[Michael Jackson – Life Magazine, June ’93]

You know that Michael Jackson video we did [“Whatzupwitu”]? I’m sitting there watching it with Bria [his daughter], and she goes “Fass fowad” [fast forward] to Michael! Fass fowad to Michael!”
[Eddie Murphy, 1993]

It’s amazing to know that 5 years ago I was writing songs in a basement in the ghetto and now I’m writing for Michael Jackson. I’d be a fool not to say it’s a dream come true.
[R. Kelly, 1995]

He cares about animals and nature, and he believes that with a positive attitude, we can have whatever we want. He would like to produce and direct, and I believe he will have those opportunities. Whatever else he does, I hope he never stops making his beautiful music.
[Diana Ross, 1993]

I wouldn’t say I was sexy! But I guess that’s fine if that’s what they say. I like that in concert. That’s neat.
[Michael Jackson, 1983]

Michael is a true artist in every facet of its nature – extremely aesthetic and very, very romantic. This is who he truly is despite degrading comments made in the past by certain larva. Michael, as well as myself, have been severely underestimated and misunderstood as human beings. I can’t wait for the day when all the snakes who have tried to take him out get to eat their own lunch and crawl back in the holes from which they came. We know who they are and their bluff is about to be called.
[Lisa Marie Presley, 1995]

I am committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. I believe that to be the reason for the very existence of art.
[Michael Jackson, 1993]

Yet, instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools.
[Michael Jackson, 2001]

With two children of my own, I know what it means to balance the demands of family and career – and let’s not even talk about finding a date for myself. Rabbi Shmuley keeps telling me he’ll find me the perfect woman. My response is, ‘As long as she’s not a journalist’.
[Michael Jackson, 2001]

His intelligence is instinctual and emotional, like a child’s. If any artist loses that childlike innocence, you lose a lot of creative juice. So Michael creates around himself a world that protects that creativity.
[Jane Fonda]

All over the walls of my room are pictures of Peter Pan. I’ve read everything that Barrie wrote. I totally identify with Peter Pan, the lost boy from Never Neverland.
[Michael Jackson]

But if you don’t have that memory of being loved, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill you up. But no matter how much money you make or how famous you become, you will still feel empty. What you are really searching for is unconditional love, unqualified acceptance. And that was the one thing that was denied to you at birth.
[Michael Jackson, 2001]

I’m a collector of cartoons. All the Disney stuff, Bugs Bunny, the old MGM ones. It’s real escapism, it’s like everything’s alright. It’s like the world is happening now in a far away city. Everything’s fine.
[Michael Jackson]

I’m not gonna marry somebody for any reason other than the fact that I’ve fallen in love with them. Period! Period! And they can eat it, if they wanna think any differently!!
[Lisa Marie Presley, 1995]

If I am guilty of anything it is of believing what God said about children: ‘Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.’ In no way do I think that I am God, but I try to be God-like in my heart.
[Michael Jackson, 1993]

Michael is the single most awarded entertainer the world has ever known. As you listen to and enjoy his music, I’m sure you’ll agree that we, his fans, are the ones who are the most rewarded.
[Steven Spielberg, 1995]

Before he won 12 Grammy awards, before he dazzled billions of fans around the world with his amazing talent as a performer, before he impacted on millions of lives with his ongoing humanitarian efforts, before all of that, he was one other thing, he was my brother.
[Janet Jackson, 1993]

I love Switzerland. It’s so clean and cool. We don’t get much snow where I live so I get real excited in Lausanne and Geneva. I’d like to buy a house there when I’m older and settle down. It’s all so cute that it looks like a movie set.
[Michael Jackson]

He’s the greatest artist that ever walked the face of the earth. You think so? [asked by ‘The Face’ magazine] Know So. Put it like this: no artist has had more men and women faint over them, ever. Am I right?
[Rodney Jerkins, 2000]

‘Heal The World’ and ‘Stranger In Moscow’ from the ‘HIStory’ record are, like, the makeup of Michael. I think he’s taken on the responsibility to make changes in the world. He’s the only real superhero. Think about it.
[Dallas Austin, 1995]

Lisa’s sweet. I like her very much, and we are friends. And who knows what tomorrow brings? I have no idea how she feels today. I’ll just say that. She comes to my house and sees the children, and we talk on the phone, that sort of thing.
[Michael Jackson, 1999]

He’s a fucking brilliant entertainer, a complete natural. He’s the only guy I’ve ever met that’s real – for that kind of music. I grew up listening to the Jackson 5. I used to love ‘Dancing Machine’.

I do disguises for different reasons. I like to study people – be like the fly on the wall. Even if it’s two old ladies sitting on a bench or some kids on a swing. Because I don’t know what it’s like to fit in an everyday life situation.
[Michael Jackson, 1999]

The magic, the wonder, the mystery, and the innocence of a child’s heart, are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world. I really believe that!
[Michael Jackson, 1993]

I happen to be colorblind. I don’t hire color, I hire competence! … Racism is not my motto. One day, I strongly expect every color to love as one family.
[Michael Jackson, 1984]

He knows what the people are saying. That will make all this greater. He wants to shock people. When his music comes out, it will shut everyone down. You think Michael has forgotten how to sing? How to dance? It hasn’t been THAT long!
[Rodney Jerkins, 2001]

If Michael comes back with the right record it will blaze the universe.
[Wyclef Jean, 2001]

I am sorry cannot be here in person, as I am currently in Japan for my HIStory World Tour and am hosting a holiday party for the employees of STAR magazine tonight. Thank you very much for this award, and I wish all of you a very happy holiday season. I love you.
[Michael Jackson’s humorous response to a ‘Sour Apple’ award nomination, 1996]

I love the fans and they are the reason for my professional existence. When I’m out there doing a show and I see the fans dancing and singing, that’s what I love the most. It’s just the greatest feeling in the world.
[Michael Jackson, 1988]

I want to do something to help those who lost their parents, who lost their mothers and their fathers. Those are our people. Those are our children. Those are our parents.
[Michael Jackson On Terrorist Attacks In The US, 2001]

We must wave our banners even higher and belt out our voices even stronger and be unified as people. We’re going to make it through this!
[Michael Jackson On Terrorist Attacks In The US, 2001]

Sometimes when you’re treated unfairly it makes you stronger and more determined. I admire that kind of strength. People who have it take a stand and put their blood and soul into what they believe.
[Michael Jackson]

The one man who has taken the whole world on an electrifying, joyous, thrilling journey. 30 years at the top proves you truly are invincible.
[Epic Records congratulating Michael, 30th Anniversary, 2001]

Fred Astaire told me things I will never forget. Gene Kelly also said he liked my dancing. It was a fantastic experience because I felt I had been inducted into an informal fraternity of dancers, and I felt so honored because these were the people I most admired in the world.
[Michael Jackson]

You are not alone. You are in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our prayers.
[Michael Jackson to the families of the Sept. 11th victims, 2001]

This album is dedicated to Benjamin “Benny” Hermansen. May we continue to remember not to judge man by the color of his skin, but the content of his character. Benjamin… We love you… May you rest in peace.
[Michael Jackson, Invincible Album Dedication, 2001]

People laugh when they’re feeling sad – Someone is taking a life, hold on – Respect to believe in your dreams – Tell me where were you when your children cried last night?
[“Cry”, Invincible, 2001]

I have been the artist with the longest career, and I am so proud and honored to be chosen from heaven to be invincible.
[Michael Jackson, 2001]

Now you can’t stop me even though you think that if you block me, you’ve done your thing – And when you bury me underneath all your pain, I’m steady laughin’, while surfacing!
[Michael Jackson, “Unbreakable”, 2001]

We miss you… Biggie.
[Michael Jackson, Invincible Album, 2001]

There is no one that can come near him, no one can dance like that, write the lyrics, or cause the kind of excitement that he does.
[Elizabeth Taylor, 1995]

So you have to deal with this jealousy. They think they’re hurting you. Nothing could hurt me. The bigger the star, the larger the target. At least they’re talking. When they stop talking, you have to worry.
[Michael Jackson, 2001]

Anytime a person has Disney World in their backyard, you know they’re thinking big.
[Rodney Jerkins, 2001]

That’s the king right there!
[Snoop Dogg on MJ after VMA’s, 2001]

He wasn’t at all sure that he could make it on his own. And me too. I had my doubts.
[Quincy Jones before Off The Wall]

Sure he’s a little afraid of people. When you have people that from the time you’re a little kid, want a part of you, they want your clothes, they want your hair – you’re going to get a little nervous around people.
[Vincent Paterson, choreographer]

He wasn’t ever really interested in money. I’d give him his share of the night’s earnings and the next day he’d buy ice cream or candy for all the kids in the neighbourhood.
[Father, Joe Jackson]

I know how he feels right now. I had the same experience with Sony Music in the past. Shakira’s, Britney’s are now top priority for labels. That’s not good, but what can you do about it?
[George Michael, 2002]

I don’t know what I could do besides sing but I’m not worried because I figure I’ve got the rest of my life to find out!
[Michael Jackson, 1971]

To many people Michael Jackson seems an elusive personality, but to those who work with him, he is not. This talented artist is a sensitive man, warm, funny and full of insight.
[Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis]

They are the two most powerful men in music going head to head in an all out war.
[The Mirror on MJ vs Mottola]

Once I started breaking sales records, I broke Elvis Presley’s record, I broke the Beatles’ record – once I started doing that, overnight they called me a freak, a homosexual, a child molester… They said I bleached my skin. They did everything they could to turn the public against me. It’s a conspiracy.
[Michael Jackson, 2002]

So I’m leaving Sony, a free agent, owning half of Sony. I own half of Sony’s Publishing. I’m leaving them, and they’re very angry at me, because I just did good business, you know.
[Michael Jackson, 2002]

I am here in spirit with you and you are in my prayers. Remember God is with you, and have faith in the fact that this too shall pass.
[Michael Jackson to the flood victims in Germany, 2002]

Yes, magic, as in abracadabra!
[Michael Jackson, Nov. 14, 2002 – During Lawsuit]

We are Germans. We are Armenians. French, Italian, Russian, American, Asian, African… many other nationalities. We are Christians, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu. We are black, we are white. We are a community of some many differences, so complex and yet so simple. We do not need to have war!
[Michael Jackson, Nov. 21, 2002]

Always appreciate the gift of life! Be happy and have fun!
[Michael Jackson, Nov. 21, 2002]

I stand here and say he’s a really nice guy!!!
[Stan Winston, 1997]

Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before, that someone who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair program.
[Michael Jackson’s comment on the Martin Bashir documentation, Feb 06, 2003]

But, to be clear, is it fair to say that in private you were doing all the things that married people do: kissing, going to bed together, having sex? “Yeah. That was part of it, for a while. And then it became the Def Con 2. It just got really ugly at the end.”
[Lisa Marie Presley to RS Magazine]

Did you and Michael discuss having kids? Yes. I got out of that one. ‘I just don’t think if is a good idea right now’. But I knew that’s what he wanted. And I knew Debbie Rowe was offering to do it for him while we were married, according to him. She was a nurse who had a crush on him and offered to have his babies.
[Lisa Marie Presley to Playboy Magazine]

I believe in doing better work. Just like the old saying, ‘You don’t get older, you get better.’
[Michael Jackson

Why Is The DA smiling? It’s not funny. This is someone’s life, and I don’t think he should be reduced to a joke. He’s far more than that.
[Alicia Keys, Vibe Awards

Where’s the evidence? Really all they have that they can hold against Michael is G….’s testimony and that’s just G’s word against Michael’s. Even if they have other evidence what or who isn’t to say they didn’t plant it when they raided Neverland?
[LL Cool J, 2003]

I grew up with him and I’ve spent a lot of time at Neverland and nothing has ever happened with me in any way. You have to look at both sides. I do think it is very convenient that his album came out and all this stuff is happening. I definitely do think that’s very convenient. It really hurts me to see that his whole life is ruined.
[Nicole Richie]

When we first went to Switzerland, I almost started crying. I really did. What touched you about that trip to bring about that emotional response? The beauty. It’s like, oh, God, it’s crying out in the sky. It’s an incredible country and it inspires me to see these things – the mountains. The pictures don’t do justice to Switzerland.
[Ebony Magazine 1984]

I hope this puts to rest, I hope this finally puts to rest another rumor that has been in the press for too many years: Me and Janet really are two different people!
[Michael Jackson at Grammy’s 1993]

He doesn’t trust anyone in this world. Not a single soul. I keep telling him, ‘Michael, one day you’re gonna have to trust someone‘. But maybe he has good reason not to trust. A lot of people have done him wrong.
[Frank Dileo]

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